Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Ghost Rider ❯ Cold Feeling ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Next day, the trail ride continued, and the other field was opened up by the stable managers so they had plenty of space to add more riders to the gang. The Titans rode their horses into that field and kept their eyes open for any signs of anything unusual, but so far everything seemed nice and easy.
Robin and Cyborg even took the time to examine the old dilapidated buildings. As expected, the places were pretty filthy as if they hadn't been tended to in decades. “It just doesn't make sense.” Robin said “Why would they just close the place down and abandon it?”
“If I were the owners, I'd probably put in a theme park, or open a hotel resort.” Cyborg said. While they continued their search, the other titans were enjoying themselves on the ride. Starfire and Terra were racing their horses in a gallop across the field, and they stopped just at the edge of the forest.
“Never before have I ever had so much fun.” Starfire said.
“Me neither.” Terra said. Then she felt her stomach “Ooh… I felt a kick.”
“You okay, honey.” Beast Boy asked as he rode up to her. His wife was just fine. They both couldn't wait until the baby was born. “Maybe we'll take him riding someday?”
“Him…?” Terra asked cheekily “How do you know she's a he?” It was another one of their playful talks whether the baby was a boy or a girl. They still didn't know yet, but neither of them minded much anyway.
Suddenly, they all felt a draft of cold chilling winds. “Ooh…!” cried Starfire “The weather has certainly changed.”
Terra shivered softly, and Beast Noticed the horses seemed worried about something, being the animal expert he could tell all the signs, but he also noticed the grass was only waving around them and not anywhere else. “Let's move somewhere else.” he suggested, he and the girls rode off just in time as a pair of dark shadowy eyes shone through the shadows of the brambles.
Until long about sundown, the trail ride was almost over and a lot of the riders had already gone home. Dark rain clouds were coming in fast too. The weather called for a light shower that night.
The titans were stumped, and couldn't find anything unusual. “Maybe the stories were just stories after all.” Raven suggested. The others felt they had to agree. “Where's Copy-Cat…?” Raven asked.
“Oh, he's out gathering up the rest of the riders.” Robin said.
Suddenly, they all heard the sounds of screaming. The Titans all rushed outside to see the kids yelling as they fled from the field beyond the woods. “Titans… move!” cried Robin and they all dashed back to the fields, to find Copy-Cat hanging on for dear life to a tree as something seemed to be pulling him back like a vortex, and it also felt really cold as well… almost as cold as the artic.
The team dashed over, and Starfire even shot a few star-bolts from the direction the suction was coming from. The suction stopped, and the cold started to fade. “Dude…! What the heck's going on here?” snapped Beast Boy.
Raven hugged Copy-Cat warmly, happy that he was okay, but he felt as cold as ice. “What happened?” Robin asked.
“I saw it!” Copy-Cat said “With my own eyes… it had grabbed me off my horse… and it tried to freeze me.”
“Friend… what tried to freeze you?” asked Starfire.
Copy-Cat tried to explain as best he could…
He was gathering up the rest of the riders and leading them back to the stables, when suddenly it began to feel colder, and his foresight began to warn him something wasn't right. That's when he saw it… a creature riding on a horse emerged from the forest. It pulled him off his horse and tried to freeze him.
The other titans couldn't see anyone and heard nothing. Not even any footprints in the ground, nevertheless they believed Copy-Cat saw it… as he was a cat-creature, his foresight let him see things other worldly. “What is it?” asked Cyborg “What does it want?”
Copy-Cat had no idea. He was able to sense it coming, but not its thoughts which could only mean it was a ghostly spirit. “A ghost?!” cried Terra
Copy-Cat nodded, but then his foresight began to tingle again, and the cold started to pick up again. “It is returning!” cried Copy Cat. That's when Starfire felt herself being lifted up and being pulled towards the center of the cold winds. “Help me!” she cried. The other grabbed her and pulled with all their might, yanking her back.
The sun had completely set, and it finally appeared before everyone! It was a ghost which glowed with a snowy white glow with a touch of blue indicating the freezing. It looked like a frozen rotting corpse and it was riding a horse of its own
Some of the titans tried blasting it, but their attacks went right through it. Cyborg scanned it “It's made of nitrogen!” All their attacks would be useless against it for it was like attacking fresh air.
The ghost was galloping right towards them on his horse. “He's coming…!” cried Terra. They all jumped out of his way, barley missing him, and it felt so sold that they felt their toes turned to icicles, and their feet went numb.
Suddenly, a light shone over by the entranceway. It was Max, the field-hand. “This way…!” he shouted “Get out of there! Hurry…!” Following the light, the titans made it out, and the ghost rider seemed to hiss and growled ghastly as he and his horse vanished back into the darkness.