Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Project After ❯ Sneak attack ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The night came sooner than was expected, and the six Titans had already left earlier to take their positions in the North-Eastern, and South-Western cities. Robin stayed behind at The Tower, as discussed. “Titans, report!” he spoke into the radio, “Anything yet?”
The Titans all reported Negative.” Nothing was happening, not even a bird in the skies, let alone any choppers, or even planes.
That's because the Project After members were already well onto this plot…
…And were being watched, still, by The Master in his lair gazing at everything on his monitors. “Good… at least we have most of them.” he turned to Captain Cone. “Are the teams well on their way?”
Cone nodded, “Just touched down, Master. Everything is all in order and ready to begin.”
“Heh, heh, heh… Poor Robin! Oh… he is in for a shock.”
Raven, Copy-Cat, and Cyborg were soaring over the town at different areas… keeping a watch over anything that would look suspicious, while Terra, Beast-Boy, and Starfire, scouted the other town. Unaware that The Thieves were already in hiding places, ready to strike at any moment.
Copy-Cat was hovering above the sector he was patrolling, when suddenly his foresight began to tingle, he reported to Cyborg and Raven and they flew over quickly. Copy-Cat pointed down at an old abandoned building. “They are right in there. I can sense their thought-waves.”
Cyborg scanned on his wrist computer, “He's right, I'm getting readings. They're in there all right.”
Raven was glad that they spotted them, but she had a feeling this was going be just like it was before, “What if they're trying to throw us off the trail again?” she asked.
That was defiantly possible, but still, they had come to gain information about Project After's headquarters. If they could find that, then maybe it wouldn't matter so much if a few more stores and place got robbed, they'd be able to get it all back.
It was time to lure the baddies out, “All right… I'm gonna fire a warning shot.” Cyborg said as he readied his sonic-cannon, but as he powered up and ready to fire, Copy-Cat's foresight went off again, “WATCH OUT!” he shouted, and that's when machine guns and pistols began to fire, along with a few rocket launchers. It was Agent-17 and Mastrass along with a whole gaggle of new agents from the base as reinforcements. The Thieves had come prepared. “Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah… Hang on for the fight of your lives, Titans.” called Anget-17. “FIRE…!”
More bullets and rockets were fired. The three Titans began to swerve and evade the shots, Raven even tried to send some of the rockets right back… “Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!”
..And Copy-Cat copied Cyborg, and they both sent their own missiles right at the abandoned warehouse. “Not so close…!” snarled Mastrass as she held up her flash-cube and flared at the rockets, actually blowing them up in midair.
“What? No way, Man!” cried Cyborg.
Copy-Cat changed back to his normal-self, “How is that possible?”
Maastrass didn't mind explaining to them that she had devised a way not only to create ordinary flash-flares of light to blind her enemies, but tuning-beams that could hack systems, detonate bombs, and… who knew how much worse.
As much as the others wanted to believe that wasn't possible, what they just saw could not be denied. “I hope the others aren't having this much trouble.” Cyborg hoped.
Starfire, Terra, and Beast-Boy weren't having much luck either in the South-Western city. Already they found Ms. Meow robbing a costume shop. Project After didn't even like costumes or outfits they deemed ridiculous…?! “Come back here!” snapped Starfire.
“I got your back.” called Terra as she raced behind her on a flying boulder. They chased and chased her right into an alley way, “Let's get her!” cried Terra, but as soon they got near the ally entrance.
ZAP!! “OHH…!”
POW! “AH…!”
Something punched both girls in their faces and sent them crashing to the ground. It was Lizard, who was invisible, and just reappeared. “Going somewhere…?” he hissed.
As for Beast-Boy…
CRASH!! He, as a triceratops, and 215 crashed right through a brick wall. “Ha, ha, ha… I'm lovin' it.” mocked 215.
Beast-Boy then changed into a gorilla, and the two began to wrestle. “Give it up, ya little gay!” 215 mocked. “You're nothin' but a slimy kid who won't get anywhere.”
Beast-Boy had heard quite enough of his gay ranting, and actually managed to sock 215 right in the mouth! “BARH…!” 215's mouth ached a little, but he was really mad now, “Okay! Come on! You want a piece of me?” The fight waged on.
Meanwhile, the girls weren't having much luck. Starfire was dueling out with Lizard. She wanted to pay him back for how he beat her up when last they met. “Come on. Give me your best shot, ya little klutz.”
Though didn't know what klutz meant, she didn't know it wasn't nice. “You!” she growled as her eyes glowed bright and green. She charged straight for him, “Bye-Bye!” he hissed as he switched on his cloaking device, and vanished again. Starfire almost ran right into the wall, she stopped at the last few inches only to have Lizard kick her in the side.
“Starfire…!” cried Terra. “Hang on, I'm come-- WHOA!” she was tackled by Ms. Meow. She looked really upset and impatient about something. “Where's that cat guy?” she demanded to know, “We had a little rematch set.”
Terra got up and brushed the dirt off her face, “He's not here.” she snapped. “Now stop talking! Your fight's with Me.”
If there was one thing Ms. Meow didn't like, it was having to face people she didn't like. Especially if that someone was a girl! “Let's what you've got.” She sneered as she got on her battle-claws, “Bet it's as wimpy as you're pathetic!”
Terra narrowed her eyes as they glowed yellow. She unleashed a shower of stones at Meow, but not only was she as sharp as a cat, she was quick like one too. She dashed through that bombardment of stones, dodging and evading them as easily if they were moving in slow motion. “RAARRR…!” Terra was barley able to get out of the way, and the left side of her face got a little scratched. “Ah!” She rubbed her fingers across the wound and saw a few drops of blood. The fight just took at turn for the worse.
At The Tower… Robin was starting to regret his decision! He really thought he should've been there helping his team, but yet deep down he knew this was right. Any moment now he'd gain the information he required, but it still made him feel bad seeing his team get beat and he wasn't there to help.
Suddenly, the Intruder-Alert sounded. “What the…?” Robin could see that the island being invaded by even more Project After members, and some of them had already broken into the tower through the roof. “There he is!” snarled Ash. “Seize him!”
No less than ten thieves busted in and Robin wasn't able to take them all on by himself “Titans…!” he shouted, “Titans…! Can you here me?”
Raven could hear him, “Robin…!” she cried. That's when one of the thieves shot out the screen, blanking it out. The other Titans saw it too. The Thieves laughed maliciously, and the received word to head back for base. Though some of them actually wanted to stay and finish the fight… they had their orders.
“Let's go!” snapped Agent-17, and he and his teammates retreated before the Titans could get back up. “Yo' come back here!” snapped Cyborg. “We're not finished with you.” But they were already gone.
Beast-Boy, as a bear, punched 215 in the mouth again, and 215 kick him in the gut. The two of them flew backwards hitting walls. Then, The Thieves got their orders to retreat, and were gone.
Ms. Meow was disappointed that she didn't get to fight Copy-Cat. “Tell him I said pur-r-r-r-r.” she called as she ran. Terra got to her feet shakily from getting beat up too much, and Starfire needed some more ice from all of Lizard's punches.
“Next time…!” he promised her. “It's to kill!” then he was gone.
Starfire didn't have time to worry about him, “We must return to The Tower.” she cried.
“Dude… you don't have to tell me twice!” snapped Beast-Boy.
As The Thieves returned to their base, 215 didn't stop complaining. Beast-Boy actually managed to knock out one of his teeth. “I'll kill him… I'm going to kill that little retard!” he kept growling.
“That's quite enough!” snapped The Master over the radio. “And even still… you'll get your chance for revenge soon enough.”
“…After all… we've just bagged the one thing guaranteed to bring us success. Hmm, mm, mm, ah, ah, ah…!”
By this… he was hinting about Robin, who was now their prisoner.