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Chapter 6: Vacation

Disclaimer: Sonic and Teen Titans charcaters do not belong to me.

At a pretty crowded beach:

Sonic (who had taken his gloves and shoes off) and Terra, (wearing a red one piece swimsuit which only exposed some of her upper back, arms and legs) were both in the waves at a beach.

They were each carrying a body board.

A good sized wave was approaching the happy couple and Sonic yelled out, " Terra. Lets catch this one!"

As Sonic was turning his body away from the wave to catch it, Terra tried to explain, "Sonic I don't think that wave is..." But before she could finnish, the wave had already hit.

" Yahoo!", shouted Sonic in excitement as caught the wave, or so he thought because he only moved 10 feet.

Sonic sighed as he got off his board.

Terra swam up to him and Sonic asked " How do you know which waves are good to catch?"

Terra giggled a bit and then said, " You have to be on the wave when it starts, not when its already running."

Sonic looked at her with a cofused expression.

" Okay let me show you. Here comes a good wave now.", said Terra as she turned around.

Sonic decided to not try to catch this wave so he could see what she meant.

As the wave hit,Terra moved to the right spot and the wave sent her far off, nearly hitting the shore.

Sonic smiled as he watched Terra glide on the water. But then another wave collided against him, dunking him in the ocean.

Once the hedgehog rose up for air, Terra was already right next to him.

" Sonic are you okay?", asked Terra as she placed her hands on the panting hedgehog's shoulders.

" Yea, I'm alright. I just got hit by a wave I didn't expect.", replied Sonic as his breathing calmed.

"Awesome. You ready to give body boarding another try?", asked Terra.

Sonic looked at her with a grin.

* * * * *
Amy(in a dark pink two piece swimsuit) was too at the beach, sitting on a pink and white chair she set up.

She was keeping a colose eye on both Sonic and Terra.

Amy then starts saying to herself," ooo Sonic, oooh Terra I love you oh so much " she then makes kissy noises and then stick out hr tounge.

" Give me a break. Terra doesn't deserve him.", complained Amy to herself.

" All they have to do is split up for a minute then I can get rid of that little tramp.", continued Amy.

she continued to watch them but then got really irritated when she saw Sonic kiss Terra's cheek.

" I hate her so much!", the pink hedgehog screamed.

At that moment, a crowd of people stared at her, bewildered. Embarrased, Amy laughed and an anime sweatdrop came on her head.

* * * * *

minutes later:

Both Sonic and Terra caught the same wave and were now riding to shore right next to eachother.

They were also yelling out in excitement as they rode.

The couple soon slid on the shore and were stopped by the sand.

" Wow Terra, that was awesome!", yelled Sonic.

" Totally.", replied Terra who was laying on the board not 5 feet from his own.

" Where did you learn to do that?", asked Sonic.

" Oh, Katie taught me a few years ago.", answered Terra.

"cool.", repled Sonic with a smile.

They then just stared warmly into one another's eyes for a few moments, enjoying their view.

"Hey, Sonic. Wanna ditch the body boards and just play in the water?", asked Terra.

Sonic thought about it for a second then answered, " Sound good to me."

" Awesome.", said Terra right before rising to her feet and removing the band off her wrist.

Sonic grabbed her body board, supersped to their spot, and returned without the boards.

Both of then grabed eachothers hands and ran into the water, causing large splashes around them.

Terra decided to be the first to splash Sonic. The hedgehog splshed her back for a little while.

The blonde then decided to run off. Sonic was running behind her and soon lightly pinched her on the sides, earning a laugh.

Terra then jumped on his back putting her legs on his shoulders.

Sonic held her legs in place and gave her a piggy back ride.

" Whoo hoo!", yelled the blonde, as Sonic ran with her on his shoulders.

But then a wave his them , causing Sonic to loose balnce and both fell in the water.

They both rose out of the water, caught their breaths and laughed at what just happend.

Terra then jumped strait into Sonic arms. As the hedgehog carried her bridal style he spun her around in a few circles, whithe Terra let out some laughter.

* * * * * *
At station square:

Knuckles was marching his way through his apartment about to head out of the door.

He was stopped by Katies voice which asked, " Knuckles where are you going in such a hurry?"

The red echidna turned around to face Katie.(who was wearing a white T shirt and black jeans)

" I have to stop that greed hedgehog and his army before they do anymore damage.", answered Knuckles.

" But there are over 50 of them and one of you.", countered Katie.

" I know, But I have no choice.", said Knuckles in a saddend tone.

" Shouldn't you wait for Sonic before rushing into a fight with them?", asked Katie.

" I don't want to ruin their well deserved vaction but even If I called them now it would take all day for them to arrive. Sonic can't run on water", replied Knuckles.

" Please Knuckles Dont go.", begged Katie as she placed her hands on Knuckles' shoulders.

" I don't want to go. I have to. The police can't stop them and Sonic isn't around. I am the only hope for this city.", sighed Knuckles as he put his head down.

Realising he was right, Kate then began to sob a little then hugged him.

" You're right. You need to do this. but please be careful.", begged Katie.

Knuckled pushed her away slightly so they can meet eyes then he kissed the sobbing girl's fore head.

" I will be. I promise.", relpied Knuckles right before slowly leaving the embrace.

Knuckles then jumped out of the door and began to glide into the city.

All Katie could do is watched as her lover left the scene, possibly never to return.

* * * * * *

6pm Back at Hawaii( which is three hours bahind station square):

Just about everyone left the beach but Sonic and Terra(who hadn't bothered to change out of her swimsuit) are still at the beach but now they are walking along the shore hand in hand

As they walked, Both of them watched the orange and yellow sky as the sunset, hearing the sound of waves and seaguls.

" Hey Sonic?", asked Terra, breaking the silence.

"Yea?", answered the hedgehog.

"Thank you for taking me on vacation with you.", said Terra sweetly.

" You're welcome, You know Id do anything for you.", replied Sonic as she held her a little tighter.

" I've been wanting to do this for a while now, but I thought that you would always be too busy doing herowork for such a trip.", said Terra.

" Unfortunately, I thought I would always be too busy also. No matter how may people I took down, the more that came out to ruin any time I could have with you.", replied Sonic a bit saddened.

" Fortunattly we caught a break which we both totally deserve.", replied Terra with a smile.

" Yes, that's very true. We can have this break thanks to Ninja chick dun nun nun nuun.", joked the blue hedgehog.

The blonde lauhged at his joke and replied jokingly, " Ninja chick? How origional."

Sonic smirked in reply of that comment.

Sonic then stopped them and held Terra by the sides and so she was facing him. Terra placed her arms around Sonic as well.

Sonic then said," But on a serious note, this whole vacation. Well, it would have not been even half as good without you around, heck nothing is as good without you around. I'm so glad I can be with you now."

" Aw Sonic, I'm happy to be with you too. Heck I love you and want to be with you forever.", said Terra sweetly.

Sonic replied by closing the space between them with a kiss on the lips, which Terra gladly accepted and she kissed back.

Sonic broke the kiss a minute later to say, " I love you too.", just as sweetly as Terra did.

This time Terra went in and kissed Sonic. Both of them loved the feeling of their lips against one another.

Neither wanted to ever let go. As the kiss progressed Terra raised her left foot and lower leg as far up as it would go.

Terra then leaned against Sonic, accidently, causing Sonic to fall on his back taking her with him.

This broke this kiss again and Terra then asked, " Oh, sorry, are you alright?"

" It's okay I'm fine. Hey, there arent any people around here, are there?", asked Sonic.

Not bothering to get off of him, Terra looked around, saw no one and told him she didn't see anyone.

" Good, I want to try Something.", said Sonic as he pulled her back down kissing her again This time with more passion, their arms wrapped around eachother.

As they kissed Sonic thought, ' This is by far the best vacation ever.'

To be continued

Will amy find a way to interfere with Sonic and Terra and will Knuckles be able to stop the criminals. Stay tuned to find out.