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Kratos: Hmph, you just lack the courage.
Author: And you are lacking the anti fangirl security system that was in your room.
Kratos: .....Martel damnit.
Lloyd: Wow, he actually got Dad. I gotta tell everyone!
Kratos: Do it and you're grounded.
Lloyd: And me being old enough to where that won't work will get through your head when?
Kratos: When I spend enough years with you to make up those I missed.
Lloyd: But we have been teaching at Xross Academy for a long time already!
Author: Uh guys? We do have a story to do here.
Kratos and Lloyd: Sorry!
Author: Good. Now enjoy the story.

A red haired swordsman was facing a cruel half elf who treated life like it was nothing more than a toy. It was storming and there was a young boy's crying filling the area as he clung to his green and white dog. The swordsman gritted his teeth as he glared at the cruel and cold hearted half elf who was grinning at him. "We will see how you like it when you have to fight your own wife!" The half elf Kvar said cruely as a horrid looking monster appeared.
The monster was no one else but Kratos's own wife Anna. Kvar had her special ex-sphere removed thus causing her to mutate to this poor creature. "Kvar! What have you done!" Kratos shouted angrily. "Mwahahaha. Die!" Kvar shouted as the monster relucatantly attacked her husband.
Kratos didn't want to fight her but he had no choice. As he relucatantly fought tooth and nail as he also plotted how he would get back at Kvar for this. Then eventually he succeded in striking down the monster, but as it fell down a nearby cliff it also took Kratos's wailing son and his dog down with it. "Lloyd! Noishe! Noooo!" Kratos shouted reaching for the frightened child.
"AHHH!" Kratos screamed as he woke up suddenly and sweating. He panted hard as he realized it was just a dream. He looked around his darkened room and sighed with relief. "That dream again... For over god knows how many years by now I always have that damned dream around this time! Why does that memory keep playing again and again!" Kratos ranted angrily to himself as he slammed his fist into his headboard.
A minute later his drowsy son and even drowsier daughter-in-law, Lloyd and Sheena, came in. "You alright Kratos?" Lloyd asked rubbing his eyes. "Y...yes. I'm...fine..." Kratos said with his hand on his forehead wondering to himself if he even was. "You sure? You've been screaming your lungs out for a few minutes now." Sheena asked worried. "I'm fine. Just a nightmare.... nothing more... Go back to bed you two. We have classes to teach tomorrow. Don't let your teaching abilities be negatively affected by me having a nightmare." Kratos said in his usual calm and collected manner, something he had to try hard and keep at the moment as so he wouldn't worry his family. "Alright, if you're sure. Good night dad." Lloyd said hoping the use of the D word would cheer up his ancient father. Then Sheena and Lloyd returned to their room.
The angel stood up unable to return to sleep and walked around his room lost in thought. (For all we know he probably regained his ability to sleep at one point before or after arriving at Xross Academy.) He walked over to his window and gazed out at the darkened cloudy sky that topped the glittering town that was in the middle of the giant school in which the three taught in. He thought to himself about the past before the event which was haunting his nightmares that time of year ever since it happened.
His eyes fell to a framed photo of a brown hair woman who had a goofy grin that she obviously passed down to their son, holding said son who also wore the goofy grin and pointing to the camera with peace signs. He let out a rarely seen smile as he brushed his fingers against the photo. "Anna..." Kratos said quietly to himself unaware of the tear that fell down his cheek.
The next morning it was cloudy and grey. Kratos's heightened angel sense alerted him to the upcoming rain. "How many years has it been now? Time at Xross Academy is so different that it's hard to remember..." Kratos thought to himself as he walked to a nearby warp panel. He had one errand to run before classes started that day. As he walked he saw students running along the town's streets and sidewalks happily and chattering away. He wondered to himself if any of these happy children who would one day forge their own paths in the worlds, have to do what he did so long ago and slay their beloved or someone else they cared for for whatever reason. If they did, would they be plagued by nightmares of the event just like he was? He prayed they would not. But this was life, it was unpredictable. He cursed fate for possibly having these young people go through what he did, or atleast something similar.
He then saw a young student with dark blonde hair wearing a black over coat and dark blue clothes running after a pink haired woman who wore a outfit that was both armor and a dress. He had kept a close eye on those two. The woman was a teacher who taught the young boy in a very rare art called Narikiri. Sure there were teachers who taught acting and mimicry at the school, but their art was different somehow. Sometimes he was close to tempted to ask one of these two if they could turn into his lost beloved Anna to soothe his mind for a little while, even if it was just enough to keep him happy for a second. But he figured it would sound strange to ask for such a favor. Especially since the student and teacher cared for each other in a way Kratos could very much relate to. Not a lot of people knew of the relationship between the two but Kratos wasn't one to spill out secrets like that.
He watched the two warp away and envied the two. "If only Anna were still alive..." Kratos said with a sigh. Then he approached a warp panel and selected the option to go to the school's cemetery/memorial area. He wanted to visit the memorial to Anna he and Lloyd had put up so they could visit it whenever.
At a vendor nearby he bought a bouquet for Anna's favorite flowers and walked over to where her memorial was located. There he saw his son Lloyd talking away to the memorial grinning and laughing. "And then this girl who is apparently known for scaring other fangirls like her tried tackling and hugging dad and her friends had to drag her away and she was kicking and screaming so loud it wasn't even funny. She threatened to kill them and castrate them with a rusty carving knife and serve the remains to cannibals on pages of yaoi. They just sighed and dragged her away. It was hilarious to see mom." Lloyd said laughing and then smiling at the memorial. "Should you really be telling your mom that?" Kratos said with a smirk as he approached the memorial. "Oh, Kratos. I didn't hear you coming." Lloyd said standing up. "It's alright. I didn't expect you'd be here this early." Kratos said placing the flowers on the memorial. "I just felt like it was where I needed to be this morning. Sheena agreed." Lloyd said looking at the memorial. "You and me both." Kratos said solemnly stairing at it too.
"H..hey Kratos?" Lloyd asked. "Yes Lloyd?" Kratos replied. "What was she like? Mom I mean?" Lloyd asked. "Hm? What brought this up all of the sudden?" Kratos asked curiously. "Well, It's just that sure I have had plenty of chances to asked about mom but today just felt like the best time." Lloyd said tracing his fingers along the engraved stone. "Hm, well she was very much like you to be honest. Very stubborn, thick headed, insane-" Kratos explained. "Hey!" Lloyd shouted. "Hahaha! Don't worry I'm not insulting you two. But to continue you on, she was also very caring, kind, sweet and idealistic." Kratos continued with a laugh. "She was?" Lloyd asked with a smile spreading slowly across his face. "Mhmm, of course according to everyone that's all you got from her. The looks you got from me. But I think they are wrong. You look quite a bit like her." Kratos explained more. Lloyd smiled.
"How did you two meet?" Lloyd asked curiously. "Well let's see. If I'm not mistaken it was one day while I was on a mission for Yggdrassil. I came across this innocent woman being mugged by greedy robbers who were trying to steal what little food she had left. Just as I was about to try rescuing her, she had stolen two of the thieves swords and had pulverized them and sent them running and screaming. Come to think of it, I do believe she's also where you get your affinity for using two swords." Kratos said trying to search his memory. "Mom was strong?" Lloyd asked excited. "Oh yes, very. I guess you can say it was love at first sight. Even though her first words to me when she saw me was 'WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU DO SOMETHING TO RESCUE ME YOU IDIOT!' She then chased me through the forest ranting and raving while throwing stones at me." Kratos said laughing at the memory. Lloyd couldn't help but laugh too. "Mom had a few issues did she?" Lloyd asked with a laugh. "Of course she did. She had her quirks but they were some of the reasons I loved her so much." Kratos said smiling and wiping a tear from his face quick enough so Lloyd didn't notice.
"What when you two got married?" Lloyd asked. "That was a very hard time. I had to keep her a secret from the rest of Cruxis and Yggdrassil. True they eventually found her and forced the ex-sphere you now posess on her, but I broke her out. We were on the run for a good while and married in secret. We could never stay in the same place for very long. Which was difficult especially when you came along." Kratos said continuing to dive deeper into his memories.
Hearing the mentioning of him as a baby caused Lloyd's ears to perk up. "What was it like when you two learned I was gonna be born?" Lloyd said beyond curious. Kratos shuddered as if remembering an immense amount of pain. "Um Kratos?" Lloyd asked worried and poking the near petrified swordsman. "Huh, what?" Kratos asked quickly looking around as if waking from a trance covering his head as if he were expecting a aerial attack. "Uhhhhhhh..." Lloyd said with his eyebrow raised. "Let's....let's just say that Anna was somewhere between thrilled and pissed off. Half the time she was ranting on and on about how her figure was going to hell and the other half was her being frightengly happy and going on and on about wanting to find a place to settle down for good and raise you. There were also times where she physically threatened me in ways that made me prefer fighting Yggdrassil and Yuan at the same time if I didn't get her whatever bizarre dish she wanted in order to satisfy her increasingly strange cravings. Sometimes she would hit me or whatever for no reason or just causing her figure to as I said earlier, her words not mine, go to hell. Even when I tried explaining it wasn't mine fault nor hers. Then she would get angry and attack me and saying 'Oh so you're blaming our sweet little Reigh?'" Kratos went on ranting. "She was gonna call me what?" Lloyd said looking like he was gonna be sick at the name he was fortunate enough to escape being named. "You're lucky I talked her into naming you something different. The other boy names she had picked weren't any better. You're also lucky you were born a boy!" Kratos explained seeming to enjoy his son being mentally scarred.
"Wowwwww." Lloyd said thinking about all he was being told. "Yes, but she truly did love you. It saddens me she didn't live to see how you turned out. Hm now that I think of it, I'd probably be driven crazy as well as Sheena however." Kratos said smirking. "Oi..." Lloyd said warningly. "Haha, again I'm not insulting you. You're taking things too seriously. I guess you got that from me." Kratos said stairing up at the sky. "I suppose so." Lloyd said smiling at his father.
"I wish I could have met her. Or atleast remember her..." Lloyd said sadly looking down. "You and me both Lloyd, you and me both..." Kratos said without thinking placing a arm around Lloyd's shoulders. "I hope she's happy where ever she is." Lloyd said hopefully and turning a little red at the parental and affectionate gesture. "She's up there watching us live and watching you continue to grow into a person as remarkable as she was. I'd be amazed if she wasn't." Kratos said turning around as if about to leave.
Then out of the blue he heard Lloyd gasp. "What is it Lloyd?" Kratos asked turning around to see Lloyd's face look completely shocked as he pointed to the field behind the memorial. "What the.... Anna?" Kratos asked surprised. In the field they could see the transparent apparition of a brown haired woman who looked a bit like Lloyd and smiled at the two as she waved before vanishing amongst the leaves blown around by the increasingly strong winds.
Both Aurions stood there shocked and confused. "Was that...." Lloyd asked utterly stunned. "Anna...." Kratos said quietly and as stunned as his son.
Just then they heard Sheena shout from a distance. "Hey you guys! The storm is coming and classes are about to start!" Sheena shouted loudly as thunder struck. "Ok! We will be there in a minute!" Lloyd shouted back. "We should get going." Kratos said with a smile that he got to see Anna once more. "Yeah!" Lloyd said happy that he could finally see his mother.
As then walked down the hill that the memorial Lloyd stopped. "You alright?" Kratos asked. "Random question. My birthday was always celebrated the day Dirk found me." Lloyd said thinking. "And I suppose you want to know when it really is?" Kratos asked with a small smile. "Yeah! It's been bugging me for years!" Lloyd replied with a annoyed look. "Haha! Maybe later. But for now we need to get inside." Kratos said still smiling and walking away with a cursing Lloyd in pursuit.
Near the end of the day Lloyd was training with the same student that Kratos saw that day, Kira. "You ok Lloyd-Sensei?" asked the young worried Narikiri in training. "Huh? Why ask?" Lloyd asked back. "All period you've had this weird look on your face like you are happy or sad or something." Kira replied. "Hm, I suppose. It's just that today was the anniversary of the day my mother died." Lloyd said still remembering that morning.
Kira looked down. "Oh? I'm sorry about your mom Lloyd-Sensei." Kira said looking sorry to have brought it up. "It's alright. As long as she's happy where ever she is." Lloyd said with a smile sheating his blades. "I bet she is. Maybe both our moms are up in heaven watching us get stronger." Kira said with a smile. "Without a doubt! Although my mom is probably betting that I can beat you!" Lloyd said challengingly. "Pfft, I'm getting good with two swords you know!" Kira said accepting the challenge. "But Kira, first wanna hear a story?" Lloyd asked with a smile.

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