Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Move, and You're Dead! ❯ Darring rescue. ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Now directly within San-Miguel, the T-Ship 2 would arrive at the danger zone any minute. A good thing as well seeing as how there was only about fifteen minutes to go. Not to mention Beast-Boy wasn't looking so cool either way.
Cyborg had shown everyone the pictures of the bridge from the newspapers. “Well, at least shows us what sort of terrain we'll be working on.” Robin said.
Cyborg nodded. “Now, there's still one thing to worry about.” he said. “We can't really land to close to the bridge. We don't know how localized the power of that generator is.”
“Please… I don not for us to accidentally blow up the bridge and send our friend to his doom.” cried Starfire.
“Of course.” Copy-Cat added. “And what of the girls who ran off. Surely they must be brought to justice for all their infractions.”
Everyone noticed that Terra was looking pretty scared, and who could blame her. Her dear husband's life was hanging by a thread, and trying to help him was a very risky move.
“Maybe, we should call Beast-Boy up.” Raven suggested. “It'll help us see if he's okay.”
Robin agreed. “Right, and maybe he'll know how strong the generator really is.”
Beast-Boy, the poor guy had been standing in the same spot in the exact same position for nearly two whole hours. His body was really starting to feel numb.
“I… got to… keep… awake.” he moaned. “Ohh… got to… keep--”
Suddenly, his communicator began beeping. “Beast-Boy? Beast-Boy, come in!” came Raven's voice.
All Robin could here over the wave was moaning and, Beast-boy speaking in a weak voice. “Keep… a…wake!”
“Poor, little guy.” Raven muttered. “Beast-Boy…”
“…Raise up your communicator and look at me.”
With his fading strength, Beast-Boy slowly and carefully lifted his communicator back up to his face. “All right… now listen up. We need to you tell us how localized the ultra-sonic waves of the generator are.”
“No… no… Keep away!” cried Beast-Boy. “Mustn't'… come near. Detonate… the… bomb!”
All the titans were really getting worried. “Yo… BB!” Cyborg hollered. “The Generator… how powerful is it? Do you know?!”
“Keep away! Just… one move… and the whole place… goes up.”
“Can't… go on much longer.”
“Can't feel my legs anymore.”
“Can't… go… on…!”
Terra couldn't hold her fear in any longer. Tears were starting to run down her cheeks. “Oh, come on Beast-Boy. Just hold on… you'll be alright.” she sobbed softly.
“Just hang on a few more minutes Beast-Boy.” Robin said. “We're about ready to land, you should see us coming now. Remember the code of the Teen Titans… “Never give up at any cost!”
The old-lady had awakened from her pass-out to the sound of the T-ship 2's engines hovered over the canyon. “I can-- I can hear them… Garfield.”
“Careful… Grandma.” Beast-Boy peeped. “Don't move now… got to keep quite-still.”
T-Ship two hovered over the cliff-sides away from the bridge. Raven and Copy-Cat decided to go after Jackie and Jillian. “They can't have gotten far.” Raven said.
Copy-Cat nodded. “We shall do as we can to stop them, and alert the authorities at once.” he said.
They detached their pods from the main ship, and headed off. Leaving the others to hurry up with the rescue before time was up.
Beast-boy looked burned and dehydrated from the sun. His sweat was practically cascading down his face. “Going to… die.” he cried. “Not… going to… make it!”
Robin could see he was in a bad way. “Hang on Beast-Boy! Just one more minute!” he cried. “Cyborg's going to neutralize the generator. We don't have time to look for the Bomb itself.”
“Just hold on… you're going to be okay.”
Cyborg separated his pd from the ship, and flew it over to a meaningful angle so his scanners could see the Generator and lock-on to its power source. “I got a lock.” He said. “Neutralizing… NOW!!”
His pod began to fire an invisible-beam right onto the Generator with a long and low-pitched whirring sound, that grew higher and stronger as the seconds past.
Robin gritted his teeth… Starfire nervously quivered…. And a large tear rolled down Terra's check. “Come on… please work!” she sobbed.
A few more seconds and smoke began to escape from the generator, and it stopped beeping. The moment he turned off the beam, Cyborg hooked his pod back to the main ship “Generator, Neutralized.” he said. “Starfire… lest go.”
Starfire nodded, and flew out of her pod, and mad her way towards the bridge. Where poor Beast-Boy was swaying back and forth in pain. He felt so stiff and sore that he just wanted to fall over into the canyon.
Starfire was soon near him and she picked him up and flew him back to his pod in the ship where he finally passed out. Terra was so relieved. “Hurry… you got go and get Grandma.”
Starfire nodded and flew straight back right away. “Do not be alarmed, I will not hurt you.” She said as she cradled the old-lady in her arms, and guided her back to a passenger pod in the back.
“Okay… lets clear the bridge.” Robin said. “It's going up at any minute.”
The motors roared to life and no sooner had they gotten far enough when… it happened!! The bomb exploded with big bang, and the bridge began to fall to pieces and tumble into the canyon below.
The bridge of San-Miguel was no more. “Oh… the horrible humanity.” cried Starfire.
Jackie and Jillian, in the old-lady's car were still on their way back to their chopper. “Will you keep on the road already?!” Jillian snapped.
“Okay, okay… I can't get used to this steering.” Jackie said. Then they both her the sound of jet engines coming from behind them. Jackie looked round. “Hey what the heck is that?!”
Raven and Copy-Cat pods were racing towards the car, and firing their machine-guns telling the girls to stop.
“Beast-Boy and the old-lady must've escaped!” cried Jackie.
“Okay! Keep your foot down. We got to lose these freaks.”
Raven and Copy-Cat stuck to their courses. “They're not stopping.” Raven said. “Try and warn them again. I'm going down there.”
“Right.” Copy-Cat said.
Jillian tried to fire at the pods with her pistol, but it didn't do her much good as Copy-Cat began to open fire again. “They're getting closer!” she cried.
Then finally, Raven's pod was soaring high above them, with its telekinetic-cannons poised right at them. Raven put her arms through the two cups again. “Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!!” Using her powers she trapped the girls in a black dome, and they could go no further.
“AAH!! They got us!”
“We are so busted.”
Raven flew back up to Copy-Cat. “Well done, Raven.”
Raven winked at him from her pod. Then she radioed the other saying they caught the girls, and the others reported that Beats-Boy and the old-lady were safe and sound.
“Okay Titans… lets head home.”
That night at the tower
The old-lady was in her guest room, having a long, long nap to recover from the trauma she'd been though. While Beast-Boy, rested up and hydrated again was sitting in the lab.
He was hooked to a machine that would help neutralize the drug in his body. “Yo, man… what ever you do, don't move.” Cyborg said.
Beast-Boy huffed. “Look, Dude, how much longer is this going to be. I'm sick of having to sit dead-still like this. I had to sit tight long enough on that bridge anyway.”
“Look on the bight side.” Copy-Cat joked. “You look much better that way.”
Raven actually laughed at that joke, and Beast-Boy snuffed, but finally he was okay again. The drug was out of him and he regained his morphing powers.
Robin and Starfire came in to report that that Jackie and Jillian were now safely tucked away in the minimum security prison, charged with Attempted Murder, Grand Theft… and destruction of public property.
“Dude… awesome.” Beast-Boy smirked.
“That's nothing.” Terra said. “Bet you can guess what the first bit of punishment is.”
Jackie and Jillian were locked up in cell together, wired to electrical-generators. Every time they moved too hard. BUZZ!! “YEOW!!”
“Yo… that kid's going to pay for this!” Jackie snapped.
“Right-on girlfriend.” Jillian said.
They slapped high-fives. “OOPS!!” Such a horrible shock to them.
All the Titians had gone to bed, even Beast-Boy. He was awoken by Terra shaking him slightly. “Beast-Boy? Beast-Boy?”
He stirred awaked. “Mmm… Terra?”
“Can I please sleep with you tonight?”
Beast-Boy smiled and opened the covers letting his wife in with him. “Beast-Boy… just try you promise me you won't let anything like this happen to you again.”
Of course he really couldn't promise that, but he went along. “Sure… don't worry, Babe. Nothing like this is going to happen to us again.”
Terra smiled. “If you had gone over… I don't know what I would've done.” she said sadly. “I… I probably would've--” she was interrupted by Beast-Boy placing his lips over hers causing her body to go all weak and warm.
She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back, madly. Then they slipped under the covers and… Uh… well-- (I'm not even going to say it.)
But when they were done, they snuggled warmly in each others arms and drifted off to a nice blissful sleep.