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Chapter 8: An Unwanted Visit.
Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic or Teen Titans characters.
two weeks later in a hotel room in hawaii:
Sonic and Terra(wearing a red T-shirt,blue jeans, and white shoes) were laying down sideways on a double person bed.
Sonic's arms were wrapped around Terra's stomach.
" Hey Sonic?", asked Terra.
" Yea?", repllied the hedgehog.
" Thanks for the vacation. It was totally worth it.", said Terra sweetly.
" Definately. I just wish it wasn't over.", stated Sonic while holding the blonde a little tighter.
" Me neither. But the night is still young. Wanna watch a movie?", asked Terra.
" I heard Spiderman 3 is out for DVD.", replied Sonic.
" Really? Then What are you laying araound here for? Go get it.", teased Terra.
{note: I know the movie isn't on DVD yet.}
" I'll be right back. " answered Sonic right before kissing her on the cheek and getting up from the bed.
* * * * *
Amy ( wearing a black tightfitting bodysuit and black gloves and boots .) was walking in the hotel hallway with her arms crossed.
As the pink hedgehog walked and looked she thought to herself, 'Finally I found Sonic's hotel after two weeks of searching. All I have to do now is walk to the hotel and wait for Sonic to...'
A few yards away, Amy saw Sonic exit out of his hotel room but Sonic sped off in the opposite direction.
" That was a close one.", sighed Amy.
An evil smirk came acoss her face as she noticed it was now time for her to strike.
* * * * *
Terra was laying on her back relaxed.
She had also placed her handsbehind her head.
As he rested she thought,' Wow, Sonic never stops amusing me.I wish it could be like this forever. if only...'
Terra widedned her eyes as she heard a lound bang. she immediately jumped out of bed to meet Amy Rose, who had kicked the door, standing infront of the doorway.
" Amy!?", shouted Terra, surprised to see her.
" That's right Tramp Amy Rose is here.", smirked Amy.
" Unfortunately he's not here now to take you...", answered Terra angerly before she was cut off by Amy saying,
" Oh I didn't come for him. I came for you.", right before pulling out a knife from a hulster on her belt and hurling it at Terra.
Terra dodged to the left just in time to avoid the knife, which ended up stuck in a wall.
Terra's eyes glowed Yellow but then stoped and thought, ' wait, I can't do that. This hotel is made of wood and there arent any rocks nearby. I'll have to take her the old fasioned way.'
Amy threw the first punch at Terra, who was sent against the wall, causing it to shake a little.
The pink hedgehog then pulled out a sledge hammer from a back hulster and was ready to swing horzontally at Terra.
Terra dove forwards, avoiding the hammer.
While Terra was on the ground she grabbed Amy's right ankle and yanked it, causing Amy to fall to the ground.
Terra managed to rise to her feet only to be sent back down from a kick across her calves.
Amy sprang herself up and swung her hammer vertically at Terra.
The blonde managed to roll away from the hammer that smashed a hole in the floor.
Terra rose to her feet as Amy pulled her hammer out of the ground.
" Why are you doing this!?", asked Terra while shouting.
" Awww what's the matter? to girly to take the heat?", asked Amy in a mocking manner.
Just then, Amy swung her hammer horzontally at Terra. The attack missed Terra, who had ducked, but it sent the TV across the room, smashing against a wall.
Amy swung the hammer vertically at Terra, who this time caught the hammer's sick with her right hand.
Terra then planted her foot on Amy's chest and sent her against the opposite wall so hard that a picture hanging off of it came down crashing to the floor.
" How did you get out of prison Amy?", demanded Terra.
" Havn't you heard? Scourge the hedgehog let me out, along with everyone else Sonic had placed there.", replied Amy as she rose up.
She then yanked a lamp from a nearby desk and threw it at Terra.
Terra shot both arms across her face, protecting it but badly scratching up her arms as it impacted. needless to say the room was only half as bright since there was still one lamp standing.
As Terra was crying in pain, Amy then charged at Terra again, this time with the sick of the hammer out and she pinned Terra against the same wall the knife was stick in.
Terra had managged to grab the stick so she could fight back, but her strugled only prevented the sick from contacting her neck.
" It is useless to resist. Sonic will be mine. You are just a skank who can't fight like a woman. when slde captured you Sonic had to save you just like the weakling you are."
As terra strggled she oreded, " rrr...Stop it."
Amy ignored her and continued. " When this is over you will be a lifeless body , Station square will be ruled, your friends will be enslaved like the freaks they are..."
Terra pushed back harder and demanded, " I told you to Shut up!"
She was again ignored and whispered, " And as for Sonic, let's just say I'll feel like a woman when I'm done with him."
This pushed Terra over the edge. Terra insted pulled the hammer twards herself and kneed Amy in the stomach causing the pink hedgehog to drop her hammer.
She then pulled the knife out of the wall and yanked Amy with one hand so that their faces met.
She then stabbed the hedgehog on the shoulder, which caused her to scream in pain and blood to trinkle down her body.
Terra threw An uppercut, which sent amy onto the bed.
Terra leped on the bed twards a now bloody faced Amy and pinned her to the bed. both of them rolled back and fourth, obviosly messing up the sheets.
Each being on top for no longer than a second.
Eventually the blonde managed to be on top and punched Amy really hard.
" I am not a weak little girl!"
Terra punched her with her other fist.
"I can defend myself!"
" The city will be saved!"
* punch*
" Even if you managed to bring me down..."
* punch*
"Sonic could never love a selfish brat like you."
Terra flipped them over and used her feet to send Amy crashing against a wall, knocking her out cold.
Terra sat up on her knees onto of the bed and panted placing both of her hands on her chest.
' I won the first fight I've had in a while. She's tougher than I imagined.', thought Terra.
Sonic walked in and saw Terra who immediately looked at him.
They ran twards one another in a tight hug.
a minute later they sligtly parted so they can look at eacother.
Sonic asked, "Terra, are you alright?"
Terra smiled at him and nodded.
"What happened here?", asked Sonic as he looked at the destroyed hotel around him.
Terra slowly let go of Sonic and walked twards the still unconcious Amy rose and answered," She barged in here and tried to kill me. She also said that some Scouge hedgehog guy was the one who broke her out and now he's trying to rule station square."
" Scourge!?", asked Sonic surprised.
" Yea, do you know him?", questioned Terra.
Sonic answered," Yes, long story short we were long time enemies. I thought I'd never hear of him again since he fell off a building in our last fight."
The blue hedgehog then noticed that Terra's arms were cut up and bleeding.
"alright, I'll worry about him later, now lets get you cleaned up.", said Sonic and he placed an arm around her shoulder and led her to the still working bathroom sink.
* * * * *
the next day:
In a moving airplane, Sonic and Terra(white T shirt, blue jeans) were silently sitting in their seats.
Sonic noticed Terra's heas was lowered and she had a depressed look on her face.
Concerned, Sonic asked, " Terra? you havn't said a word all flight. Whats wrong?"
Terra sighed but remained silent.
Sonic tried again saying, " You know you can tell me anything. Right?"
A few seconds later, Terra gave in and looked at her lover saying, " It's my fault. This whole thing with Scourge invading the city. If i never said anything about us going on vacation..."
Sonic cutt her off and replied, "Terra, don't think like that. I suggested that we go to Hawaii. As for the invasion, It's Scourges fault and his alone. Besides I can take him, I know what I'm up agaianst."
Terra looked at him with a smile then they hugged one another.
A passenger airplane made its was across the sky and onto a Station Square airport.
Sonic, Terra, and all of the passengers from the plane exited the craft into the airport and proceded to the baggage claim area.
As they walked Sonic thought, 'I ,Sonic the hedgehog, am back and I will stop Scourge and any other villan here as long as I can.'
To be continued
Next: Sonic and Scourge go toe to tow and Terra also has a little surprise coming up. Also knuckles fate will be revaled.