Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titan Traitor ❯ Traitor ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Titans had failed to capture Slade once again, and Robin felt ever so steamed as he washed the pie off his face. He remembered how it all happened.
Earlier that day…
“Titans… Go!”
The Titans had chased Slade into the theme park near the docks, and it was tough…! Slade managed to evade the Titans everywhere…
He tricked Cyborg into getting slammed by a roller-coaster, and both Raven and Copy-Cat got confused and lost in the funhouse of horror. Starfire even got splashed in a dunking-booth.
The worst of all was Beast-Boy and Terra in the House of Mirrors, and Slade brought up the time he revealed Terra was his apprentice. Beast-Boy and Terra really got ticked. So ticked that the almost ended up breaking every single mirror in the house. It was a good thing they weren't superstitious, or they'd have more than a-hundred years bad luck.
As for Robin… he managed to corner Slade into combat at the concession stands, but he got knocked into a table of pies, and Slade got away.
Still, now was not the time to worry about that. The city was put on a maximum secure observation, because… The United States government had devised new strategies and plans and software that would help prevent future attacks from foreign governments, and maybe even reduce crime waves.
The only problem was, every foreign spy in the country would gladly try to steal or hijack these plans and sell them to foreign governments. This would mean very big trouble for America. So, the plans and equipment were traveling in segments to Washington. Some were being transported by plane, others by boat… some even by land vehicle.
Some of these pieces were traveling all across America, and even passing through Jump-City. The arranged vehicles to carry on the rest of the way had been delayed, and so the plans and equipment would have to remain in the city until further notice.
The Titans were hired by the authorities to help guard the items at the police station not too far up city off the tower's island. The Titans agreed to take turns, leaving the tower and heading for the station, so as to keep constant watch, twenty four hours, without letting their guard down.
Late at night, after all the Titans had gone to bed, Starfire was the only one absent. It was her turn to keep guard at the police-station for a few hours, and then it would be Copy-Cat's turn.
Only, Copy-Cat was wide awake. Just standing in his room and gazing out the window. He had a very sick feeling that something wasn't right… or… was it something else?
Starfire was at the station, she was feeling a little sleepy, and yawned, but she stood her guard in the holding-room where two crates containing the plans and equipment for Washington were resting. Robin called her on her communicator for the umpteenth time wondering if his wife was okay. Starfire thought it was sweet of him to worry, “Worry not, husband…” she assured him “I am more than capable to take care of myself.”
But suddenly…! WHAPP! “Ah…! Somebody snuck up and hit her from behind. “Starfire…? Starfire!”
Robin wasted no time in sounding the alarm, Raven, and Cyborg were up in a split second. Cyborg went to get Beast-Boy and Terra, and he… really embarrassingly… walked in on them in Terra's room when they were both making out. All three of them screamed. Terra pulled the sheets up across her bare chest, and Beast Boy ducked behind the bed.
“Yo…!” Cyborg groaned as he covered his eyes, “Will you two get your pants on! We gotta move!”
Raven knocked several times at Copy-Cat's bedroom door. “Copy-Cat…? Are you in there?” she called. The door wasn't locked, but when she looked inside her boyfriend was no where to be seen.
Even without him, the Titans dashed for the police-station, and sure enough there was Copy-Cat kneeling over an unconscious Starfire. She looked in bad shape, but the worst bit was one of the crates had been broken into and the new hydro-probe was missing… stolen!
The police captain rushed in an informed the Titans that whoever got in must had gotten away. The Titans had reason to be concerned, but they decided to get Starfire back to the tower and help her recover. Beast-boy and Terra offered to stay and guard the remaining crate which contained the plans and blueprints.
Starfire awoke the sick-bay at the tower. He heard was really sore and wrapped in gauze, but apart from a bad shock and a few bruises she was okay, but she felt very ashamed. “I have failed.” she said deeply.
Robin assured her it wasn't her fault. True the hydro-probe was missing, and in the wrong hands it would bring a majority of disasters to the United States, but not all was lost. “Without those blueprints and documents in the other crate, the hydro-probe will be useless.” Cyborg said.
Copy-Cat felt as ashamed as Starfire did, “I had known something like this was to occur.” he said. “I am only sorry I did not arrive sooner than I could. I would have captured the evil doer.”
There was nothing that could've been done about it now. Robin even received a report from the police that all they could estimate was… a traitor-- A traitor in jump city who wanted to sell the new plans and items to foreign agencies. The least they could do was seal off the city. No one would be permitted to enter, exit, or fly over without being questioned.
“In the mean time… we have to work on finding this guy, and catching him.” Raven suggested. The others all agreed, but in the meantime they all needed to rest up. Especially Starfire… so everyone just headed back to bed, and left Terra and Beast-boy at the station to guard the crate.
However... as Copy-Cat and Raven headed down the same corridor to their respective rooms Raven noticed Copy-Cat was acting pretty strangely. “You feeling alright?” she asked.
Copy-Cat nodded, “I am… feeling rather exhausted.” he said, “A good night rest shall do me well.”
Raven nodded and then pecked her boyfriend goodnight before she headed into her room, but Copy-Cat still seemed to be acting strange. Things got even stranger as he went into his room and reached out from under his bed…
He pulled out a strange radio-transmitter. He walked over the window and pulled the curtains open. Then he switched on the transmitter, which was powered by satellite transmission and contacted someone…
“Zero-Black to Zero-White. Come in Zero-White… are you receiving me?
Somewhere, out in the world, a shadowy figure was sitting in a huge chair in an office. All you could see was one of his arms, a cigar in his right hand, and he spoke in a low raspy voice. “Go ahead, Zero-Black. What do you have to report?”
Copy-Cat explained that the whole plan had been carried out perfectly. It would only be a matter of time before they both had what they wanted. “Remember…” replied the other man. “Failure is not an option. If our little plan is discovered… it will mean great disaster... especially… to the titans.”
“I understand.” answered Copy-Cat. “This is Zero-Black closing down.”