Tales Of Syphona Fan Fiction ❯ Aurion ❯ Going Out ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Lloyd sat very bored by a fountain with his pet, Noishe. He had been stuck here in Welgaia for 2 months now with only training to keep him busy. The lack of no friends, no family around other than his father who was gone most of the time, only a pet, and nothing to do was overwelming to him. He did his schoolwork, trained, and was as friendly as he could be to the half-elves, but he was still very lonesome. If that wasn't enough, Yggdrasill made him keep his wings out all the time, it was troublesome really. He wished he had friends, but his father always sided with Yggdrasill when it came to talking to humans. Yggdrasill said that the half-elves were his only true frineds, but Lloyd wouldn't believe that. Those cold, emotionless, unfeeling, half-elves who sneered at the sight of him every day. As muc as he complained to his father, he still couldn't leave. Lloyd rubbed Noishe's ear slightly.
"Lloyd stop mouping around, I have new orders for you and me." Kratos said coming from a door into the garden.
"What are they, huh dad?" Lloyd asked him looking up from the water.
"We are to make sure the chosen of Sylvarant is looked after on her quest. We are going to be mercinaries, I'll explain the rest on the way." Kratos said while Lloyd walked over to him.
"Okay, let's go." Lloyd replied.

Kratos and Lloyd came upon the Martel Temple to hear yelling from the top of its stairway. Lloyd looked at Kratos while they walked onward.

Lloyd and Kratos came in time to see a group of people in danger. Quickly, Lloyd and Kratos stopped one that was about to attack. Their leader spat out some words and called a retreat at their arrival.
"Oh, how can we thank you two for saving the chosen?" asked a older woman.
"So that girl is the chosen?" Kratos said looking at a young blondheaded girl.
"Yes, Colette is the Chosen of Mana, she was to be escorted through the temple by some priests, but the Desians killed them." The older womman said.
"I see, well we are mercinaries, for a price, we will escort her." Said Lloyd.
"Under the circumstances, we have little choice, so please, take care of the chosen." The woman said.
"We will talk about payment later then." Kratos informed her while they went inside.

Lloyd, Kratos, Colette, and their two new companions, Raine and Genis, all were headed out to Triet, where they would gather more information on their first seal. On there way, they were stopped by Genis, who wouldn't go if they did not stop by the Human Ranch. Raine and Kratos denied him at first, but gave in when Colette said that they should. So here they were in front of it, waiting on Genis. Lloyd and the others were hiding behind the bushes awaiting his return. It was when Genis came running past them tellling them to run that they left.

____________________________________________________________ _______________________
Later that day, they were in Triet resting in its hotels lobby. Raine was reading, Genis and Colette were talking, Kratos was outside with Noshe, and Lloyd was watching Genis and Colette talk. Lloyd felt out of place in this atmosphere. Colette picked up on that and asked him to join into her and Genis' conversation. Lloyd was amazed that he was asked and gladly accepted. He knew that he couldn't really be their friend, but he knew that he wanted to be. He pushed that aside while the conversation progressed.

______________________________________________________ _____________________________
Later that night, after they all ate, Lloyd, Kratos, Colette, and Genis all sat outside the hotel. Lloyd looked over at his father.
"Dad, can I please speak to you, in private?" Lloyd asked Kratos.
"Hm, yes, let's go to our room." Kratos instructed.

______________________________________________________ _____________________________
When Colette and Genis ventured inside they met Raine who had come down because she heard yelling from Kratos' and Lloyd's room.
"What's going on in there?" Raine said aloud.
"STOP TREATING ME LIKE A LITTLE KID!" They heard Lloyd yell.
"THEN STOP ACTING LIKE ONE!" Kratos yelled back.
"I HATE YOU, DAD! I REALLY HATE YOU!" Lloyd yelled even louder surprising everyone outside.
"FINE! HATE ME! BUT YOU ARE STILL A CHILD LLOYD!" Kratos yelled even louder than Lloyd.
"I HATE YOU! CALL ME WHAT YOU LIKE! BUT I WISH I WASN'T YOUR SON!" Lloyd yelled at the top of his lungs while he opened and slammed the door.
"LLOYD COME BACK HERE!" They heard Kratos yell.
"Lloyd where are you going?" Raine asked him while he headed for the door to the hotel.
"Anywhere but here..." Lloyd said angerly.

_________________________________________________________ __________________________
Midnight that night, Lloyd heard everyone calling for him, but he wouldn't come out. He smiled, everything was going according to plan.