Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Robin's Little Secret ❯ Invisible Girl ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Robin... where are you going?” Starfire asked.
Robin turned his head, his body still facing the door to leave Titans Tower. “out.” Robin said shortly.
“Is there something wrong?” Starfire asked
“No” Robin said facing the door again.
“When will you be back?”
“Later, Goodbye Starfire” Robin said and walked out the door.
Sometimes he felt like being around everyone made him sick. He would just go into his room and think or on the rare occasion, he would go out.
Robin rode his bike through the city He saw a man being mugged and went to
save the day, the mugger was paralyzed and the man being mugged thanked robin and went away. Robin waited for the police to pick the mugger up and as soon as the police officers were gone he heard a noise and a shadow moved.
“Show yourself!” Robin said
“Hmmm, let me think about it.” A voice from the shadows said in a smooth voice.
“Coward!” Robin said.
“I don't think so” the voice purred. “You're a titan aren't you”
“so what if I am” Robin asked
“where are your friends? I've seen you around the city…” The voice said
“I haven't seen you” Robin said
“Of course you haven't!” the voice laughed in a clear bell-like tone. “You can't even see me now”
“What do you want” Robin asked he spoke in the tone he used with all criminals and supervillans.
“I just wanted to mmm.. chat” The voice said from a different area of the alley. “I haven't done anything… your treating me like a criminal!”
“You can't be too sure” Robin said stepping into a shadow.
“Your not scared” The voice said close to Robin's ear.
He spun around “I'm not afraid of a coward!”
“Brave” the voice said.
Something brushed down Robin's chin.
“do you really want to see me?” the voice purred
“Yes.” Robin said
a small white smile framed by pink lips appeared infront of him then huge violet eyes and then a whole girl. She was dressed in a magenta and purple striped long sleeved shirt and a black skirt and pink and purple striped tights with little black ballet flats.
The girl had mouse brown hair with long bangs coming just above her eyes and shaggy layers around her head.
“Who are you?” Robin said.
“My mother calls me Trisha” The girl said winking. She was only standing a few inches away from Robin, their toes were almost touching.
Robin took a deep breath and stepped back. “You have powers?”
“Yep, do you still think I'm a criminal?” The girl asked
"You haven't given me a reason to think your good" Robin said
"I haven't given you a reason to think I'm a criminal" She purred and robin saw little velvet cat ears poking out from under her hair.
"You were hiding" Robin said "You have something to hide"
"You wear a mask, you have something to hide… Titan, I'm afraid of you" She said truthfully.
"I'm protecting-" Robin began
"yourself… selfish- villainous. you're the criminal" She said as if in deep thought
"I'm protecting the people around me" Robin corrected her.
"The people around you are titans, You shouldn't have anything to hide" She was twisting his words, making him feel powerless and confused.
"Do you know Mad Mod?" Robin asked
"I admire his work, but he could have used his genious for better things, like amusement parks." The Girl said.
"I'm getting tired Robin. Good night" She said and pecked him on the lips and dissapeard.
Robin touched his lips. "Criminal" He muttered. He saw a little flash of white and a small laugh high above him.
"Robin, how was your walk? You were gone for a long time… what happened?" Sarfire asked.
"I ran into a stray cat." He said with annoyance. She was a puzzle and annoying, she wasn't good or bad so far, he longed to catch her committing a crime.
Robin snuck out again a week later. Starfire hadn't asked where he was going this time because he slipped past her without being noticed.
"I'm going to catch her doing something bad" Robin decided.
Robin found himself in a dark alley again.
"We meet again." A voice said from the darkness. Robin was slammed against the brick wall.
"why are you attacking me" Robin asked as he tried to fight blinding at the invisible girl.
"Were sparring, its different." She said.
The air beside Robin's ear whistled. She had thrown a punch just beside his face. He grabbed at the air and found her arm. She twisted it around so he felt her knee in the back of his own. She planted her lips just behind his ear.
Robin spun around and caught her between the wall and his arms. Her pink lips appeared and soon the rest of her was there too. Their bodies were only inches apart. "Your stronger than me Robin- as I expected" She laughed.
Robin was panting. "You had an unfair advantage, I couldn't see you"
"I'm not as strong as you, that's an unfair advantage, I don't train all day" She said eying his firm muscles on his arms. She ran on finger softly from the bottom of his elbow to the bottom of his wrist. "I'm just a little girl, I'm not strong I only know self defense"
"How old are you?" Robin snapped.
"I am sixteen going on seventeen" She sang playfully
"Why do you bother me?" Robin asked
"You came looking for me" She said looking at him through thick black eyelashes.
"I mean why do you try to seduce me" robin asked uncomfortably.
"Because its so much fun!" She laughed "Its not like its working" She glanced at him sideways. Robin looked down. "It is sort of working isn't it Robin" She smirked.
"I have to go" robin said lowering his arms.
"Alright then, see you next week" She smirked and planted a soft kiss on his lips again.
Robin got back to the tower and sat on the sofa still confused with the girl. She said her mother called her Trish but it didn't seem to suit her much, A name didn't suit her.
Starfire walked in and sat on the couch beside Robin "What are you watching?" She asked
"I dunno" Robin said lost in thought.
"Robin, you need to stop worrying about Slade and relax" She said softly.
"I'm not thinking about Slade" Robin said in confidence.
"What is on your lips?" She asked seeing a little shine glimmering on Robin's lips.
"Oh, I don't know" Robin said wiping the lip gloss off.
"You don't wear lip gloss robin" Starfire said fear in her voice.
"No" Robin said.
"You were with a girl?" She asked her voice shaking. She had understood what a kiss meant on earth, it was a romantic relationship, not just a transfer of knowledge.
Robin didn't say anything.
"Who was it Robin?" Starfire asked "would I know her?"
Robin didn't say anything. "good night" He said and walked to his room.
Starfire collapsed on the couch. Robin was… with another girl?
Robin was out again the next week, he didn't go into an alley this time but went into a park and sat waiting on a bench.
Starfire had followed silently and now hid in a tree several feet away.
"Hallo, You should just stick to the same place Robin, it took me a while to find you" The girl said.
She had approached slowly, visible but still mysterious from the poor park lighting.
"You said your mom called you Trish, but what do you call yourself?" Robin asked bluntly.
"I don't call myself anything." She said sitting beside him on the park bench.
"Trish doesn't seem to fit you" Robin said.
"I don't think it does, I think I am more of a…. nothing I don't think I should have a name" She said dreamily.
"You seem like a 'Kat' or 'Kitty' " Robin mused.
"Your so literal." She said itching behind on of her satin cat ears.
"Do you have human ears too?" Robin asked randomly.
"Nope" She smiled "Its so cool, I can hear things other people cant"
"Oh really?" Robin asked.
She leaned in close to his ear. And whispered "someone is in a tree over there, watching us. Don't look. I can hear their heart pounding… and yours" She said her hot breath sent tingles down Robin's spine.
"You have to stop kissing me, My friend saw your lip gloss on me…" Robin whispered.
"Or, I could just stop wearing lip gloss" She said raising an eyebrow.
"But I don't even want you to kiss me" Robin said "I don't even know you"
"Maybe you don't, but I know you. But then again its not very hard to get to know you. There are millions of sites and biographies of you on the internet." She laughed.
"and I don't know anything about you." Robin said.
"Not yet, but its not like you've tried to get to know me" She said looking at her fingernails
"I… come once a week, to see… you" Robin said awkwardly.
"Yes you do" She laughed "Maybe another time I will tell you my life story" She laughed.
"I should go now… You should too" Robin said standing up.
"You can call me Kat if you really want" She said smiling.
"Sure." Robin said putting his motorcycle helmet over his spiky black hair.
"Night" She said and kissed him right on the lips again but harder than the first times. Robin wiped his mouth on his wrist. Kat laughed.
"Night" Robin said and went to his bike and zoomed away.
Kat sighed. She had made progress with Robin, as far as she was concerned he didn't think she was a criminal. She was still just giving kisses and not receiving them back but he didn't push her away.
She heard someone drop to the ground behind her. She twirled around. A tall skinny girl in a purple tank top, miniskirt and matching boots stood in front of her eyes glowing green with anger.
"You tramp" she said
"I'm not a tramp." Kat said confidently
"Your trying to steal our Robin" She said
"'Our' or 'yours' I'm not stealing him from anyone" Kat said standing her ground. "If I was stealing him he wouldn't be coming to me every week"
"every week?" The girl asked sadness obvious in her voice
"Who are you anyways? How do you even know him?" Kat asked. "Oh! Your Starfire." Kat realized.
"Yes, and Robin is my friend, not yours." Starfire said
"Why can't he be my friend too? Are you afraid he likes me more than he likes you?" Kat asked smirking. "If he only wanted to be your friend he never would have met me."
"Robin is happy with me and our other friends." Starfire said her voice shaking.
"Then he would never leave the tower unless he was leaving with you, you think maybe he gets annoyed with you, or bored maybe?" Kat purred.