Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans High School Musical Christmas special ❯ The chase! ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Garfield went to Principal Shepard to try and see if he could help him figure who broke into his locker, only to find Shepard had stepped out, “Ugh…!” groaned Garfield, “Could it be any worse of a time?”
Suddenly, he had an idea of who could've taken it…
He marched down the hallways, frightening many of the students as he passed sneering, “Out of my way!” Then suddenly he found Jackie and Jillian mopping the floors, “What do you want!” snapped Jackie.
Garfield stuck out his hand, “All right, you-two, hand it over!”
“Hand over what?” asked Jillian.
Garfield wasn't up for any games, “Just give me the tape back, and I won't make it harder for you.”
“What tape?” asked Jackie. “And why would we touch anything with your geeky germs on it?”
Garfield began to realize that for once the girls were being truthful. “Aw, man…!” and he dashed off again.
He couldn't understand it. Who could've broken into his locker and get his tape? He thought it over again and then realized, “Dude! No way…!”
Then there was a message over the school-intercom, “Mr. Logan please report to the front doors.”
“Now what…?”
He walked his way to the office, but as he turned the corner he saw the police were there. “Uh oh…!” he muttered. He immediately assumed he was in trouble for something, he began to back away when the cops saw him. “There he is…!”
Garfield began to run…
“Hey kid, wait a minute!”
A massive chase had begun. All through the building, and up to the roof. Garfield was stuck, with a 3 story drop below, and the police slowly catching up to him. “Hey… kid!”
Luckily, to Garfield, this was just like back at his home being chased by the wolves in the forest. He could see the tall trees in the yard below. He quickly calculated the angle, velocity, and wind-variation, just as the cops came up to the roof. “Wait up, kid…!”
But Garfield was already dashing for the edge of the roof, “You'll never take me alive!” he called back, and then he leapt over the edge, “COWABUNGA…!”
“He's jumped!” but the cops saw Garfield flawlessly grab onto the strong limbs of the tree like a gymnast, or a jungle-boy. He made it safely to the ground and dashed for his moped. “Come on, we gotta' stop him!”
Garfield barley managed to pull away form the school, when two police-cruisers came from up the street behind him with their sirens whining. “GRR…! Okay baby… do your thing!” he said to his moped and he rammed hard on the acceleration.
(Music cue)
(Voice of Johnny Rivers)
There's a man who lives a life of danger.
To every task he meets he is no stranger.
With every move he makes, another chance he takes.
Amazing how he'll live to see tomorrow.
Garfield… Logan man, he's Garfield Logan man.
He is the highest number, and everyone knows his name.
He bewares of pretty faced he would find.
Those faces they can hide an evil mind.
Oh, he has no time for play. He prefers to run away.
Amazing how he'll live to see tomorrow.
Garfield… Logan man, he's Garfield Logan man.
He is the highest number, and everyone knows his name.
Garfield was really ridding hard, and his Moped proved to be really fast. Still, the police weren't giving up. “You there…!” one of them called over a megaphone, “Please pull over!”
Garfield wasn't falling for it and kept right on tearing through the roads, heading for the edge of town to the desert-valley. “If my calculations are right… I just may be able to shake these guys off!”
Swingin' down the Jump-City roads one day.
And then riddin' in the desert at the next day.
Oh, he won't let the wrong word slip, with a sneer upon his lip.
Amazing how he'll live to see tomorrow.
Garfield… Logan man, he's Garfield Logan man.
He is the highest number, and everyone knows his name.
Garfield rammed as much speed as he could, and tore through the desert. Then there was a large gape up ahead of a small hill. “NOW…!” kicking his feet, Garfield leapt wit his moped in a perfect jump across the gap to the other side.
The police, however, had to stop their cars. The moped was smaller, and faster than their cars, and they could never make the jump. Garfield had escaped, but they weren't licked yet. “I think I got an idea where that kid's going…”
Indeed, Garfield was retreating to the safety, or somewhat, of his home. He believed the police would never think to look for him there; but imagine his surprise. “No…?” he cried as the thunder truck.
His house was completely surrounded, and there were entire animal control-units there with many of the wild animals locked in cages. Suddenly… he was spotted by the bright lights on their trucks, “There he is?”
Garfield realizing his only plan of escape was to break for the forest where it would be difficult for them to follow. “After him!”
Yet another chase began, only now there were even more men to avoid than ever, and the worse part was, for a genius, he really was stupid to have left his moped behind. It was too late now, he was already running hard and fast with many men on his tail.
Garfield even got his cape snapped on branches, and saw no choice but to leave it behind. This unfortunately attracted the attention of more wolves, that weren't captured, and quickly picked up on Garfield's scent. “Oh, great! That's all I need is a bunch of meat-eaters after me!”
Those howling beasts chased, and chased after Garfield, but still, having dealt with them for years, Garfield was easily able to outwit them, and then let the police worry about them… which actually didn't seem to help much as they were trained professionals and caught the wolves in traps.
Garfield continued to run and avoid the men as long as he could but, “I… can't keep… this up… much longer!” he panted. Finally, he zigged when he should've zagged, and he was caught.
“All right, stop it!”
He was tackled to the ground, but never handcuffed, but he did put up a fuss trying to get away. “Relax…! Calm down!”
Suddenly, a whole team of cops, and men in suits approached them. “Garfield Logan?” one of them asked.
Garfield gritted his teeth, “Who wants to know?”