Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction ❯ To Die ❯ To Die ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
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Where do we go

when we die?

To the depths of hell

or the heavens combined?

Losing the sense of time

Wondering if you'll see

the almighty take flight.

Hear an angel sing

lost pleas of lost time.

When you die

do you see the light?

Or a darkness

that envelopes all

that is bright?

How do you know

when your not alive?

Knowing you may never

be able to

sing, dance, or cry.

A "world" where logic

is gone

and rules are alright.

Did someone know

when you departed?

By sense and sense alone?

Were you in love

or was it grief?

Did you have friends

or did someone stab

you in the back?

Do you get a set of

wings that shine like

stars in the night sky?


Where do you go

when nothings all right?

Where do you go

when you die?