Teen Titans Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A Hero's Decision ❯ Friend or Foe ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Author's note: I'm finally back for another story after The love worth Dying for. I have been really busy so some chapters may take some time for me to submit for now on.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sonic the hedgehog or Teen Titans characters. Sega nad DC own them.

Prolouge: Friend or Foe

It has been a three months since The Love worth Dying for ended. Sonic and his wife Terra live in an apartment for two. They havn't had any children, yet.

Anyways, It was about 8:00pm in Station Square. Our hero, Sonic the hedgehog now stands 5ft 9in tall with his arms across his chest ontop of the tallest building in station square. He was on his night patrol of the city, checking if there are any villans for him to catch.

A gentle breese blew on the side of his face as he scanned the city. After a moment longer of scanning Sonic began to think,' wow, today is sure quiet day. Not a bad guy in sight. I geuss I'll just go back home and actually do something fun.'

Just as he turned around, the sound of police sirens caused him to turn back around and look for the cop cars. He soon found six of them heading north and thought, 'Darn, i geuss I spoke too soon.' Sonic then siged and jumped off that building to the building next to him.

Sonic then ran off that building to another one. He hoped from building to building several times untill he was on a building low enough for him to land on the ground without hurting himself. Once he landed on the street, he saw that the cop cars were not too far ahead so he ran to catch up to them.

Sonic soon caught up to them and was running along side the cops the same pace the cars were driving. Sonic veered to the center of the road so he was near one of the police cars. He made a motion with his hand for them to roll down a window. The officer rolled down his window and Sonic called out, " What's going on?"

" There is a bank robbery in progress 3 miles north from here.", Replied the Cop just as loud so Sonic could hear him. Sonic raised his right thumb up as a sighn of thanks then increased his speed, passing all of the police cars.

* * * * *

Inside of the bank:

A green male hawk with a pair of goggles on his head was running in a hallway in the bank. Sirens of the alarm were going off all around him. He was carrying a large sack of money over his shoulder with one hand and holding a large green board with his other arm.

A purple female swallow with a white tanktop and matching pants and bandanna was following close behind him with a purple board in her hands. She yelled over the sirens, " Jet, are we almost out of here?"

"Just a few more seconds Wave.", replied Jet as they kept running.

" But I want to be out now.", whined a bulkey grey ablbtross frollwing behind Wave.

"Oh Shut up Storm. Both of you get ready to take off.", ordered Jet.

All of the birks dropped their boards then hopped on them.

each board floated off the ground.

* * * * * *

Sonic was only yards from the bank as he thought, ' Ha, there it is now time for a...'"Woah!", yelped the blue hero as Jet chrashed out of the bank and sped passed Sonic, nearly hitting him.

Sonic stopped and turned around to see who that was but then was hit to the ground by Wave and her board. Storm followed right behind her.

' The babylon rouges. I thought I'd never see them again. What are they doing here. I geuss I'll have to find out.', thought Sonic as he rose to his feet.

Sonic ran to catch them at supersonic speed. once the cops saw the airboard obsessed birds, they turned around to catch them. As Sonic ran he avoided cars and jumped over others. Soon he was within 15 meters from Storm and his board.

Sonic couldn't catch up to the board because the cops were in his way so The blue hedgehog lept with full force and landed on Storm's board.

" Hey, get off of my board.", ordered Storm as he threw two punches at Sonic.

The hedgehog dodged the blow and delivered a powerful kick to storms chest, causing the large Albatross to fall off the board.

Sonic caught the bag before it landed on the ground and now had controll over the board.

He maneuvered the board to catch up to wave.

He soon got beside wave and called out to her. " Hey Wave!"

She turned to face him only to see a large sack of money collide against her and make her and two bags of cash to fall off her board as well.

'Two down and one to go.', thought Sonic as he was now gainig on Jet and his board.

A minute later Sonic was right beside Jet and waved at him.

" What how!", asked Jet as Sonic moved in closer to him.

" You need a new team buddy.", said Sonic as he delivered a few punched at Jet.

The hawk blocked the attacks and countered with a swift horzontal karatie chop with his free hand.

Sonic dodged the attack only to be kicked right off his board and sent to the ground.

* * * *

The board Sonic was using crashed and exploded against a building. The hedgehog had a deep scrape on his right shoulder and held on to it.

' Why that little...', thought Sonic as he got up.

Sonic ran superspeed again, hoping to catch Jet.

' Come on where is he?', asked Sonic to himself, seeing no sign of Jet.

After a minute of seeing no signs of Jet, Sonic stopped on the side walk.

" Darn It Jet!",Yelled Sonic as he slammed his right fist against his left hand.

Just then Sonic heard some footsteps near by. From theh sound of it the person was running.

' Maybe Jet decided to take off on foot. I still have a chance.'thought Sonic.

The blue hedgehog ran to where the footsteps were coming from, which led him to a dimly lit alley.

Sonic stopped for a second to observe his surroundings then ran into the alley at a human pace.

Once Sonic was deeper in the alley he stopped again to hear the footsteps. A few seconds later he ran to the right.

He then noticed a person running away from him and began to chase the figure.

The person turned his head to see that Sonic was right behind him so he ran faster.

Sonic increased his speed lightly to catch up to the figure.

The person then veered to the right Sonic followed. He turned left, Sonic followed.

The chase went on untill the figure jumped to the left wall then bounced to the right wall then landed on a building.

Sonic copied the person's movements and soon landed on the building. The mystery person jumped off the building and landed on another building. Sonic did the same and was gaining on him.

The person then stoped and realized that there were no other buildings to jump on.

Sonic caught up and realised that Jet was unconcious in this person's right arm.

Sonic stopped near the person and asked, " Who are you? why do you have Jet?"

The figure replied, " If you know whats good for you hedgehog, you'll stop this hero business of yours."

" What?", asked a confused Sonic. All Sonic could tell about the figure is that she was female and that she had a thin body.

" This city is under my protection now. You better return home and never come out here again.", she ordered.

She then threw down something and smoke began to emerge.

Sonic closed his eyes and couged due to the smoke. A minute later the smoke cleared and she and Jet dissapeared.

" Who was that girl?", asked Sonic to himself.

To be continued