Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Project After ❯ Evidence ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

While Aget-17 and his gang headed back to base, more members of Project After were busy robbing other cities of all the fantasy, and non-historical pieces. Anyone who dared to get in their way paid a hefty price...!
The police had some of the members supposedly trapped inside a video-arcade, where they were stealing all the video games, and dismantling the systems. The police chief yelled into his megaphone, “Attention... you all in there. The place is completely surrounded. Come out with your hands up!”
And agent called Ash called out through the door, “Fine work, Mr. Law-enforcement-face…” she mocked, “You got us, and here… have a victory cigar.”
She reached into her belt and pulled out a cigar, which in actuality, sparkled funny when she lit it. “Remember…” she called out there, “Smoking kills! Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah… Ahh, ha, ah, ah, ah!” and threw the cigar out the door.
The Chief caught a good look as the cigar landed in the street, and realized, “WATCH OUT!!”
It exploded, in a great ball of fire, for a piece so small. Two of the police cruisers were blown to bits. This gave The Thieves their chance to escape through an underground tunnel from whence they had entered in the first place, but no one else was aware of; leaving the arcade in a big mess.
Ash reported back to The Master, and he was pleased to hear of her teams' success. He was still growing more concerned about the police. They were starting to become quite a nuisance. “It matters not…” he said to Captain Cone. “Soon the world will realize what idiots they are… and… Hmm… Hmm, mm, heh, heh, heh…!”
“Master…” asked Cone.
“…Never mind.”
He got up and gazed through his office windows at all his project members, still busy at work. “By the way… how are we doing on preparations for Operation Big-Blast?”
Cone was pleased to report all was completed and launched just last night. “It will take awhile before we're ready to fire, but in the meantime it's all set. No system but our own can detect it, and stop it.”
The Master grinned and his eyes narrowed sinisterly a she lit another cigarette. “Heh, heh, heh…Beautiful!” he hissed.
Meanwhile, Agent-17 and his gain were relaxing, and enjoying some leisure time before their next mission. Project After worked a round-the-clock rotor-system. Some agents would work, others would break, this way they could always be out there putting their plans into operation.
Ms. Meow hadn't stopped complaining since they had fled the battle. “Ooh! My make-up is ruined… I broke a nail…I'm going to get that guy for what he did!”
Mastrass covered her ears with a pillow from the sofa. “Wah-wah-wah!” she muttered.
Lizard and 215 were playing chess on the other side of the room. They paused for a minute when the saw their leader just standing there and gazing out a view port, at water and just watching the fish swim by the glass..
“I bet I know what he's thinking.” lizard whispered to 215.
215 gazed over at his leader, “Is he thinking of sucking up to one of those fish, and put on a gay parade?”
Lizard rolled his eyes, What an idiot. They gave him more muscles than brains.” he thought silently.
Agent-17 was really thinking about the battle he had with Robin. “He has some skill.” he though to himself, “Yet he dares to defy the project and the Earth's glorious future.
He had that look in his eyes, a look of fierce, and determination. He really wanted to fight Robin again, and settle what they hadn't finished in Jump-City. Still, it wasn't his call. He strictly had his orders on his missions and couldn't defy them.
Somehow, he would find a way to battle Robin again.
Back at Titan's Tower, The Titans all treated their wounds. Robin, Terra and Beast-Boy only had a few bruises. Starfire, and Raven had ice-bags tied to their faces to stop the swellings form where they were punched, and right now Raven was using her powers to help heal Copy-Cat's eyes, the same way she fixed Beast-Boy's broken wrist once…
“There you go.” she said.
Her boyfriend rubbed his eyes, which no longer irritated him. “Thank you, my dear.” he said to his lady-friend. Still, Cyborg… he could be heard from the Rec-Room where he was pounding the punch bag to smithereens in frustration.
“Dude… take it easy already.” Beast-Boy said.
“Back… off…!” Cyborg snarled and then in one swift punch, he socked the punch-bag right off its hook. “I can't believe we let those sneaks get away.”
He wasn't the only one who felt upset, the entire team felt frustrated by not being able to stop those thieves. What made it all the worse was they were just ordinary people, who had no powers, unlike other villains they fought-- Just ordinary devices and natural human-skills.
“I wouldn't say this was a total waste.” said Robin. “We did find out some things.”
“We have…?” asked Starfire. “Please, explain to me.”
Robin lead everyone into the lounge and explain what they had already learned. They know who these guys were; members of something called Project After. “So obviously there's more of these guys out there than just those five.” said Terra.
Beast-Boy sighed, “Great… that's all we needed, but what the heck are they after?”
Robin went over all the facts. The only things that these people seemed to be after were items of fantasy. Paintings, art sculptures, movies, video games, books, and anything else that was non-historical, or something just created from imagination, or wishful thinking.
“So… then… they obviously hate fantasy?” Raven questioned. “Really… not sane.”
Everyone agreed to that. Who in their right mind would hate fantasy so much that they'd want to get rid of it, and for that matter… why? It was like bullies mocking people as humans just for their choices in life.
Still, they didn't have any ideas as to why this project wanted to get rid of fantasy. They needed more evidence, more leads. “We could always find their headquarters and bust in.” suggested Beast-Boy.
Cyborg, Raven and Starfire gazed at him with sour stares. “Yo' are you nuts, Man?” said Cyborg. “Barge into a secret lair full of members that outnumber us?”
Robin, Terra, and Copy-Cat, however, almost agreed with Beast-Boy. “Perhaps it would be best if we were to discover their location, and, later, determine how to put an end to their operations if necessary.” said Copy-Cat.
The problem was, where to start looking…
Cyborg wasn't able to detect any of the member's crafts, and Raven wasn't able to make psychic contact with any of them, not even if Copy-Cat we're to copy her and they both combined their powers.
“Let's study the order in which the cities were robbed. It may give us a clue.” Said Robin, and he activated the map-screen. “First the northern cities were hit…. and then on to the northwest. And so for the all the way to our own home town.”
The others all gazed at the formation of the attacked cities. “A definite pattern.” said Copy-Cat, “A tour around the country.”
This made the others realized why the other cities weren't hit, or for that why hadn't the entire country of America been hit. It was logical to assume that since Project after only had so many members, that they hadn't been able to reach that far yet, or couldn't reach that far at all.
Cyborg took a good look at the map, and figured, “So the next cities to be attacked might either be up here in the Northeast, or down in the Southwest, but there's no way we can be sure.”
Their one clue was Project After only seemed to move at night, so they could blend in with the darkness around them and maneuver around with ease. There was only one option. The Titans would have to launch a two way attack.
The targeted cities were a fair distance enough for The Titans to fly the whole way in only a matter of minutes.
Robin divided up the team and gave them their positions. “Raven, Copy-Cat, and Cyborg… you'll take the Northeast city, Starfire, Terra, and Beast Boy… you three cover the Southwest.”
“But husband… what shall be doing?” asked Starfire.
Robin planned to stay behind, and monitor the Titans positions. His goal was try and piece together some leads of where The Thieves would come from so that he could determine where their base was located.
With that settled, everything was all prepared and set up for tomorrow night. “We'll find them.” Robin believed…
…Unaware that he was being watch by The Master. “Ho, ho, ho, ho… Think again, Boy.” he chuckled. “No one catches Project After. Project After catches you!”