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Chapter 1

I shielded my eyes from the sun. I yawned softly as I sat up, rubbingthe sleep from my eyes. I swung my legs over the bed and looked around my room. It had been a year since we defeated Mithos. Things had quieted down a great deal when Mithos died but there was still few stubborn groups of Desians here and there.

The Renegades usually silenced any growing Desian activity. But now and again me, Llyod and the others would help. After all the Renegades were the ones building a government for the new world. They had enough on their hands.

I stood and walked out of my room and into the kitchen. As I was raiding my fridge I heard a knock at the door. As the door creaked open I wrinkled my nose in annoyance to find a Renegade soldier.
"What do you want?"

"Kratos Aurion. Desians have been abusing people again. Lo---"

"And Yuan wants me to stop them" I interupped.

"Yes but first, Lord Yuan wishes you to stop by his office", the Renegade exclaimed.

I sighed, "Why?"

"He didn't say..."


The soldier nodded as he left to go back to the base.

I closed the door and went to my room. I slipped my sweatpants off as I rummaged through my dresser for my clothes.

I found my dark blue and white shirt and put it on along with my blue and white pants. In another drawer I took out a hand full of belts and began to buckling them on. Finally when I had finished I slipped my cloak on. I found myself liking this outfit much better them my purple one.

As I finished I walked to my closet. When I was done putting on my armor I took my sword out from the corner of the closet, and headed for the door.

I went into my garage, where my rheaird awaited me. It was a sky blue. I didn't know why but I was very fond of the color.

I shrugged the thought away as I started the machine. With a click of a button my garage door opened and I started off.

I suppose I could simply fly there myself. But I was in no rush to get there so it didn't matter. Besides I didn't like using my wings that often, people stared at me to much.

I looked down at the towns and landscape I was flying over. Things certainly improved, specially for half-elves. Raine and Genis did a good job stopping some of the discrimination against them. But others just changed on their own. Maybe it was because the leader of the Renegades, the government was a half-elf. But there was still some stubborn people But things were slowly improving.

I was already almost there. Yuan's new base was called the Symphonia Base. Yuan was certainly very uncreative when it came to naming something. I chuckled at the thought of what he might name his pet or child.

When I finally reached my destination I landed and dismounted. I looked around at my surroundings. This base was in the middle of a valley. Finally a Renegade base built in a decent envirnment. Not a damn desert or freezing island like the others.

I looked up at the high building. It was much like the others. I walked to the entrance, the door automaticlly slid open as I approached. The same Renegade soldier that had come to my house was waiting for me inside.

"Please follow me," the soldier said turning around. I followed without saying a word. I noticed the Renegade glance back now and again to make sure I was following. The Renegades no longer wore the helmets. And their uniforms were different too. Not by much, but some. They no longer needed to look like Desians.

My gaze glanced about the hall. Even the inside looked similar to the other two. The only drastic change was that the technology was a bit more advanced.

Suddenly the Renegade stopped. I hadn't been paying close attention and almost ran into him. The soldier turned around and held out his hand to the side, indicating the door there.

"Lord Yuan awaits you."

I gave a single nod as I headed in. My eyes searched the simple room. A table with different items scattered on it next to the door. A large bookcase was opposite of the entrance. And then a desk on the right side of the room.

My gaze settled on the blue haired half-elf as he did paperwork. Yuan glanced up just slighty.

"Sit down Kratos."

I did what I was told and sat in the chair in front of the desk. I waited, staring intently at the man. I waited for him to speak but he never did. He just sat there, writing and shuffling through papers. I felt like he was ignoring me. And I hate to be ignored.

"Tell me what you want or I'm leaving."

For the first time Yuan stopped what he was doing and looked up at me. He stared into my eyes for a long moment before continueing his work. To me the look in his eyes told me he was struggling on how to say what he wanted.

But I didn't have all day to wait around for Yuan to sort it all out in his head. I had better things to do. Yuan shouldn't have called for me if he wasn't ready.

I stood, "I'm leaving."

Yuan sighed and put his pen down, turning his full attention to me.

"I want you to join the Renegades."

I blinked, staring at the man sitting in front of me.


"You heard me, I want you to join the Renegades." Yuan snapped.

"No," I bluntly stated.

"But you have all the right abilities. You'd be great at it."

"No," I repeated. So that was it. He wasn't debating on how to say something. He was looking for a way to convince me to say yes.

"You get paid well. And it's not like you do much but stay at home. Besides you fight the Desians anyway---"

"No," I repeated again, but with a little more demand.

Yuan stared at me with those emerald eyes. The expression on his face was unreadable, but it made me very uncomfortable; making me need to shift my weight.

"Things haven't been the same since Botta died. I could really use someone with your ability... I could really use an old friend's help." Yuan said slowly, his eyes still watching me.

Damnit. He was going to give me a guilt trip. But I won't be so easily won over.

"I'm sorry. But my answer is still no." I said gently, but with clear authority in my voice.

I wasn't expecting the reaction I got from Yuan. He looked away, he looked like he was crush. I had expected him just to scowl at me or comment how stubborn I was. Did it really mean that much to him if I joined?

"Why not?" he quietly mumbled, breaking the long awkward silence.

I looked at him for a moment before answering, trying to figure out why he seemed so hurt by my refusal. "Because... I'm tired of joining little organizations. Cruxis has already torn my family apart and made me do things I'm not proud of." I swallowed hard and forced the painful memories away.

"If it weren't for Cruxis you wouldn't have a family," Yuan hissed.

My calm expression turned into a heated glare. Yuan wiped a hand across his forehead.

"... Sorry."

The long silence dragged on again. The longer it got the more awkward it became. I decided to break it by changing the subject.

"So where are the Desians attacking this time?"

"Hm? Oh. Nevermind. I can get my men to take care of it. You're excussed." He went back to his paperwork and acted as if I wasn't there again.

I blinked at him in suprise. He needed my help five minutes ago and now he suddenly changes his mind? The brief thought of the Desians just being an excuse to get me over here crossed my mind. But Yuan knew me. He didn't need a reason. I'd have come anyway.

The only thing I could think of was me not joining the Renegades. Geez. Was he really that pissed about it?


"You're excussed," He coldly repeated.

I stared at him for a moment longer. My cool expression was turning into a glare again. He wouldn't even look up and meet my eyes. I could tell he was avoiding it. I couldn't believe how childish he was being.

I turned away and walked out of the room. I remembered which ways I had turned at when I came in, so it was easy finding the entrance. As I approached my rheaired I looked back at the tall building. After a minute I turned back and mounted my rheaired and started heading home.

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Author's note
I apoligize if I have some spelling mistakes and if my grammar is horrible. I try. And after I wrote this I realized the outfit I made Kratos wear was his Cruxis outfit. But I decided to keep it because I like that outfit a lot better then his purple one. And obviously Kratos didn't go on Derris Kharlan after the game.