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Chapter 4: Departure

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fic except for Katie.

Authors notes: Sorry again for the long delay. Ive been busy with graduations, finals, last minute projects as well as people. I should be able to place in more chapters now that I'm off school for the summer.

Terra was laying her back on the living room sofa of her apartment, still tired from the days training ( see previous chapter.)

' I can't Wait untill Sonic hears that I've been traing for combat practice. He'll be so excited that I can soon help him in battle.'

Just then the blonde heard the front door open, so she rose from the sofa so she could meet whoever walked in.

She then saw Sonic, with cuts and bruises all over his body, blood dripping to the floor.

Terra gasped and covered her mouth when she saw the wounded hero.

* * * * * *

Ravanger was hopping building from building. She leped without much sound.

She ran swiftly and silently into the night.

She soon stopped near a particularly larger building she couldnt simply jump to.

she pulled out a grappel gun, aimed it twords the top of the building. then fired the gun.

Ravanger then shot up to the top of this building. She stopped as soon as she was on.

she met eyes with a green hedgehog with a black jacket. The hedgehog asked, " Well Ravanger, is Sonic out of the picture?"

Ravanger replied "Yes. Sonic the hedgehog will no longer be interfereing with our plans. I broke his spirit to fight."

The green hedgehog let a sharp tooth grin escape his mouth. " Excllemnt, Now to commence with the rest of the plan."

"You still havn't fullfiled your part of the bargin Scourge.", retorted Ravanger.

" Relax, you'll get your share when the time comes.", said Scourge cooly.

" What more do I need to do?", asked Ravanger.

"I need you to make sure he leaves the city." said Scourge.

* * * * *

" Thanks again Terra.", said Sonic, already bandaged up by Terra.

Sonic and Terra were both laing ontop of their bed.

Terra rolled over on her side to face him and replied. " No problem. anything for you."

" What happened to you?", asked Terra curious.

Sonic explained the battle with " Some wired ninja person", but left out her name and that he agreed to leave the city.

Instead he had a different idea.

He then said " But enough about that I have an idea."

"Oh? what might that be?"

" How about we go on a vacation starting tomorrow?", suggested the blue hedgehog.

" Really!? Where to?", asked Terra in excitement.

" I've heard Hawaii is always a great spot for a vactaion.", said Sonic while raising his thumb up.

Terra then she frowned and asked,

" Wait, how can we do that? There are still too many villans for you to take down."

" Oh, I have that covered, I know a replacement who will take over for me.", replied Sonic with a smile.

" Who would that be?", asked Terra.

" Oh..." Sonic paused for a few seconds. He didn't want to reveal that he was actually quitting his Job yet

"a new heroine who I met a little while ago said she would.", answered Sonic trying not to shiver.

" Oh. okay.", replied Terra.

' This is so awesome, were finally going on a vacation.' thought Terra.

Terra then kissed Sonic on the cheek. " Thanks for doing this Sonic, this means a lot to me."

" You're welcome." replied Sonic with a warm smile.

" Now, I need to pack.", said Terra as she walked into the bed room to start packing her cloths.

Just as the blond geomaker opednd her pants droor, she gasped another thought occured, " Wait, I completely forgot to tell him that I almost ready to help him in battle when my costume order comes in.'

a few moments later she decided, ' I'll tell Sonic about it while on vacation or when we get back. When do we get back?I'll ask later.'

with her mind made up Terra began packing up her pants in a suitcase.

* * *

a few rooms away:

' I wish I didn't lie to her, but at the same time I want her to have fun while were away. Telling her about my loss will only worry her. Not to mention the thought of moving away would only make things bad.' thought Sonic as he sat on a sofa.

Sonic then looked fowrads and continued his thoughts with a serious expression,'But, We can't afford to leave forever. I'm only going to break my word this time only.Too many things could happen.'

Sonic got up out of the sofa and wlked to his window and vewed station square and the passing cars and pedestrians.

Sonic let out a sigh, fogging up the window glass. He thes spoke softly, " But still I shouldn't have made that agreement in the first place. Nor should have I lied to Terra."

Sonic turned around and walked to the bed room thinking ' I'm going to Tell her that we can't go.'

He was about to reach the door knob but stoped himself. ' But Terra's been wanting to have a vacation for the longest time now. I don't want to break her heart now.'

Sonic paced back and fourth and thought about what he should do. Eventually he convinced himself that both of them do need a break but he planned on coming back in a few weeks and tell Terra the true story after they return.

He opened the door and enterted packing his own belongings.

* * * * * * * *

The next day:

Both Sonic and Terra( wearing a green shirt and khaki pants) were at the airport, Sonic holdig both suitcases. Knuckles and Katie( Black shirt and blue jeans) were also at the airport to bid them goodbye.

" How long do you both plan on being gone?", asked Katie.

" About two to three weeks.", answered Sonic.

" Yup and there going to be three of the best weeks ever.", added Terra while she side hugged Sonic.

" Terra, remember what Knuckles taught you incase anything comes up.", said Katie.

Sonic looked at her condused. " I'll tell you later.", explained Terra.

Satisfied, Sonic then went to knuckles and quietly asked Knuckles to keep an eye on the city.

" How come? I thought that heroine person had it undercontroll." asked Knuckles.

" I know, but I'm just not sure if she's trust worthy.", said Sonic

" We are now boarding.", said a flight attendant through

Just then Terra asked, " Ready to go?"

" One second Terra.", replied Sonic.

He turned back to the echidna and asked , " Knuckles?"

" Yea I'll do it, now go have fun with your wife.", he replied with a smirk.

" Thanks Rad Red.", said Sonic as he walked to join his lover.

They all bid thrie goodbyes, the guys hi fived and the girls hugged and they were off.

They were soon seated on the plane and Terra turned her attention to Sonic and said, " Oh this is so exciting. Are you excited too?"

The hedgehog turned to Terra and answered with his traditional smirk on his face, " More excited that you could imagine."

Near Katie and knuckles, Ravanger, wearining a black business suit but no mask, watched the plane take off and smiled evily.

She walked off and pulled out her cell phone out of her purse and pressed a few buttons.

Scourge answered the other line.

"Mission accomplished", stated Ravanger.

To be continued

Now that Sonic and Terra are gone off to vacation, will Ravanger and Scourge the hedgehog complete their scheme. Find out next chapter.