Tales Of Syphona Fan Fiction ❯ What Happens After It Ends? ❯ Five Years After the Dawn ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

This is my first fanfiction- enjoy!!
--Five Years after The Dawn—
Lloyd, a brunette young adult, paced nervously back and forth across his father's wooden cottage. He was holding a reunion party at his house in honor of the journey he and his close friends had embarked on nearly seven years before. Lloyd was seventeen when they had left; he was now almost twenty-four. He had something special planned for the evening, and quite frankly, he was nervous. Tonight would change everything forever…
A radiant woman with silver hair entered the room, a tall and muscular man by her side. Raine and Regal had been married three years earlier, despite the couple's relationship pasts. “Lloyd! You look well,” remarked the blue-haired aristocrat. “Thanks, Regal,” Lloyd smiled. Regal was like a second father to him. Or, rather, a third… Raine stepped forward. “We're so glad to see you. It has been a while, hasn't it?” She was obviously glad to see him; the two went back a long ways. She had started out as Lloyd's school teacher back in Iselia. “Too long,” Lloyd agreed. Genis was the next to arrive; he was holding the hand of a taciturn pink-haired girl. “Lloyd! Thanks for having this party! How's Dirk?” The nineteen-year-old half elf was brimming with excitement. Presea, next to him, was livelier than Lloyd had ever remembered. “Lloyd. I am glad to see you are well.” Her pink cheeks matched her hair; Genis made her happier.
*Suddenly, a loud thump sounded on the doorstep. The group migrated to the door and swiftly opened it to see a very embarrassed Colette- she fell again. Lloyd laughed lightly, “Colette! Good to see you haven't changed.”
“Hehe. Thanks, Lloyd,” Colette laughed from the ground, her face turned upwards. Lloyd helped her up, Colette's blue eyes burning brightly. She was a woman of twenty-three now; she had graceful and subtle curves, despite her clumsy movements. Her blonde hair flowed down her back, reaching her waist. Lloyd was definitely happy to see her, but she was more of a sister to him- she was his childhood friend, back from Iselia. They went to school together.
The next guest to arrive was a red-haired swordsman. “What's crack-a-lackin, Lloyd, bud!” Zelos grinned. He was twenty nine now, but he wasn't any less flirtatious.
“I bet you are waiting for Shee-“
“Hey, Zelos.