Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 12

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sunny Saturday in the park and some of the Titans and the Knight are sitting around on picnic tables. Kite is dressed in casual clothes.
Robin: a toast to Kite.
Kite: thanks Robin you know I have to go back to Japan though.
Starfire: why must you go?
Kite: I want to find my parents, and I won't until I start looking.
Cyborg: we'll miss you man.
Kite: hey don't call it a permanent retirement just a slight vacation alright?
Starfire: I will now play the traditional Tamaranian song of farewell on the-
Kite: no, no Star that's okay you don't have to for me.
BB: hey you will be back right?
Kite: yeah of course I just don't know what group I'll join.
Speedy: maybe on your journey you'll find more heroes and make your own group.
Kate: ha, that'll be the day.
Kite: hey that isn't very nice Kate, (whispers) you take care of Pyro okay?
Pyro: hey we're off duty my name is Johnny.
Kate: right sure.
Kite starts to walk away and turns back around. “Hey Shera aren't you coming?” She quickly runs over to him and they begin to walk away off on an adventure to find out more about Kite's past and his real parents.