Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 3

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The gloves don't make the man.
Robin leads the team out to the obstacle course and they noticed a sight to see. A teenager with light blue eyes and blonde hair continued to thrash some android attacks on the course. She turns to face everyone and a drop of sweat runs down the side of her cheek and to the ground. The girl wearing a sleeveless white shirt with a small red cape hooked onto the back, a short red skirt that help to emphasize her sculpted hips and down to her ankles until her boots cut off the seeing setion. She gave Kite a smile and put her hand down to where his eyes were looking and made a look up motion with her hand and said “Got a problem?” Kite turned a little red a turned his head and said a weak “No.”
Kite: wait that is an S on your shirt right?
Girl: yes.
Kite: you're Super Girl aren't you?
Super Girl: yup, that's me I'm Super Man's cousin.
Robin: so what was your time Shera?
Shera: it was three minutes twelve seconds without flying.
Kite: (thinking) boy she's pretty, wait she could kick my ass, cool.
Robin: ready to show us what you gloves can do, if you beet 5:35 you're in.
BB: ya, I'm dying to see what those gloves can do!
Kite walks up to the starting line and Cyborg yells go but Kite wouldn't go and Cyborg said it again but he still wouldn't move.
Kite: just bring out the androids she was fighting!
Shera: but those guys are really tough even for me still, barely, maybe.
Robin: okay beet the androids in 5:35 and you're in!
Cyborg: (presses a button) I hope them gloves got something special about them.
The androids begin to charge at Kite but he does nothing and now that they are in striking range Kite jumps up and split kicks two away and snap-mares another over his shoulder then jumps up and kicks and android and pressed it into the ground and back flips to the ground. Kite undoes the strap on his glove on his right hand and throws it to the ground.
Kite: the glove doesn't make the man (throws of his left glove too)
Kite raises his hand to the sky and a symbol on each hand began to glow as he brings his hands down and calmly breathes and his hands begin to glow. He brings his hands to his side and in a quick thrust of his hands forward he launches the ball saying “burning soul.” The attack actually makes Raven shiver. Something wasn't quite right about that thing Kite launched but before she could figure it out an explosion of parts, rocks and obstacle course pieces flies everywhere.
Robin: wow.
Raven: (still shivering from the chill that went down her spine) what was that?
Kite: didn't you hear me? It was my burning spirit attack.
BB: dude that was awesome!
Starfire: but I can throw exploding glowing energy as well!
BB: but I wasn't expecting that! I see you do that all the time!
Shera: nice job, Cyborg time?
Cyborg: he destroyed the course androids in, 4 minutes 5 seconds.
Shera walks past and puts her hand on Kite's shoulder and says, “Nice job” and walks back to the Tower. Kite watches her enter the tower and his thoughts were interrupted by Robin.
Robin: now we just have to wait.
Kite: till what?
Robin: till a crime has been or is being committed.