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Animated Super Hero Force
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters used in this except for myself. Any other original characters are friends from school.
It was a peaceful day in the world. Nothing was going wrong, no wars were to be fought, and there was not a villain in sight. You'd think this was a good thing, but it was boring. Sure, the citizens had no problem with it, but what of the super heroes of the world?
Around this time, a young 24-year-old man was resting in his home, bored as could be. With his glasses, fine blond hair and a fancy suit, he was Neil. (That's not my real age, by the way) Neil was a business man who wasn't exactly very good at his job. He'd almost gotten fired 4 times and it was a miracle his boss still let him stay.
He decided to go out for a stroll to calm his mind when he noticed something odd. A shooting star streaked across the sky. This would have been quite nice had it not been 3:00 PM. This was quite odd, but Neil didn't feel it was his business to report it.
The star landed hard into the Earth as a strange creature emerged from it. Clearly, this creature must have been an alien of some kind. It had slimy green teeth and a red body.
The being from beyond the stars searched hard until he found what he was looking for. He spotted a monstrosity trapped within ice and pulled out an orb made entirely out of fire causing the ice to melt. Out of it emerged a dark man with golden armor and long flowing red hair. With a pair of horns on his head and glowing red eyes, he peered down at the alien and grinned, though it was hard to see with his invisible mouth.
“Thank you,” he said to the alien, “I AM FINALLY FREE ONCE AGAIN!!!!”
With that, he laughed and summoned forth a giant castle from beneath the ground. Upon entering it, the castle took off into the sky and just floated, nothing more.
“It feels good to be in my floating fortress once more,” the beast said, “It is, however, a shame that all my old allies are gone. But what's this?”
He entered a hidden room to see a whole series of stone slabs with various different monsters, demons and all sorts of other things within them. One had a former ally of his behind it. This was the first one that he destroyed as a young woman came out, breathing in fresh air for the first time in years.
The blue creature with bat wings and horns atop her head looked up and asked, “Moo, is that really you?”
The big beast, apparently known as Moo, looked down upon her and said, “Yes, Lilim, I have returned.”
Then he looked around and asked, “Are you the only one left here?”
“No,” Lilim replied, “I've heard that Gali has been revived, but no one knows where he is right now. As for the others, they are certainly dead.”
“Well, I guess it's time to make a name for myself once more,” Moo sighed, “And this time, we'll take care of the Phoenix before anyone finds it.”
Lilim looked at the strange red alien who was admiring the castle view. This creature disgusted her.
And today was yet another day for Neil to be at work, cramped in his cubical with nothing better to do than just sit back and enjoy the ride. He really wished there was a way out of this.
While he tapped his fingers on the table, waiting for something exciting to happen, his boss crept up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder.
Neil turned with a startled look and noticed his boss, a cute woman with short brown hair. She never really dressed much like a boss, though. While the employees wore suits and ties, she just wore whatever she felt like wearing. Neil always believed that this was unfair for the employees but never said anything against it.
“What do you want, Izy?” Neil asked nervously, “I swear, I wasn't late today. How dare you condone me without knowing all the facts?”
“Relax!” Izy replied shaking Neil's shoulders, “Geez, man, learn to settle down.”
Neil breathed a sigh of relief as the woman explained, “I need you in my office. Don't worry, you're not the only one.”
Neil just gulped hard. He knew he was going to be fired and Izy was just crazy enough to humiliate him in front of a group of other employees. He just knew she was going to do that.
Neil sat down at a table that was big enough for 20 chairs. He'd never been in Izy's office before. It was very high tech. There was a lot of technological stuff in it along with a big computer.
“Why are we here?” Neil asked Taylor, the gothic secretary who had short black hair and wore nothing but black but never actually used black lipstick or any lipstick at all.
“I have no idea,” the girl replied with a cute smile. Neil found her so creepy but she was the one he had no problems talking to in the workplace.
Izy sat down and folded some papers then threw the papers away and said, “Guys, we are in a time of crisis.”
She turned on her big screen TV and said, “We have seen signs that a former villain named Moo has returned from the dead. He was imprisoned in ice years ago, but now he's back.”
“You're kidding, right?” Neil asked, “You honestly expect to believe that super villains exist? Besides, what could we possibly do against it?”
“He's real,” Izy said as Neil watched the big screen. He was willing to believe anything since the main focus was on this red alien carrying an orb.
“Still, Neil brings up a good point,” Taylor said, “How are we going to stop this guy?”
“We're not,” Izy said, “But you two are my favorite employees, therefore you 2 are going to go search for a team of super heroes to stop him.”
“Right, super heroes,” Neil replied, clearly not believing they existed, “Why don't you do it?”
Izy then started to wine as Neil started to weaken. When she started sniffling, Neil couldn't handle the pressure anymore.
“ALRIGHT, WE'LL DO IT!!!!” Neil shouted as Izy gave him a big squeezy hug and squealed.
Not only did Neil find this incredibly weird, but now he was starting to wonder what Izy meant when she said Neil was one of her favorite employees. Surely, she must have been joking.
Anyway, he and Taylor were off with a list of the 5 super heroes they were to gather together. The first stop was Osaka Japan.
After a few hours flying in the personal company jet, which also surprised Neil with its existence and incredible speed, the two arrived in Osaka.
“It says here we're supposed to find him in the local wrestling stadium,” Neil said as Taylor moaned, “You mean our first hero is a wrestler? Ugh, doesn't Izy realize wrestling is fake?”
And so the two came in to see a buff man with a mask that had big red lips and a spike in the ring. He also wore a blue spandex T-shirt and a pair of shorts and had a small tuft of hair coming out the top of his mask.
“Well, he certainly looks threatening,” Neil said, but this was far from it. The man was locked in his opponent's arms.
“This is looking bad for Kinniku Mantarou!” shouted the announcer, “It doesn't look like he stands much of a chance.”
“That's right, Yoshigai,” his partner replied, “That's the Ultimate Death Lock. No one has ever escaped from it.”
Neil wondered why Izy would pick this Mantarou guy as the Kanji for muscle appeared on his forehead. The two employees were quite impressed when he threw his opponent into the air, locked his legs in a split formation and slammed hard into the mat, breaking the man's neck and winning the match.
After a long congratulatory party, Mantarou was ready to head on back to his home, a doghouse to be exact, when Neil stepped in his way and said, “Hello, are you Kinniku Mantarou?”
“Yes, I am,” Mantarou replied with an idiotic grin, “Do you want an autograph? Always nice to meet a fan!”
“Shut up,” Taylor said, “This is why I hate wrestlers, they're always so arrogant.”
“Don't mind her,” Neil stated, “We were sent because an old villain has returned and we need your help to stop him.”
Mantarou started to dance around as he sang, “I'm helpful, I'm helpful, I am being called upon!”
Then he started to dance while holding his favorite food, beef bowl, and sang, “With my rice, I like to have some cow, cow, cow! It tastes so very good, I don't know how, how, how! It's my favorite form of chow, chow, chow! WOW! WOW!!! Eat now!”
Neil and Taylor were in shock. That was disturbing and they just wanted to get him to the base as soon as possible.
“I'll take that as a yes,” Neil said as Mantarou insured them he would be there and the two took off to their next destination. After this, they prayed to God that the next one would be normal… well, as normal can get.
Izy sent the duo a telegram stating that she would send a letter to the others moments after they started their flight. She figured it would save them time.
“That's just cruel,” Neil said as Taylor patted him on the shoulder and said, “It's okay, Neil. I'm here for you.”
`This day just keeps getting worse,' the boy thought as the two flew back to the base.
Upon entering, they sat down at their respective seats as Izy said, “Now we just wait for the others to arrive.”
The first to come in was a young boy who originated in a city known as Jump City. He had short black hair, a red hero outfit and a nifty pair of shades.
“No way,” Neil said, his jaw dropped, “Is that Robin from the Batman comics?”
“Who's Batman?” the boy asked as he sat down, “And yeah, I'm Robin.” (I mean the one from Teen Titans)
Neil did feel a bit disappointed. He'd always been a big fan of Batman. Robin was nothing more than a useless sidekick in his eyes. Sadly, he didn't know a thing about this Robin.
“It's nice to have you here,” Izy said with a smile as Robin said, “It's good to be here. It's my duty to protect anyone who requires my services.”
Although Robin had to admit, he didn't like having to leave the others. He had left them off on their own and there was a certain someone who most definitely didn't want him to leave.
Neil then started to think. This all made little sense to him.
“Izy, what if these super heroes still need to fight evil back at home?” Neil asked as Izy replied, “Don't worry, I only picked the heroes who officially have no more villains to fight.”
“We went to Osaka, and Mantarou was fighting a villain,” Neil said as Izy explained, “No, he can only partake in simple wrestling matches now. Wrestlers don't just fight villains.”
He had to admit, the girl had a point, but he was still worried about this.
At this exact moment, a young boy with spiky green hair and a red long-sleeved shirt entered the room, sat down and said, “Yo, this is a spiffy place you got here!”
“Aw, thanks!” Izy replied with a big grin as Neil said, “Okay, now I know calling in a 14 year old is just messed up.”
“Don't worry, Neily Sealy,” Izy replied as Neil groaned at his most hated nickname, “He's very skilled when dealing with this kind of problem.”
“Yeah, it's cool,” the boy said, “With the Am Drag in the house, you got nothing to worry about.”
“Am Drag?” Neil remarked as Izy replied, “He means American Dragon, because that's what he is. He's the American Dragon, Jake Long.”
“That is so cool,” Neil replied as Taylor had to admit, she kinda shared his feelings about that.
And right on cue, Mantarou entered the office with a serious look on his face and sat down saying, “I'm ready for business.”
“Good, this is the enemy,” Izy said pointing to a picture of Moo on the monitor.
Mantarou just looked at it and said, “That's not scary,” as Taylor noticed something and asked, “Why are you peeing yourself?”
The others started to feel grossed out when they noticed that there was, indeed, pee sprinkling through his shorts.
The next to enter was completely unexpected. This was someone Robin thought he'd never see again. She was a beautiful young girl with long red hair and rich green eyes. She also wore a blue sleeveless top along with a matching skirt and a white belt. This was the girl from a distant planet and her name was Starfire.
“Figured you'd be lonely without her,” Izy said as Robin and the girl embraced one-another.
“Thank you, Izy,” Robin said as Starfire shouted, “It is so good to see you right now, Robin!”
“Well, that leaves one more,” Izy said as the group watched and noticed something crash through the window riding a jetpack. The group just stared, blinking, as an orange sun-shaped creature with big spikes all around his body landed.
He grinned dramatically at the crowd before throwing his jetpack out the window shouting, “YOU USELESS HUNK OF JUNK!!!!! WHY CAN'T YOU LAND PROPERLY!!!!!!???”
“Guys, meet Don Patch,” Izy said as the others just turned to her thinking, `Is she crazy?'
(And yeah, I sorta consider Don Patch a super hero)
“So, is that everyone?” Neil asked as Izy shook her head and said, “There's one more, but you'll need this.”
She gave the group an electronic device and explained that it was a special transporter that allowed the group to go to other, stranger worlds. The next hero was to be found in one of those.