Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Feelin' Sick Sick Sick ❯ Take care of yourself ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Titans took a quick whiff of the antidote, and they all felt much, much better. Raven could speak again too, and Terra didn't cause earthquakes when she sneezed.
The police, who weren't sick, had come to take E.G to jail, but at least he was given the antidote. Even though he was a bad man, it was highly agreed that no one deserved to be that miserable.
Now there was only one thing left to do. “Three… two… one… blast-off…!” Beast Boy shouted he hit the switch and the missile launched. “I always wanted to do that.”
Yes, the missile was launched and it headed for the city and exploded high above it. Only the titans had replaced the viral formula with the antidote. So everyone who got hit by sickness would be up and about in no-time.
E.G's lab was also confiscated and put under international control.
The Titans were now at home, and it felt so great to feel well again. “I guess this just shows how important it is to take care of yourself...” Robin pointed out.
Starfire agreed with her husband. “It is most uncomfortable to be sick.”
Cyborg came up to the table hold a steaming hot tray of waffles for brunch. “But still… it doesn't hurt to act sick once in a while when it comes to good eatin'.”
Beast Boy and Terra grabbed their forks and knives with watering mouths. And Raven whispered to Copy-Cat, “Now that is sick…” her boyfriend agreed, but everyone shared a laugh.