Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 5

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Damien the apprentice
Slade: I would like you to meet Damien.
Damien: I'm ready Slade.
Slade: then attack.
Damien runs at Robin and jumps over his head and split kicks Raven and Starfire in the forehead knocking them over. Beast Boy turns into a gorilla and swings at Damien but he blocks the attack with one hand and jumps upper cutting Beast Boy knocking him out cold. Super Girl flies up and throws out a flurry of punches but even with her great strength Damien doesn't flinch once. Damien does and front flip over Super Girl and kicks her in the spine and she falls to the ground in pain. Cyborg shoots Damien but the blast did nothing to him and he throws an exploding disk like Robin's into his cannon and it blows up in his face knocking Cyborg back into and through a wall. Kite wakes up just to see Damien brake through Raven's dark energy shield with just one kick then throws her over his shoulder into the ground. Before he got to knock Raven out Kite tackles Damien to the ground but Damien kicks Kite off and into an old bulldozer. Kite slowly gets up but Damien runs over and hits him with a combo of punches and kicks mostly to the gut and chest areas. Kite falls to his knees in pain and is about to faint but Damien puts something into his ear. Robin runs over and hits Damien away from Kite with his bowstaff. Slade presses a button on his belt and Kite starts to scream in pain. Slade presses another button and Kite stands up and is given a heat ray gun like the one Robin had when he was Slade's apprentice, from Damien and he puts it on.
Kite: (eyes are now black instead of hazel) must obey.
Slade: that's right, now destroy the Titans!
Kite: (eyes turn dark green) agh, No!
Kite throws the ray gun at Slade and Slade throws it over to Damien and he aims it at Super Girl. Super Girl still on the floor from the hit in the back she still can't move. With a demon like smirk Damien fires the ray gun at Super Girl but Kite runs in front of the attack and blocks the main part of blast from Super Girl. Slade calls out to Damien and they both leave. Kite still standing where he was now panting and smoking his jacket and shirt turned into shreds by the ray gun. Kite finally falls back and hits the ground hard, then goes unconscious. Raven, Cyborg, and Robin run over and check Kite to see if he is alive. Kite is breathing but faintly. After a few minutes all the other villains wake up but don't remember leaving jail and the awake Teen Titans give them a merciless beating.
Raven and Beast Boy take the escapees back to the prison and the others take Kite back to the Tower.
Shera: that idiot he shouldn't have done that.
Robin: ya, but he did, and that isn't criminal behavior.
Cyborg: he is stable for now and he stopped bleeding.
Starfire: he will be, well?
Cyborg: in a couple of week's maybe.
Raven and Beast Boy come out of the elevator.
BB: so how's mister hero?
Cyborg: he'll be okay.
Robin: the first time he wakes up I want to be informed.
Starfire: we shall watch him?
Robin: for now, Beast Boy come with me.
BB: what is it Robin.
Robin: you remember what Kite's jacket looked like right?
BB: yes, why?
Robin: come on were going shopping.