Tales Of Syphona Fan Fiction ❯ Aurion ❯ Palmacosta ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The chosen's group had just replaced a Palma bottle that Colette had broken, when a figure in all black came running past them. He yelled that Desians were coming and ran father into the city. The group then saw three Desians run into the city.
"Where did he go?!" One said in a furious manner.
At that note the three went further into the city. Kratos held his head and shook it while the others ran after them. He knew that this was going to be a pain.
_________________________________________________________________ __________________
The black figure hid in the shadows as the Desians came to the main part of the city. He heard one say something and they split up. After they split, he saw the Chosen's group. Slowly the figure slid down the wall he was on when he looked directly at Kratos.
Kratos felt a pair of eyes rest upon him in a dark ally. Slowly his body led him, automatically, to where the eyes were. The others watched him, confused, while his body led him over to them. When he was almost there, the figure ran away.
"Lloyd..." Kratos whispered to himself, knowing that the figure couldn't of been him.
The figure breathedin and out quickly at almost being caught. That is when he realized that a desian was near by. Quickly, he went inside a building.

________________________________________________________ ___________________________
The figure hid in the second floor of an item shop, while he heard the Desians come inside.
"Have you seen a boy in a all black outfit?" One asked the shopkeeper.
"No. But even if I did, I wouldn't tell you." She said to them.
The girl had spunk, not everyone talked to Desians like that.
"Even so, if you do, you are to tell us!" Another said keeping the one before back.
The Desians then started to buy items from the shop. They started to ask outrageously low prices for the items they were wanting to buy. But the spunky shopkeeper wouldn't have it.
"There's no way anyone would sell those items to you at those prices!" She yelled.
"You better watch your mouth little girl, or you may loose that pretty little head of yours!" The first Desian yelled.
"You're lucky, we would be exceeding the amount of deaths were allowed if we were to kill you. To take further action, we will have to have permission from Lord Magnius." The third Desian exclaimed.
Slowly, they walked out of the shop. That moment is when he came in back of her.
"Do you want to live?" He asked her shocking her.
"W... what?" She asked frightened by the sudden appearance.
"Magnius will, for certain, have you killed. If you want to live, you will come with me." He said making her more nervous.
"Dorr will save me! I don't need to go with you!" She stated while backing away.
"Believe what you want, in the end, it's all a lie." He said leaving the shop.

____________________________________________________________ _______________________
Lloyd came into the Palmacosta ranch shocking all the Desians. They all immediately pulled out there weapons.
"Halt, I am Lloyd, son of Lord Kratos, the friend of Yggdrasill. Touch me, and you all will be dead by my father, Lord Kratos." Lloyd told them, making them lower their weapons.
"You, bring me to Magnius, I have to discuss somethings with him." He said looking at a Desian.
"Y.. yes sir!" They said.

____________________________________________________________ _______________________
Lloyd came into Magnius' controlroom to see him sitting there.
"What do you want? Who is this?" Magnius said roughly.
"I am Lloyd, son of Lord Kratos, I have orders from Lord Yggdrasill and Lord Kratos to see you." Lloyd put sternly, making Magnius mad.
"Well, Lord Kratos' brat are we! What a laugh! You are just a human! You have no wings like an angel! You are lying!" Magnius laughed out.
"Oh, am I?" Lloyd asked revealing his wings while his unsheved blade touched Magnius' neck.
"I am sure that Lord's Yggdrasill and Kratos would love to hear why you doubt me." Lloyd mocked.
Magnius didn't reply, so Lloyd took his blade away.
"Now Magnius we need to discuss somethings..." Lloyd said smiling.