Teen Titans Fan Fiction / American Dragon: Jake Long Fan Fiction ❯ Animated Super Hero Force ❯ They Call Him Gato, He Has Metal Joints ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Animated Super Hero Force
It was now the second day that the animated super hero force was a team. They had a rocky start, but they were willing to keep trying. It was their job to save the people. Some had second thoughts about staying on the team, but they had a sworn duty and nothing would keep them down.
Meanwhile, a pod had been dropped from Moo's floating fortress and was headed to Earth at this exact moment. A strange being with a rather large build emerged with a smaller one by its side.
Izy had slept like a log that night and was happily on her way to her job as boss, but Taylor and Neil were a bit down. After seeing a team of super heroes fail yesterday, they weren't exactly in high spirits and had lost sleep over the matter.
Jake Long was tired as well, but not due to a lack of sleep. He had purposely woken up early to get some training in. He really wanted to be a part of the team. He'd even taken Izy's comment of him being obnoxious and loud to heart. Maybe she was right.
Rayman had slept at the office. He had no human home to go to because he was a mutant. Heck, people still didn't even know that a creature like him was in the city.
Speaking of which, how was it that these heroes were going to blend in with the people? It was difficult, but they came up with solutions. During this time, they would pose as ordinary humans. Sure, Don Patch had failed, but Izy had taken drastic measures and made him the official company mascot. His job was to wear his dog mask and pretend to be a spiky dog… with orange fur.
Jake was sent to a new public school. This cover was easy. Meanwhile, Mantarou was difficult, for he had to wear his mask otherwise he'd have to commit suicide. Luckily for him, no one minded, for to them, he was a typical everyday wrestling stud paid to have an ugly image.
Starfire nailed dressing like your everyday teen for she looked human enough, but Robin had to make the ultimate sacrifice. He had to give up his eye mask. The super suit he could deal with, for he had worn other clothes before, but the mask was just something that ate away at him inside. Starfire was quite happy about this because she'd never realized how beautiful his eyes were until now.
Of course, being teens, they also had to attend the public school. While this kind of thing was easy for Jake and Robin, Starfire had some issues. He's accidentally blown up the chemistry lab when her hand started to glow during the mixing of chemicals and she'd always say things that made her look stupid. It wasn't her fault she was an alien.
And so, while the heroes acted normally, a small toad-like being with 2 eyes on the front of his face and another pair on the side of his head sat himself in front of a museum with a big robot with a head similar to that of a cat. He looked inside and grinned wickedly saying, “The ancient jewel is right in front of us. Let's just take it. The master will be most pleased.”
The robot nodded and smashed his big robotic arm through the window while the civilians started to flee in terror. The toad strutted into the building and snatched the jewel with a wicked laugh.
“FREEZE!!!” shouted a police officer while pointing a gun at him while the toad turned and fired an energy ball from his hand.
“That's not going to help you,” he said, “Now let's go find the other 3 gems the master wanted.”
The robot gave the toad a salute as they flew off. Just what kind of beings were they?
It was the end of another workday as Izy sat her legs on the table and said, “Alright, guys, I've gotten reports of 2 suspicious beings breaking into a museum and taking an ancient gemstone. With this, Moo could have more power than ever before. You have to make sure he doesn't get it.”
“Yo, you got nothing to worry about with the Am Drag on the case!” Jake gloated while Don was marveling at the picture of the gem on the big screen.
“Well, how do we get it back?” Neil asked, “They've already gotten what they came for. They must be gone by now.”
“Not exactly,” Izy replied, “Within the forest outside this city are the other 2 gems. They need those before Moo can truly complete his plans.”
“Well, what are we waiting for?” Robin asked, “Let's move!”
“Whoa, take it easy,” Taylor replied as Starfire said, “Sorry about that. Robin is just upset because he can't wear his mask in public.”
“But he is right,” Izy stated, “Go off and do your city a favor.”
And so, the heroes were off to the forest. Rayman, Jake and Robin were going to handle the first gem while Mantarou, Starfire and Don Patch would take care of the second one.
“You know, I could just bust those bad guys myself, Homie G!” Jake stated as Robin felt a vein in his neck and thought, `Does this kid ever shut up?'
Soon enough, they noticed a gemstone sitting on the ground before them. Well, they found what they came for. Mission accomplished.
But of course, nothing is ever easy in the hero business. This was proven most definitely true when a big pink robot entered the area and picked up the gem.
“YO, DON'T MOVE!” Jake spat as he leapt out of the bush and shouted, “DRAGON UP!” becoming the big scaly beast we all love.
“Wow, that's cool,” Rayman said as Robin nodded and stated, “Up to this point, I wondered why he was on our team.”
The robot stared at them and something strange came over it. Its eyes glowed red as it reached into a compartment on its chest. What did it have in there? Did it have a deadly laser cannon? Was it going to whip out a sword of some kind?
No, it was a microphone. This was very strange. Just then, music came from its cat-shaped ears as it held the microphone to its mouth and sang the following:
“They call me Gato, I have metal joints. Beat me up and earn 15 silver points!”
The music stopped as the robot returned the microphone to its compartment and Rayman just stood there wide-eyed while the other two twitched.
“What kind of opponent is this?” Robin asked as Jake said, “Silver points? Ain't that currency in, like, RPGs or something?”
To their shock, the robot released a boxing glove on a spring that bopped Rayman in his oversize nose. He simply punched the robot in the head taking it out and saying, “That was pathetic.”
But to his surprise, the robot, Gato, was not defeated yet. It was still going and wasn't going down any time soon.
Meanwhile, Mantarou, Starfire and Don had discovered the other gem, but it was already in the hands of the toad. He smiled wickedly just when he felt something strike him on the back and send him flying into a tree.
“What was that?” he asked angrily when he saw a girl with red hair and glowing eyes preparing a star bolt in her hand.
“So you have powers like a Sayajin,” he said, but then he realized something and said, “Oh, never mind, that's a different power.”
“Who are you?” the girl spat as the toad answered, “If you must know, I am Gurd, a trusted member of the Ginyu Force. Sure, my allies are dead, but I won't let them down.”
“He doesn't look like much of a threat,” Mantarou said, “In fact, he's kinda shrimpy.”
“He also resembles a toad,” Don said while a chalkboard appeared behind him, “Toads are amphibious creatures with warts. They eat flies with a long sticky tongue.”
“SHUT UP!” Gurd retorted as he flew at Don and sent him flying through a tree with a simple punch.
“He has the powers of the Sayajin…” Don muttered as he passed out.
Mantarou had started to wet himself as Starfire wasn't ready to give up. She sent out various star bolts at the creature only to miss with each shot. As a Sayajin, Gurd was very fast, so this was nothing to him. Her powers reminded him of Sayajin powers, but they weren't nearly as strong.
Robin sent the robot flying into a rock with his staff while Jake kicked it hard in the gut. Gato was ready to get up right when Rayman hurled his body at him like a basketball and it returned to him.
“That is so creepy,” Robin said just as Gato got up with his eyes glowing brighter than before.
“DESTROY TARGETS!!!” he shouted as he boosted himself towards them and kicked Rayman hard into a tree.
Robin tried to stop him only to meet with Mr. Metal Fist while Jake was grabbed by the tail and tossed into the ground.
“Yo, where'd all this power come from?” Jake asked as Robin breathed, “I don't know, but we have to defeat him no matter what.”
Before they could take action, Gato dealt a punch to each one's face sending them crashing through 4 trees. They were still standing, but they didn't have much more in them.
Gurd was finally having trouble with his opponents. Mantarou had slammed his head hard against the ground with a suplex while Starfire had blasted him in the gut with her eye beams.
But he wasn't through yet. He had an idea. He took in a deep breath and held it. As a result, all time stopped and Gurd had his chanced. He took this time to deliver a serious beating to the duo, and when he resumed time for them, they were down for the count.
“Now to take my gem and leave,” he said with a sneer just as Don got up with his quills gold and shouted, “YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY FROM SUPER PATCH!!!”