Tales Of The Abyss Fan Fiction ❯ Finale ❯ Finale ( Chapter 1 )

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I am a major fan of Tales of The Abyss…and I find it hard to believe that no one has done this yet…but this will be a really short one-shot. It's my way of bringing closure to one of my all time favorite RPGs. This is the way I feel that Tales of the Abyss really ended.
Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of The Abyss. Tales of the Abyss belongs Namco Bandai and I will not take credit for this wonderful game. The following is a fan-based fiction.
Warning: This story contains spoilers to Tales of The Abyss. If you have not finished it, I suggest you do so. If anyone is thinking of playing in the future, please leave this story till you finish the game. I highly recommend Tales of The Abyss. It will make you cry…I did.
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The Tataroo Valley stood in silence that night. A gentle breeze carried the scent of the sea from the cliffs below while the flowers, which had blossomed under the moonlight, swished in the meadow. Between two high cliffs, the field of flowers flourished and in the distance, the ruins of the once powerful floating city of Hod could be seen. It was here that they had gathered, five of them.
A woman sat on a large stone, her hair a light brown, her eyes dark blue, and wearing the Locrian Sergeant uniform. Behind her stood the Princess of Kimlasca Lanveldear, a woman whose blue dress, golden hair and green eyes matched her elegant upbringing. A girl with pigtails in her black hair, a former Fon Master guardian, stood next to a tall, young, blond man, a nobleman from the Malkuth empire. The eldest of them all, a colonel still in his army uniform, pushed back his glasses.
They stood watching the ruins from a distance. The view of the selenia blossoms and of the waterfalls that cascaded down the side of the cliffs presented the perfect sight for the sound that was soon to be heard. Then she began to sing, the boulder beneath her serving as the seat for her performance. She sang the hymn of her ancestors, the very same melody that she sang when she defeated her brother two years prior.
Mysterica Aura Fende was the name her brother had once given her, but she was known by her close friends as simply Tear Grants. It was this very group of people that had saved the world from one man's twisted ideal and it had happened in the ruins of the city that stood at the edge of the valley. Yet one person was missing from this group: the young man, Luke, who stayed behind. Remaining to fulfill his vow of Lorelei, the being who shared his power, he never returned after setting Lorelei free. And yet he had promised her he would come home and she would wait for him always.
That was why she was here and why she sang. Her comrades, who had also come to pay their respects, listened quietly until the end of the hymn. When the song ended, a short silence followed. Then Princess Natalia spoke.
“You did not come.”
Tear didn't turn. She listened.
“I believe your presence was requested at Luke's coming of age ceremony at the Duke's manor.” Natalia continued.
“I'm not interested in some ceremony in front of Luke's grave.” Tear answered quietly.
“That's why the both of you came here, isn't it?” Said the girl with pigtails, Anise.
“He said he'd be back.” Said the young, nobleman, Guy. “So let the others sit around and tell stories at his grave, but I won't be joining them.”
There was another silence. Finally, Colonel Jade spoke. “We should be heading back soon. The Valley is dangerous at night.”
His comrades silently agreed and turned to leave. As she moved to follow the others, Tear looked back out into the Valley one more time. Beneath the moonlight, the figure of a person appeared in the distance, walking toward them. Tear breathed in. Her comrades turned, but she paid them no attention as she slid off the rock and walk toward the approaching person.
He stopped, and Tear paused several paces away from him. Long red hair covered his shoulders, his back and his eyes, shielding his face from Tear's gaze. “Why are,” Tear began tentatively, placing her hand near her heart, “you here?”
He smiled only slightly. “This place has a nice view of Hod.” he said as he looked about the valley. “And also,” he faced Tear, “I promised someone.”
She did something she rarely let anyone see: she cried. Then she walked forward. Behind her, the rest of her comrades moved forward while Jade watched and then smiled.
The wind blew his long, red hair away from his back, making his black cape flutter, and revealing the sword that was strapped horizontally across to his back: the Key of Lorelei. He looked up, revealing his green eyes and only had a moment before Tear ran to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.
He returned her embrace, listening to her sobs. “What took you so long?” Tear sniffled.
“I came home like I promised, didn't I?” He said.
“You idiot.”
Cheers came from their comrades and soon Luke and Tear were surrounded by the others as they laughed and cried for their friend. Anise was first to hug Luke after he and Tear separated. “You're back!”
“You said you needed a patron for the Order of Lorelei right?” Luke reminded her.
Anise looked up at him and rolled her eyes. “This is no time to talk about money Luke.”
Luke blinked. “I must have missed more then I thought. So have you reformed the Order already?
Anise stopped hugging him and giggled. “Not yet, but we can talk about your patronage later, after we get reacquainted, or course.”
Luke sighed. “You haven't changed.”
“What about you?” Said Guy as he came up. “Have you changed since we last saw each other.” He slapped Luke on the back. “Didn't I tell you I'd never forgive you if you just disappeared. Looks like I've got more to teach you then just not keeping secrets from your friends.”
“Indeed.” Natalia agreed, tears in her eyes. “Why did you not return to us until now?”
Luke smiled. “You guys…”
“Ahem.” Every one turned to the colonel as he walked toward Luke. “Might I suggest we continue this tearful reunion elsewhere? We wouldn't want a monster intruding and ruining the moment now would we?”
“Come on, Jade.” Guy laughed. “Just join the happiness.”
“I would gladly do so, but I believe it's best to finish this get-together in a safer location.”
“He's right.” Tear said.
Jade, Anise, Natalia and Guy turned to leave Tataroo Valley. Before she could leave, Tear paused. Luke held her hand. She turned to look at him. “What is it Luke?”
He looked at her for a moment before averting his gaze. “Well, I…”
Tear faced him. “We should catch up to the others. We don't want to be left behind.” Tear tugged her hand but he didn't let go.
Luke looked down for moment. “I wanted to tell you…I love you too.”
Tear's eyes filled for a second time that night, but they did not fall. The selenia flowers surrounding them swayed in the wind as Luke and Tear shared their kiss.
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I feel so complete.