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Chapter 5: The Plan

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"Good Job Ravanger.", compimented Scourge from the other line.

" I have a question though.", said Ravanger.

" We're letting Sonic go on a vaction? How is that an evil plot?", she asked confused.

" Not to worry, I've sent an old friend of his to make his trip 'more fun'.", answered Scourge.

" why didn't you just have him do this mission?", asked Ravanger.

" Simple 'SHE' cant get any service on her phone whlie she's there.", growled Scourge getting slightly annoyed.

* * * * * *

On the airplane

" So Sonic what do you have planned for us on this vacation?", asked Terra turning her face twards his own.

" Hmm lets see, my plan was that we rent a hotel room, we go swimming in the pool and/or beach, a walk on the beach, go watch some movies and perrformances and of course spening time with my wife.", replies Sonic smiling.

" o wow, This is going to be so much fun." squealed Terra, nearly jumping out of her seat.

"I'm glad you like the plan, we'll figure out the rest as we go." suggested Sonic.

Just then the monitors came in display.

" oh cool a movie.", smiled Sonic as he leaned his seat back and got conforable and attached some headphones in his pointy ears.

Just then Sonic heard airplane safety tips in his headphones.

" aaah Darn a lame ol safety video.", complained the blue hedgehog as he slapped his hand on his forehead.

Terra couldn't help but laugh at him at the moment. " Silly Hedgehog, we haven't even taken off yet.", saied Terra while still laughing a little.

" Hmph.", pouted Sonic as he crossed his arms (in joke since it really wasn't a huge deal to him.)

* * * * * *
Inside of a random appartment:

Scourge hung up his phone and got off of his chair.

" Let's gather up gentlemen.", called Scourge.

Immediately Jet, Wave, Storm, Red X and 20 thugs gathered around him.

" What's the plan boss?", asked Storm.

" Yea, I want to be rich.", added Jet.

" Oh you'll all be rich all right. ", replied Scouge cooly.

" But we want our money now!", commented a thug.

" And that's way I called you all here. But ya know we can be far more than rich men.", replied Scourge.

the whole gang turned twards one another and converesed with eachother about how they can be more than rich.

" We can be take this dump of a city and make it our own to rule and improve as we see fit.", said Scouge, turning every one's attention twards him.

The green hedgehog continued," In fact I think we should go to every police station and take them out so that way this city is defenceless and..."

Red X interupted and asked, " But what about Sonic the hedgehog and his wife Terra?"

Scouge smirked evily and said , "Sonic the hedgehog and his little wife is off on a vacation trip to Hawaii, he won't be coming back any time soon and if he did so what, we could take him. Any More questions before I continue."

wave then asked, " Okay, Where are Amy Rose, Ravanger, and Shadow the hedgehog?"

Scourge cleared his throat and answered, " Ravanger will be joining us shortly, Amy is in Hawaii to make sure they don't decide to come back any time soon. As for Shadow, that emo freak gave me crap about he works alone and ran off to do his own thing, even though I released him from prison."

A thug then asked, " Can we break in a prison and rescue some frends of mine?"

" But of course, In fact, we'll go to that prizon first. We'll strike once Ravanger returns. Who's with me?"

Everyone in the room cheered for Scourge with a loud " YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

" Good, now here's how well break in. first..."

* * * * * *

A few hours later

The airplane arrived at the hawaii airport and all the passengers were exiting the plane.

Sonic and Terra soon exited the plane making their way out of the airport.

Terra then asked sweetly, " So my wonderful blue hero, whats planned first?"

" That is really up to you my darlin.", replied Sonic wrapping his arm around her waist.

" aww thanks.", repled Terra kissing him on the cheek. hmmm in that case lets see. Could you take me to our hotel room superspeed? It's been a while since weve done that."

"one second.", replied Sonic as he left her for litterally a second and came back with a map. he quickly examined it then picked up Terra bridal style. he smiled at her and took off.

Sonic sped out of the airport into the city, quickly passing up cars and the pedestrinans .

Terra then shouted for Sonic to stop. The blue hedgehog skidded to a quick halt and looked at Terra with a puzzled expression.

" We forgot our belongings.", said Terra, worried.

" Doh!"shouted Sonic as he ran with her back to the airport.

When they arrived back to the airport Sonic placed Terra on her feet and both on them were in the luggage area. Their items havent even left the plane yet.

as they waited for their suitcases Sonic cught a glimpse of a moving pink thing which looked familiar to him. Once he turned his head it was gone.

' What was that, could have that been Amy?', thought Sonic as he stared in that direction.

" Sonic?", asked Terra.

A couple seconds later Sonic responds and turns his head to Terra.

"yea?", asked Sonic.

" Our suitcases are here.", said Terra picking her's up.

" Oh right, lets go.", said Sonic as he picked up his back pack and pot it on his back. ( he doesnt wear cloths so he really doesn't need a large suitcase.)

"Is Everything okay? You seem sort of tense.", asked a concerned Terra.

" I could have sworn I saw Amy Rose.", replied Sonic,looking left then right.

" Amy? here? I doubt it. We both know about the prizon break but theres no way she could have gotten on a plane unnoticed. If she was here the security couuld be after her and there would be alarms going off.", assured Terra.

" Yea you're right, I'm probably seeing things.", said a convinced Sonic.

" Now, lets go have some fun.", said Terra with a smile while grabbing Sonic's hand.

"Sure thing but let me carry that suitcse for you.", answered Sonic as he gently took Terra's suit case.

" Oh, why thank you.", said Terra sweetly as she gladly handed him her suitcase.

with that they both began making their way out of the airport hand in hand.

* * *

Not far behind:

Amy Rose was there, but she was wearing a red cap and a matching button up hawaiian shirt with white shorts and sandals.

She also decided to change her quills so that they are back in a pony tail.

'That was a colse one. Good thing I changed my look so I wouldn't bring up any suspision.

She smirked evily as she watched Sonic and Terra.

Amy then began thinking,' Oh Sonic, it will be only a matter of time before you're mine. All I have to do is rid you of your precious wife when she is alone. I'll be the only one you can turn to.'

* * * * *

Station square on the other hand isn't so quiet right now. 20 police officers are currently in battle with Scouge and his team infront of a prison.

Scourge connected a punch on a police officer, knocking him to the ground.

Another cop fired his gun at the green hedgehog. Scouge ducked out of the way and dashed tward that cop, uppercutting him in the process and taking his gun.

Jet and Wave were beating up on cops as well, not taking much dammage themselves.

Storm picked up a cop car with his bare hands and hurled it twards another cop car causing it to explode.

Scouge elbowed another cop in the stomach, sending him down.

He immediately back hand punched yet another officer then shot him with his stolen weapon.

three officers surrounded Storm with their guns pointed right at him about to fire. Fortunately for Storm. three thugs jumped on the cops and mugged them with ease.

Storm then launched another cop car at four other cops, crushing them in the process.

Just as all the cops were taken down Red X and Ravanger came out of the prizon with a wave of ex prisoners following them.

" Well boy's this is what I call a victory!", yelled scourge as the crowd of villans cheered for him.

The hedgehog lauged evily, confident that he and his team will rule the city.

To be continued.

authors note: Unfortunately this will be the last chapter I write for at least two weeks. I'm going to colorado then Yosemitie