Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ beauty and the beast boy ❯ I open my eyes ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3: I open my eye's
By: Dralan
Last time on Beauty and the Beast boy: “And what you do not realize beast is that there are worse things to fear then death. Also I will deal with you if you try and get out of that cage.” Raven said this with the most calming tone that it felt like death warmed over talking. “Besides I know Beast boy will tame you to the point where I will not have to deal with you ever.” she said that part with the most tender lovingness that she could muster as she held Beast boy to her body.
The monster just nodded as it stared on as Raven carried Beast boy off towards his proper placement in his mind. “Garfield…you need to wake up…if you don't you wont be able to try the new game that Cyborg got.” Raven said as she sat next to Beast boy. She new that it was kind of corny to try with him but it had to work. She was not about to try other drastic measures unless it was bad enough to do.
And so the story continues…
Raven had awoken from her Mind Meld â„¢ with Beast boy not but minutes ago. As Raven sat up, straddling Beast boy, she first noticed that the sun had set and that there was a blanket around both her and Beast boy. The next thing she noticed was the not next to the bed.
Friend Raven I had opened the door to the room to find you and Beast boy in the same bed. You appeared to had fallen asleep clutching Beast boy to you tightly. I left a blanket atop the both of you for the night. Please help him Raven. I do not wish to lose a good friend such as Beast boy.
P.S. don't worry the boy's had been told to stay away from Beast boy for the time being, until he wake's. So that you may help him to your full ability's.
Raven smiled at Starfire's kindness of having the boys leave her and Beast boy alone. She just hoped that the beast inside of Beast boy had been dealt with. “Now all I have to do is either wait or try and wake Beast boy up,” Raven thought out-loud. She leaned over to rest her head on Beast boy's chest. Which in doing so she ran her hands across his chest feeling the strong tight muscles there. She eventually noticed the marks across Beast boys upper body. Those marks as far as Raven new looked very old on him. What she also noticed, a second later, was that Beast boy was topless. ( I know I didn't mention it earlier but I thought now would be good then never) She traced all of the marks across Beast boy`s chest and abdomen. `Garfield…my poor Garfield…what have you been threw al those years before coming here.'
Raven eventually stopped tracing the marks and wrapped her arms around Beast boy gently. `these marks look like they were beatings done… with a wipe… oh my god…does his mother even know about this? Did she do this to him? Did someone else do this to Beast boy?' Raven thought all of this as she started to fall asleep in the warmth that was Beast boy`s body. `Beast boy what have they done to you?' was the last thought that left ravens mind as she fell asleep nuzzling into Beast boy's chest.
While this was happening in the medical section of the tower, down stairs in the living room/kitchen of the tower Cyborg and Robin were sitting in front of the television playing a new release for there game station two. “It's been ten hours since Raven went to check on Beast boy…what is wrong with Beast boy any way?” Cyborg said as he started to gain the lead in there game.
“Starfire just said that Raven was going to check on Beast boy. And I honestly have no idea as to what is wrong with him either.” Robin said as he won the racing game a minute later. “Besides knowing Raven she is making sure that Beast boy will be alright. You, Starfire and I all know how much she honestly cares for him.”
“Yeah I'll agree with you on both accounts… I just hope Beast boy will be able to party with us in three days. It is his birthday then right?” Cyborg asked as he got up heading over to the kitchen. Robin nodded as did Starfire.
About an hour later Beast boy awoke to the feel of a body on top of his own. `Who?' Beast boy thought as he opened his eyes. He looked down to see Raven's resting form on his chest her body pressing against his do to her feminine weight. `Raven? I hope she is not angry with me… knowing her she just might kill me if I said anything or even thought anything.' Raven groaned lightly as she held on tighter to Beast boy. “Beast boy come back to me…I…love…you…Garfield don't leave me.” Raven said in her sleep as she held on tightly to Beast boy. `Did she just say she loved me?'

A/N: ok guys guess what, it's a cliffhanger. I'm stopping it right there. Why? Because its late and I ran out of ideas so if anyone has some ideas ( NO CHARATER DEATH EVER) then so be it