Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Feelin' Sick Sick Sick ❯ Making the sickness sick ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Flying was out of the question, due to their powers not working properly. So Beast Boy and Terra rode on Beast Boy's moped while Cyborg and the others took the T-Car. Despite that it was a warm day, they all felt as cold as a refrigerator, even the desert heat didn't help them, but they still made it to the coordinates.
They even found vehicle tracks on the ground leading towards the faces of the cliff. Robin sniffed once, “Anybody see anything…?”
Cyborg coughed twice. “Nothin'… Da tracks just end in a blank wall.”
There had to be a secret entrance somewhere. Everyone looked around, but they could find nothing, until Beast-Boy felt a sneeze coming. “Uh oh… heads-up!” he warned the others. They all backed away from him, and Beast-Boy let out a big, “AH-CHOO…!” and he turned into a bog best.
His sneeze echoed across the cliffs and something started to rumble as the ground below the titans feet began to shift and form a ramp leading down, down, down. “Hey! What do ya know…?” Beast-Boy said.
The others all shrugged and followed the ramp down into the rocks. It was pretty dark inside. Robin had his flashlight though as Starfire and Cyborg couldn't use their powers and systems properly
No sooner had they all gone deeper did the ramp close behind them, sealing them inside. Then, larger lights flicked on revealing an entire underground laboratory and there was E.G, in his suit laughing at them. “Welcome, Teen Titans.” he hissed. “Glad you could drop in, but perhaps you really should have stayed home in bed.”
He didn't bother to tie them up as they already looked too sick to fight him, or pretty much do anything, but he didn't feel it would be too much to reveal his plan, which was a giant missile armed with the largest amount of his flu-formula. He was planning to launch it and detonate over Jump city to make every single person fall ill. When asked of his motives, he explained everything…
Once he was a great physician and scientist, on the verge of a great discovery. Curing people and create medicines that could cure the most devastating of diseases. “It's all I ever wanted to until… until…!”
Starfire coughed, “Until what?” she impatiently asked.
E.G angrily pounded his desk with his fist. “It wasn't my fault…!” he growled. “My assistants didn't follow my directions. They poured my patented medical formula into the wrong chemical-mixtures and the results were explosive which wrecked the laboratory and spread a cold and flu virus all over the place. My license was revoked and I was dismissed and ridiculed by the entire industry.”
He suddenly burst out laughing like a maniac, and explained now he was going to get his revenge by spreading his illness-formula all over the world, an illness that no medicine could make you feel and slightly better from. The only thing that would cure it would be a whiff of green formula which was in a large tube on the other side of the lab, “Which I will only give to those who bow to my every will.”
Terra gazed angrily at E.G “You're… you're just… sick!” she said.
E.G accepted that more as a compliment. “Why thank you. I am… and soon the whole world will be just as sick and as weak as you all are now.” E.G now had only one or two things more things to deal with before he could launch the missile.
The titans couldn't let him get away with this. “We must fight him…” Copy-Cat whispered. “We have no other option.”
Everyone reluctantly agreed, at least they still had their plan, and it was a good they weren't even tied up. They're best plan was to let their colds help them, even if their powers and skills were on the fritz.
They waited until E.G was just about ready to launch the missile, and Terra removed the two tissue balls from her tiny nose.
Terra's long-since held in sneeze caused a big quake and E.G was falling all over himself. “Whoa-oa-oa…! Hey…!”
Terra sneezed again, and E.G fell off the platform onto the lower-level. “Titans… Go!” roared Robin.
E.G still couldn't believe they still wanted to fight despite being dreadfully ill, but he decided to put them out of his way first believing he would win in a breeze, but the titans already had a plan.
Starfire faced the opposite direction and fired her star-bolts it did still recoil but it blasted her back and right into E.G ramming him hard. “G'Ah!” and sent him rolling on the floor. “Yo' man… try this…!” growled Cyborg as he sneezed hard shoot a slick of oil at E.G's helmet blinding the fiend. “Ugh! Oh…!”
As he stumbled about trying to wipe the goop off his helmet, Robin and Beast Boy went after him. Beast Boy was careful not to sneeze and change forms. Still… E.G's suit was impenetrable, except for one small detail.
Copy-Cat was still able to use his battle claws and waited for just he right opening. “You titans haven't won yet!” roared E.G as he charged forward, but Copy-Cat managed to outwit him and creep from behind slicing his oxygen feed-tubes. “You fool!” E.G thundered. He had no choice but to remove his helmet before he suffocated, which left him exposed.
He inched away from all the titans hoping not to catch their colds, but Raven delivered the finishing move, even though she couldn't speak or use her powers, she could still cough and hack all over him.
As gross as it was to watch, E.G began to sneeze and cough, and red boils appeared all over his face. His temperature went up, and he let one final sneeze before he fell over unconscious.
The titans were overjoyed that they had finally won, but their cheering stopped when their laughing and cheering turned into coughing and hacking. “Dude…! Let's get well now.”
That was the best idea anyone had ever heard form him.