Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Project After ❯ Project After? ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Titans were awakened early the next morning by the alarms buzzing. One by one the Titans leapt out of bed, Beast-Boy and Terra struggled to get all their clothes back on… because they were recently at it again!
Upon arriving in the lounge, Robin was already there browsing the computer monitors, and Cyborg turned on the early morning news report. Half the city looked as if a heard of elephants passed through it. Stores were broken into. Movie theaters were ransacked. CD and music stores were completely emptied. Even Libraries and bookshops were in a mess.
Starfire gasped hard, “Our beautiful home-town! It is turned inside out.” she cried.
“Not quite all of it.” said Cyborg, “Reports are just comin' in. Not every place that was broken into had everything stolen.”
It turned out that only things that involved fiction, or fantasy. Like novels, fantastic, yet non-historical artworks. Even Beast-Boy's published book, The Incredible Beast, was stolen. “Dude!” cried Beast Boy, “I was going to sign some autographs today for the fan club.”
Raven gazed at him with an eyebrow raised, “You… have a fan club… since when?”
Beast-Boy turned to face her, “Maybe it's because I actually wrote a book, instead of just reading all the time.”
Raven couldn't argue with that, but she too was confused, and somewhat outraged that all the bookstores and libraries no longer had the books she liked to read.
Terra was upset because the movie theaters had to be closed down. Not just for repairs, but because every last one of their fictional movies, any that were not based on a true story, or historical information had been stolen. “What kind of sick people would want to do this?” she wondered aloud.
Robin wondered that too and was searching over every last bit of information he could gather. It turned out that Jump City was not the only place hidden. Reports were coming in that several other towns and communities were all suffering from the same crime wave, and already had some leads.
“It says here, the police were on the trail of a pack of ninja-like people who were caught robbing an art gallery last night in the next town, but they managed t o escape with all the non-historical artworks.”
That explained who they were after, but it still didn't explain why anyone would want to steal works of art, and items that are enjoyable, and loved by many…
The Master, whoever he was sitting in his office chair, with a lit cigarette in one hand, and tapping his other hand casually on the armrest. “Hmm, mm, mm… so many useless bits of fiction so little time.” he sniggered.
Just then, one of his men entered his office. “Begging your pardon, Sir, but we've just had a report from Agent-17. They had missed a few places in Jump City last night.”
The Master scratched his chin, “Thank you Captain. Cone, you know what to instruct of them.”
“Yes, Sir!”
Agent-17 and his gang were still aboard their choppers, and had just received their orders to head back to Jump City and finish what they started. “Message received, over and out.” said Agent-17.
His gang consisted of five people, including himself…
There was Agent-215: A real big brute guy with a temper to match.
Ms. Meow: A girl who had a fondness for cats and somewhat acted like a regular cat-woman, and the only thing she loved more than cats was trying to find herself a boyfriend.
Agent-Mastrass: Her style of fighting involved flashes, and smokescreens to blind her opponents.
And finally, The-Lizard: A fighter that lived up to his name, slick, tricky, and very good at hiding.
“Just our luck!” Lizard hissed, “I thought by this point we'd be finished with that pathetic city already.”
Ms. Meow was filing her nails. “Meowrrr… heh-heh-heh! Big whoop! I actually think that city is marvelous over all the others.” She hissed, “Lots of cute boys there just waiting to be clawed…HISSSSSSSSS!”
Agent-215 palmed his face with his hand, “Can't you ever go five minutes without thinking of cute boys?”
It looked as if an argument was going to break out, until Agent-17 hushed them, “215 is correct. We're there on a mission.” he said, “There'll be plenty of time to do as we want once The Master's project is completed.”
Mastrass agreed, “And the sooner the better.” she snapped. “It's time for us to show all those morons what the real world is all about.”
All five of them sniggered wickedly as they continued on their course for Jump-City, but decided to wait until nightfall to enter so it would be easier to move about.
Later that day… The Titans all headed out on the town to investigate the damages and obtain any extra evidence that would help them get to the bottom of this mystery. So far they found nothing, and were now out having pizza for lunch, at least the fast-food places weren't busted.
Still… this was terrible. It was as if the entire city had been deprived of fiction, fantasies or any forums of wishful thinking. “Where am I going to get my tunes from now?” asked Beast Boy. Terra felt the same; she loved playing music here and now too.
Starfire felt upset that the video-stores didn't sell her favorites videos anymore. She enjoyed movie night. Just then, Copy-Cat flew in… he wasn't that late, for the food had just been served. “Copy-Cat…” asked robin, “Did you find anything?”
“I have…” he said, “I was soaring high above the city observing everywhere, when I noticed a small video-store are the far northern side has not yet been broken into.”
That was good, it meant that whoever these people are, that robbed all the stores and places, it was a defiantly possibility that they'd strike that video-store next. “All right… then its settled.” Robin said, and he began to discuss plans with the others.
That night…
Robin had already contacted The Police and informed them of the situations. Right now, the video store was surrounded, but it didn't look like it. This, they hoped, would trick the thieves into marching in.
Right now, all seven Titans were patrolling the area covering a full mile radius. So far they had nothing to report, but all were unaware that they were not alone…!
The Thieves were a lot smarter than they seemed, and were well aware of the trap that was set for them. “Heh, heh, heh! These dunces really think they can lure us into a trap.” Agent-17 sniggered. Then he turned to his teammates, “All right… you guys know what to do. You three create a diversion, and Mastrass will come with me and raid the store. If anyone interferes, you know what to do.”
The other three agents nodded and took their positions.
Robin and Cyborg were hiding near the dumpsters just outside the store. It was all dark and gave them great cover. Robin whispered into his communicator, “Titans… report…! See anything yet.”
The other five Titans had nothing to report. All seemed pretty quiet.
While Agent-17 checked his wrist-timer. “Five. Four. Three. Two. One…!”
Explosions went off few blocks away. Bombs were planted by the other agents to attract attention and distract them form the store, and it worked… partially.
Robin and Cyborg heard the explosions and were about to alert the others, but had no need to for they were already on their way, but Robin and Cyborg stayed behind. They had a sneaky feeling they knew what this was about.
Their suspicions were answered when they saw two strange people holding larges sacks and bags creep into the store. “Let's go!” Robin whispered.
The other five headed in the direction of the explosions, “Look…!” cried Terra. There were thee strange people garbed in black ninja-like suits fleeing the seen of the explosions. “After them!” shouted Copy-Cat.
The Heroes zoomed ahead and touched down in the way of the thieves, “What's this?” snapped 215. Beast-Boy changed back to his human-forum, “End of the line, Dudes!” he spat at the thieves.
Lizard's eyes narrowed in disgust. “Super Heroes?! Ugh! Could this city be any more lamer?”
“How dare you call out beloved town lame!” snapped Starfire. “Let's get them!” added Raven, and the fight was on.
You'd think that these creeps would be pushovers, being only human and all-- Wrong! They not only dressed like ninjas, but they fought like ninjas too. Starfire launched her star-bolts, and Terra sent many stones towards them, but The Thieves zigzagged, and rolled, and leapt out of the way of every blast.
“Whoa!” Their fast cried Terra.
“Rarrrr… ha, ha, ha… is all the better you can do?” hissed Ms. Meow.
Copy-Cat clenched his fist, “Hand-to-Hand then!” he hissed as he extended his battle-claws. Ms. Meow actually felt amazed. “Ooh…! Impressive.” And she dashed to fight him with her teammates faced the others.
Beast-Boy changed into T-Rex and charged at 215. “Bring it on, big guy!” he mocked. He leapt out of the way as Beats-Boy lunged, and grabbed him by the tail, “Care to go for a spin!” He was freakishly strong for someone only human. “Good thing I've been lifting weights for a long time.”
Beast-Boy felt like he was just hit with a battering-ram. “Ohh… do I have a headache…!” he groaned.
Terra came rushing over on a flying boulder, “Now try this!” she growled as she leapt off the boulder hoping it would slam into 215. “Wow… lame!” he simply snorted, and used his huge arms to actually force it back in the opposite direction, “Whoa!” Terra was barley able to get out of the way.
215 yawned, “This is the best the city has to offer, I could have a better challenge playing solitaire.”
Apparently he wasn't the only one to think that. His teammates though the same thing while facing the others. Raven and Starfire weren't having much luck facing Lizard. “Come on! Give me your best shot…” he nagged at the girls.
Starfire gazed at Raven, “Shall we… do the paper, scissors, and, or, rock…?”
“Just blast him!” Raven groaned.
They both turned round to attack, but, to their surprise, he was gone. “Where has he gone…?” asked Starfire. “How should I know?” said Raven. Then suddenly she felt something really hard, like a punch, strike her in the face. “UGH!”
“Raven!” cried Starfire, but suddenly she felt herself being socked in the gut! “OH!”
“Heh, heh, heh… give it up ladies.” Hisses Lizard's voice, “You don't stand a chance against members of Project After.”
Raven and Starfire gazed at each other wondering, “Project…What?”
Copy-Cat and Ms. Meow stood away from each other staring the other down like chess pieces ready for battle. “Prepare to be crushed interloper.” Sneered Copy-Cat, “Like all those who dare to cross the Prince of Psyconia.”
Ms. Meow, however, just gazed at him with a twinkle in her eyes, and she licked her lips. “You know… you're kind of cute when you're angry.”
Copy-Cat could already see with his foresight what she was thinking, and his answer was, “No! I have no interest in a thief like you.”
Ms. Meow shrugged, “They always want to do it the hard way.” she sighed. Then she reached behind her back, a small pack was on her belt, and she attached to her gloves metal claws. “Let's go, Kid! I've seen cats fight.”
The two lunged into battle. Their claws clashed and parried one another like swords, it looked like anyone's fight, until Copy-Cat missed, and Ms. Meow managed to horribly scratch through his mask and harm his eyes. “YARGH…!” groaned Copy-Cat as he held rubbed his irritated eyes, he couldn't see a thing now and had to keep his eyes shut really tight.
“Aw, what's the matter? Cat got your tongue…” mocked Ms. Meow, “Or in this case… YOUR EYES!” she dashed forward to strike him again, but as she got closer… POW! Copy-Cat socked her good in the cheek. “Ow!” she yelped, she tried to get him again but he kicked her shin. “What… how are you doing that?”
Copy-Cat stood his grounds, “I may not be able to see you, but I am still able to sense where you are and what you will do.”
This fight was not over yet…
Agent-17 and Mastrass were busy robbing the video-store of all movies that were considered fictional, or non-historical…. things like that. “Ugh!” groaned Mastrass, “Where do these morons come up with this bull?”
“Well they can all rot for all I care.” said Agent-17, “Come on… let's get out of here.”
They grabbed their heavy sacks, and headed for the way they came in, but Robin and Cyborg leapt in front of the door, “FREEZE!” snapped Robin. “No where to run now.” added Cyborg as he flashed his light on the intruders.
“Tricked!” snapped Agent-17. Obviously their diversion-explosions didn't distract everyone. “This is the best they have?” mocked Agent-17 as he stared at the heroes, “I think I'm going to fall down laughing.”
“What?!” snapped Cyborg.
Robin also felt insulted, but then he heard the sound of sirens outside. “Looks like your plan, whatever it is, failed!” he said with pride.
The Thieves gazed at one another, “Not quite…” hissed Mastrass. She quickly reached into her belt and pulled out a small cube. She tapped the top and WOW… such a bright flash of light, blinded the two heroes long enough for The Thieves to break for the stairs to the roof. “Let's get'em!” snapped Cyborg.
“No! I'll go after them… get out there and make sure they don't double back.” said Robin. They called break, and sped off. Robin tried to get a whole of his other teammates warning them about the diversion, but they weren't able to come and help because they were still fighting the other agents…
They heard what had happened, and could tell their mission was nearing completion and would have to break away soon. “We got to wrap this up.” said 215 as he threw Beast-Boy, as a rhino, onto his side.
Lizard finally came out form hiding, thanks to the special cloaking-device on his wrist. He punched Raven and Starfire again. “Let's go!” he called to his teammates.
Ms. Meow was finally starting to get the jump on Copy-Cat, due to him using his foresight too much he was starting to get migraines and it slowed him down. She managed to kick him across the street. “You owe me a rematch.” she called to him in a flirty-voice.
Terra crawled out from under a pile of rocks she was buried under. Beast-boy untied his fingers. “Dude…!” he groaned.
Starfire and Raven had bruises all over their bodies, more of which on their faces, and Copy-Cat lay flat on his back, still with his eyes shut tight with agony, and groaning softly. His claws slowly went back into his hands.
As for Robin and Cyborg--
Robin mange dot chase after The Thieves onto the roof where a chopper was waiting for them. “Stop!” he yelled.
Agent-17 turned round, and narrowed his eyes in anger. “Here!” he snapped a she handed Mastrass the bags he was holding, no matter what, get these items out of here.”
“But, 17!”
“Just start the chopper, and that's an order!”
He dashed back to face Robin. “You dare to defy Project After?” he snarled.
Robin whipped out his metal-staff. “Look! I don't know what this is about, but you're nothing but thieves, and I hate thieves!”
The fight was on, and though 17 had no weapons of his own, he didn't need any. Just like the ninja he was dressed as, he had some real sweet moves, and managed to even duck, dodge, and avoid Robin's attack with ease.
He even managed to yank the staff away and gazed at it, “A four-foot titanium quarterstaff?” He questioned in almost dismay, “Tell me… you didn't pay money for this junk.”
Robin gritted his teeth and the fight continued, and as the two boys continued to brawl, Mastrass already had gotten the chopper started and was already lifting off, but before she could go fly away… the legs of the chopper were snagged by Cyborg's grapple line, “Goin' somewhere?” he called up to her.
Mastrass struggled to get the chopper going, but Cyborg used special drills in his feet to hold himself to the ground preventing the chopper from going anywhere. She grabbed her flasher and flared more light at Cyborg. “AH!” he shut his eyes tight, but the light was almost blinding enough so even that wouldn't help. He held on, still, he couldn't let her get away!
Sadly, the other Project After teammates snuck up from behind in the second chopper and shot him from above with stun-guns. “WHOA… HEY… OW!” Cyborg finally let go. “Hurry, 17!” cried Ms. Meow.
17 realized this, and gave Robin one final punch sending him sliding into a wall. He never faced someone like Robin before, and as lame as he believed Robin to be, he did somewhat enjoyed it. He grabbed the rope ladder throw down to him and rejoined his teammates in the escape. “WE'LL MEET AGAIN!” he called.
Then they were gone. Robin was pretty pissed, Cyborg, relieved that he could see again, was just as mad. “Man! This did not just happen…!” he tried to convince himself, but it did.
The Titans needed to regroup, now!
Meanwhile, The Master had received the latest reports from Agent-17. Their mission was successful, but they would be late returning to base due to an unfortunate run-in with, “Super Heroes…?” he wondered. “Humph! How, cliché...”
Captain Cone agreed, though he had faith the project would succeed no matter what, “But what if they continue to interfere in our plans again?” he asked.
The Master just gazed at him, sort of in a strange way. Then he took his cigarette and crushed it down hard in the ashtray on his desk. “You know what we do with interference…” he hissed. “Heh, heh, heh…!”