Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Project After ❯ Yet another Slade chase ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“TITANS GO…!” shouted Robin as he and his six teammates chased Slade through the city. “Man… this is gettin' dull!” cried Cyborg.
“Dude… tell me about it.” added Beast-Boy, “Every time it's the same thing.”
Every day or so, The Titans would fine themselves in pursuit of Slade, no matter how they chased him, or whatever situation it was… in the end, Slade would always get away. ”Well… he's not getting away this time.” Robin said with determination.
Slade finally stopped running, and turned ready to face his long-term enemies. “I wouldn't count on this, Robin.” He hissed as he stood ready for battle. “No!” Robin yelled as he jumped in throwing his fists. “You're not… going… to get away… this time!”
Slade finally managed to sock Robin in the gut and send him skidding across the road. “Really? I beg to differ.” he mocked.
Two Starfires, one whom was really Copy-Cat, flew in from above firing their star-bolts. “We must not let him get away.” cried Starfire. “Surround him…!” added Copy-Cat. They both continued to fire star-bolts to keep Slade from making any quick-getaways, but Slade was even slicker and faster on his feet than ever. So many years of The Titans trying the same thing over and over again was getting rather boring.
“You still think you can keep me contained with simple energy shots?” Slade asked.
“Maybe not… but how about a rockslide.” called Terra. She clenched her fists tightly and the grounds erupted all around Slade like a mine field. This gave Raven the chance to grab some of the small rocks with her powers and hurl them back towards Slade. “UGH!! UGH!! OHH!” Slade had a really hard time dodging all that, but he seemed more impressed than inured, or angry.
He trained Terra well when she was his apprentice, and now she even learned how let Raven join in and help her out, but as he tried to get up to his feet Cyborg stepped on him and then poised his sonic-cannon right at his face. “I don't think so.”
Slade put up his hands, “Nice and slow.”
Beast boy also crept up from behind, “Don't try anything funny, Slade.” He warned him, and then changed into a T-Rex to show he wasn't bluffing. All the Titans closed in and had Slade trapped within the circle. “Fine work Titans.” he commented, “It seems you finally got me. Unless I'm forgetting something…”
The Titan all raised an eyebrow each. “Uh… forgot what exactly?” asked Raven.
“Well… I never told anyone this before but… I'm a smoker.” Replied Slade, but this only made the titans more confused. “You smoke?” asked Robin. “How…?”
“Like this…” hissed Slade and then POOF! A large smokescreen puffed and all the titans were blinded by the blackness, coughing and wheezing, and when the smoke cleared, he was gone… once again! “No! NO!” growled Robin as he punched the payment with his fist. “We had him, and he got away again.”
All The Titans felt ashamed this time. Some of them were even wondering if they would ever catch Slade, or even how he was able to get away all the time. Beast-Boy began to wonder, “You don't think… like… someone else is doing this to us? Someone, like… sitting in front of a computer, determining our actions, and making us say all this just to entertain others?”
Even Terra didn't think that was likely to be true. “It's late…” she said, “We should head home and turn in.”
“I'm for that…” said Cyborg.
Copy-Cat changed back to his normal self. “We could all do well with a period of rest.”
Robin, after recovering from his upsetting disappointment, reluctantly agreed. “Husband… please. Our day of victory will one day come.” Starfire said.
Robin smiled bravely in acknowledgment.
As The Titans all headed home that night, they weren't aware of something strange and unusual happening in the next town over.
An art museum was broken into, and the alarms were whining as the police came rushing round the corners. A group of people garbed in black clothing were exiting the museum holding bags of what had to be the last of every piece of fictional art, or non-historical piece in the museum.
One of those people urged his gang to hurry, “They're everywhere! Move it!”
The police had the building surrounded in no time, forcing the thieves to retreat back inside and up to the roof. The police tried to give chase, but these guys were really crafty crooks.
They had smoke-bombs to distract the police, and set up traps along their escape routes, like piano wires, oil-slicks. All the police-men failed to catch the crooks, who had already escaped to the roof where their emergency choppers were there waiting for them. They escaped into the night with all the artworks and pieces they had stolen.
Safely airborne and on their way back to their hideout, they all removed their black-masks, and felt really pleased with themselves. One of the girls checked off a list she had, “That's the fourteenth place we've put out of action this week.” she snickered.
Her comrades agreed with her, and their group leader, with a headset, reported to their headquarters.
A man sitting in a big chair, and casually drumming his fingers along the armrest was most pleased. “Superb, Agent-17.” he hissed, “But you are aware my expectations are even greater?”
“I understand, Master.” answered Agent-17. “Fear not, our agents and forces are now as we speak confiscation every last one of these pathetic excuses people call art. Several cities should be rid of it by sunrise.”
The Master sniggered sinisterly. “Excellent. It won't be long before at long last our dream comes true.” He got up and looked down through the window from his office. Down below in the main chamber was a whole command-center where more members of his project were busy working their consoles, and monitoring any and all activity throughout the world…. Making them somewhat perverts, but they didn't care…
“Heh, Heh, Heh! Soon the whole world will finally realize what fools they are.” The Master said to himself. “Once my project is complete… the world will be perfect. Perfect…! PERFECT…!!”
His evil laugh echoed all along the walls of the hideout. Whatever he was planning, it couldn't be good…!