Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Astarte Of Azarath ❯ Neith Attacks ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Astarte shifted in her sleep and her eyes moved rapidly under her eyelids. Was it getting hotter? She turned over and curled up beside Raven's warm body, only making the heat worse. Raven's arms went around her all too soon and readily. Something was wrong with this picture. She tried to force the heavy fingers of slumber from her eyes but try as she might she couldn't seem to open them.
"It's alright Astarte. I'll protect you." Raven whispered softly.
Too softly. Too lovingly. This wasn't the tone a sister's voice should carry. What was going on? Why couldn't she wake up? She coughed and sputtered as she tried to voice these questions. No. Something was wrong. Something had happened. Fingers slipped through her hair and across her cheek. As they brushed lightly over her eyes she snapped them open to find Raven staring down at her with a strange light in her eyes. She jerked away from her and sat up. Too fast. Her head spun and she almost fell back to the sheets but caught herself, using the head board as support.
"Go back to sleep."
"But something's wrong....My body feels so heavy. I can't...breathe good."
"You're just sleepy. Go back to sleep. Everything will be better in the morning. I promise."
Astarte's vision swam in and out of focus as she stared down at her hand, fingers wrapped around the sheets lazily. As hard as she tried she couldn't seem to raise her eyes to Raven's once again. Her head felt too heavy to lift. It was weighing her down. Everything seemed so heavy. The air itself was pressing into her skin, forcing her under. She dropped back to the bed and rolled over, staring up at the ceiling blindly. Her eyes finally closed again and she focused all her energy on breathing instead, much like during meditation. Only now it was a matter of life or death. Her lungs felt like they'd give out any minute and it was still so hot. She tried to speak again but failed. Only rasping, incoherent words left her dry lips. She herself couldn't make out what she was trying to say. Only one word was understandable.
She forced her eyes to open once again and her body tries to gasp in response to the sight that hovered above her. Her lungs didn't seem to have the energy however so she only opened her mouth and stared in shock. Raven's features were in shadow without the light but Astarte could just barely make out her face. Her mouth bulged with sharp fangs and her eyes glowed deep red. She raises her arms weakly as her teeth came down on her throat. She was able to hold her back but it didn't seem as though she'd gotten stronger. Raven just wasn't pushing down on her weak limbs.
"Raven....please...no....Why?" she sobbed as she pushed at her shoulders with all her strength.
"To protect you....sister...." she whispered.
"No!...Raven...! I hate you!"
Heka jerked back as a blast of energy burst from her body. He hit the floor and slid until he slammed into the bookshelf, its contents raining down on him. The spell over her was broken and she was rising from the bed, gripping her head tightly as she kneeled, blood dripping onto the covers under her knees. Her fingernails were digging into her temples sharply.
"Raven..." she whispered, voice deep and harsh. "Raven! RAVEN!"
He gasped as she turned her red eyes on him, face contorted in rage and hatred. She drops from the bed, limbs hanging limp as she hovered in front of it, toes just centimeters from the carpet. Heka stumbled to his feet and pressed himself against the mostly empty bookshelf in fear.
"Hello Raven." she whispered in her deadly quiet tone.
"I'm not Raven!" he shouted, letting the form slip from him. "It's me! Heka!"
Neith stops directly in front of him and drops to her feet, studying him suspiciously. He looked like Heka, she decided as she stared up at him. He had the same dark, narrow eyes and slick black hair. The fear in his eyes was also familiar. She grinned evilly at him and he shuddered in his black attire.
"Where's Raven? I've no time for a fool such as yourself."
"I don't know."
"You lie. You were using her form to fool Astarte. Where have you hidden the real Raven?"
"Tell me!" she cried, jerking him up by his cape and rising from the floor.
She held him in front of her and glared down at him, fangs bared and eyes glowing all the brighter in the darkness. He attempted to speak again but nothing would come as he experienced fear for one of the very few times in his life. Neith growled and he whimpered as she raised a hand. He was looking at the end of his life. He had failed everyone. He had failed Astarte.
"Tell me Heka. Or you'll lose that precious head of yours." she whispered with a maleviolent grin. "Then what would Astarte think of you?"
"Leave her alone." he managed to spit out. "Leave Astarte alone!"
"Was that why you were attempting to take our body from us? To relieve her of me?"
Heka's eyes narrowed as she laughed loudly.
"No!" he shouted. "It was to protect her! To protect us all!"
"From me?" she returned with a smirk. "How thoughtful of you."
"No." he whispered, smug satisfaction filling every feature from voice to face. "From something much stronger than you could ever hope to be."
"What could be stronger than me?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "I am pure evil. Pure demon. Anything coming from Astarte could never be stronger than me. Trust me. I live in her mind. I know."
Heka turned his eyes away and she put a finger under his chin gently, tilting his face up. The smile on her face was soft and inviting. It was only a mockery of emotions.
"Aw. Don't despair my love." she comforted. "She's as good as dead already. I'm in control now!"
He screamed as she shoved him into the bookcase. It broke under his weight and the wall behind it shattered as he went rolling through the next room. Beast Boy sat up in shock at the noise and rubbed his eyes in disbelief as a man went flopping across his floor. Neith followed him slowly, taking her time as she picked through the mess. Heka sat up as Beast Boy hopped down in front of him. He turned to watch her and concern washed over his face.
"Astarte is DEAD! NEITH HAS ARRIVED!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms out as she exploded with insane laughter.
"Find Raven and get her out of here!" Heka shouted, jumping to his feet. "Get all of your friends and go!"
"But...where is she...? And where's Alysia?" he added, peering around Neith the best he could.
"Yes." Neith whispered, stopping her laughter short. "Where is our dear Raven, Heka?"
"I'll take care of Neith! Go!"
"But you'll kill Astarte! Raven can stop her!"
"No she can't! Just go! Raven's safe where she is!"
"Who the hell are you?! And what happened to the kid?! Someone tell me what's going on!"
They all turn to look as the door glowed black, bursting outward and hitting the wall on the other side of the room. The thick metal door smashed through the wall and fell toward the ocean far below.
"Aw man! Why's everyone trashing my room?!"
"Get away from her Heka." Raven growled. "Now."
"Bout time." Beast Boy said, walking over. "Who is this guy and where's Alysia?"
"...Leave Beast Boy."
"Yes. You can all leave now." Neith hissed. "Unless you wish to die in the battle that will now rage."
"There will be no battle here. I subdued you last time and I'll do it again."
"I wasn't in full control then. You'll find it much more difficult this time."
"Alright." Beast Boy interrupted. "Someone tell me something cause I'm in the dark here."
"Alysia was really a demon named Heka in disguise. He caught and imitated me in order to get close enough to kill Astarte. Obviously Neith is what saved her when I could not. Now leave while I save her from Neith."
"No way. I can help."
"We'll do this alone kid." Heka said, shoving him aside. "You'll only get in the way."
"I was talking to you too Heka."
Neith chuckled and they all looked up to stare at her. Her laughter rang through the room like a funeral bell and Beast Boy shuddered at the sound. Heka was able to stifle his this time and Raven didn't seem bothered by it in the least.
"The more to die by my hands then." she said, fingers glowing black. "Come Raven. If you dare that is."
"Beast Boy, wake the others and get out of here."
"Now!" she shouted, throwing her hand out and pushing him back through the door.
She raised a shield over the opening to keep him from returning and turned to Heka. He could feel the hatred pulsating around her very being. She knew she couldn't get him out of the room however so she settled for his help. She didn't even need to say anything but he knew that when Astarte had regained control Raven would turn on him. He would have to act quickly. The minute she returned he would have to make his move. That's when Neith made her's. She didn't seem amused anymore and when Raven did nothing she took the offense. Raven jumped to the side as she lunged and her claws caught the floor instead, shattering the boards and ripping the carpet. She sensed movement behind her and did a backflip directly over Heka as he attacked. His foot hit the hole she'd created in the floor and he tripped. Raven flew at her and she hopped on his back as she knocked her fist aside with her wrist as though it were nothing. Raven punched with her other fist and was knocked aside again. The move threw her off balence and she could do nothing as Neith pushed her heel into her chin. She flew back against the wall and fell to the floor with a thud. Neith approached calmly as she laughed and Raven stumbled to her feet. Heka was pulling at his leg but didn't seem to be making any progress. He cried out in pain as large splinters raked across his skin each time he pulled. He finally jerked it out, blood pouring down his leg and across his ripped pants. Neith's hand glowed pure black and before Heka could reach her she rammed her fist into Raven's stomach. She screamed as it burnt through her clothes and her back was slammed against the wall. It cracked and she went flying out into the night air. Heka tackled Neith as she was watching Raven fall and wrapped his arms around her tightly as they fell after her. Raven stopped herself in midair and watched in shock as the two fell toward the ocean. She almost dropped after them in fear of Astarte's life but Neith didn't need assistance. She came to a halt just inches from the water's surface and burst upward again, taking Heka with her. She flew right by Raven and did a few turns as she tried to shake him off. She turned her back to the Tower and slammed against it a few times until he released her and fell. She threw a large amount of energy at his back and Raven caught him before it hit, raising a shield to protect them both.
"Why did you save me? I'm still going to kill her."
"Not if I can help it."
He gasped as she dropped him calmly and shot after Neith. First things first. She had to help Astarte gain control somehow. She wasn't sure if Heka was helping or hurting but he wouldn't be able to do anything while Neith had her body. Astarte's full potential was brought out in this form. He could never defeat her. And she was starting to wonder if she could. She rose above the roof and Heka landed before she could even spot Neith. She smacked him aside easily as he flew at her and ran straight at Raven. She hopped to the side and stepped back as she slammed her fist into the roof, sending chunks of cement flying from the side of the building. She turned to attack again when a very strange thing happened. A green T-Rex shoved it's head out of the concrete right under Neith's feet. She jumped down and turned to face him, staring him right in the eye. He turned his head to roar at her and spit flew past her face.
"Fiesty ain't ya!?" she screamed back with a grin.
"Beast Boy! I told you to get out of here!"
Beast Boy snapped at Neith but she just landed on his nose and reared a fist back. She didn't even bother gathering any energy as she punched him between the eyes. He shook his head and she went flying off. Heka jumped up at her as she fell and tried to get his arms around her again. She launched off his face instead and delieverd a roundhouse kick to the side of Beast Boy's head. He started to change as he fell and hit the ground in his orginal form. Neith landed beside him and grinned as she put a foot on his head.
"Neith, leave him alone!" Raven called. "I'm the one you want to kill, right? Then do it if you can!"
"Aw, are you attached to this scrawny green kid Raven?" she asked, grinding her heel into his temple. "Because you know I'd hate to take someone you cared about away from you."
Raven gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. How could she have been so stupid? Of course Neith would jump at any chance to hurt her in anyway. She might as well have signed Beast Boy's death sentence. Neith pushed down harder and Beast Boy's whole body flinched at the pressure. Raven started to jump at her when a birdarang attached to a string shot from nowhere and wrapped around her foot. She looked down in confusion, face showing how slow her mind was taking this in. She looked back up in shock to see Robin and Cyborg standing near Raven. Cyborg grinned as he grabbed the line and pulled. She dropped and went sliding across the roof as he reeled her in like a fish. She grew a little paniced as she realized she was heading straight for the hole Beast Boy had created. She growled and scratched at the titanium line around her ankle. It was digging into her skin and she only added more blood as she raked at her own leg wildly. She struggled to a sitting position, grabbed the line between two hands and bit down on it. She grinded it with her fangs until it severed and he fell to his butt. She grinned in triumph as she jumped up and ran at him. She tried to take the gap in one leap but halfway across a green light began to shine in the depths of the darkness. Neith stopped to find out what it was and unfortunately did. Lasers shot from Star Fire's eyes as she emmerged. The first two hit Neith right in the head and she screamed as she forgot Cyborg and flew down at her instead. Star Fire squeeked and flew away. Neith followed her into the air and they did a few aerial acrobats as she dodged her angry blasts of energy. She lead her back down past Cyborg who put an arm out and clothes-lined her as she flew by. She hit the ground and his eyes widen as she automatically latched onto his leg with her teeth. He grabbed her and ripped her off. She turned on him like an angry cat as he held her and bit his arm. Finding it inaffective she kicked him in the stomach and pushed away. Instead of freedom she'd only managed to land herself in the imprisonment of Heka's arms again. She bit down on his arm as well with much better results. He stifled a scream as her fangs dug into his skin and she grinned around his coat. He tried to maintain his grip but she just bit down harder and he had to release her as her fangs hit bone. She hopped back away from them all and glided across the roof until she thought she was a safe distance away. She turned in a very elegant way and threw her hands out at them. Raven threw her own fingers to the air as the energy approached them. The ground rocked under them as it hit her wall and Neith growled as it dissolved to reveal them safe. Her eyes roved the surface of the roof, looking for something, anything. That's when they landed on Beast Boy. Raven gasped as she followed her stare and pointed worldlessly in his direction. Star Fire and Neith pushed off the ground at the same time and Raven wasn't sure who would make it to him first. Time almost seemed endless as they stretched their fingers towards his unconcious body. Raven gritted her teeth in anticipation and her fists were clenched so tightly her knuckles had turned white. Everyone's eyes widened as Neith's claws raked the back of Beast Boy's head. Before anyone could register what had happened she went flying away from him and hit the edge of the roof, almost toppling over the side. Star Fire's arms wrapped around Beast Boy without hesitation and she returned to the others with him as they gaped at Heka. He had just appeared out of nowhere and rammed into Neith's side. Raven was impressed to be frank. She didn't know Heka had that much power. She would have expected him to just crumple against her like a human hitting a brick wall. He'd obviously gotten stronger since she had last seen him. Neith jumped up immediately, crouched low to the ground with her fangs bared. Her growling had grown so loud it almost hurt her ears but Heka just smirked. The smirk grew to laughter that almost drowned out the growling.
"Face it Neith." he whispered to her surprised face. "You're not nearly as powerful as you think you are. Because when it's all said and done you can only be as powerful as Astarte. A half demon. You're nowhere near being pure demon."
"So says a fool such as yourself." she spat at him in return. "Who here is half of what?!"
"Shut up!" he roared throwing an arm out.
Energy flew at Neith but she evaded it easily, returning to an erect position as she landed. She'd obviously regained her superior attitude as she smirked at his anger. Raven wasn't sure what the comment meant or why it had angered Heka so but one thing was obvious. She didn't know nearly as much about Heka as she had believed.
"What's more." Neith continued. "I don't even know why I'm bothering with someone like you in the first place. It's Raven I want and you don't even mean anything to her. What good are you, really?"
Heka gasped as a hole opened up in front of him. Before he could even scream it sucked him inside and disappeared. The Titans all stared in shock. It had happened so quickly Raven barely had time to think about it. The minute her mind began to work again she had a very disturbing thought. She turned to the others and screamed.
It was too late however and she heard Star Fire's shrill cry envelope her own as she too disappeared into one of Neith's portals. She tried to push Robin out of the way as another opened but it sucked Beast Boy's limp body into it's depths instead. When she turned to reach for him another sucked Cyborg in. She gasped and turned just in time to see Robin's feet disappear. She'd taken all of them away to some unknown dimension. Raven was alone now. She was alone with Neith in her strongest form. She looked up in fear as she laughed maniacally.
"Poor, poor Raven. Everyone's up and left her. Whatever....will...she do?" she whispered as she approached her slowly.
Raven backed away from her shakily and quivered in fear. She had to defend herself but she couldn't kill Astarte to do it. If she didn't hold back she'd lose her sister. If she did she might lose her life. She had to find a way out of this situation. She looked around and the minute she took her eyes off Neith she attacked. She let out a cry of surprise as she threw an arm up to protect herself. Neith's claws raked across her forearm, taking chunks of skin and muscle with them. Blood spurted from her wound and she fell to her knees, grasping it with her other hand. She had to stop the bleeding. Neith didn't give her time to do anything else as she attacked her back. She raised a shield and watched from the inside as Neith clawed at it uselessly. She became frustrated and started kicking and punching at it. Raven's only reaction was to disappear into the roof. Neith gasped and quickly punched her way through to find nothing on the other side. Raven wasn't going to be found in the Tower, that was already clear. She grinned as she flexed her clawed fingers. That meant she was going to have to go into town to find her.