Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Boy From The Beast ❯ Who are you hurting ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Beast-Boy sat in the chair, quiver in fear, and almost ready to burst into tears. “Dude…” he pepped, “I'm gonna die?”
Terra felt like her heart was already starting to tear down the middle, “No! Beast-Boy, you can't! I won't let you. There has to be something we can do!”
Cyborg urged her to calm down, “Don't worry… it's gonna be okay. All we gotta do is pump the blood back into the body, and everything will be alright. So chill already.”
Beats-Boy and Terra breathed heavily in relief. Starfire felt even more relived tan they were, she hugged Beast-Boy close, “Friend, I am so happy you will not be leaving us.” She cried for joy as she tightened her grip.
“Sta-- Sta--!” Beast-Boy could hardly speak in his weakened strength, and now Starfire was squeezing him hard. “Starfire… take it easy on him.” Robin said to her.
His wife's eyes widened when she remembered, “Ooh… I am sorry.”
Beast-Boy didn't feel himself pull all back together once she let go. “Uh… uh oh! It's getting worse!” he cried as his body shrank down a little bit. “I think he just lost another pound.” said Robin. “Beast-Boy, where did you put your blood after you pumped it out?”
Beast-Boy took a moment to pull himself together. “I put it right--” he motioned over at the un-leveled counter, but couldn't find the flask of dark-green liquid anywhere. “Where is it? Where did it go?”
The Titans all helped him look for the flask. “Ow…!” cried Copy-Cat as he fell backwards holding his bare foot. “What's wrong…?” Raven asked. Her boyfriend shunned the pain and said, “I have stepped on something sharp.”
Raven got a look at her boyfriend's foot. A few shard of broken glass were stuck in it, and a dark-green stain on the base of his foot as well. “What is this?” Copy-Cat wondered. Beast-Boy recognized the green anywhere, “No…?” he cried, “Please don't tell me…”
Then he saw it was true, behind the counter was the shattered remains of the flask, and only a few small stains of the green-goop were on the floor, but it became obvious to everyone the liquid had fallen down the floor-drain. “No! Oh… No, No, No!” he cried as his scrambled through the shards of glass, but it was obviously no good. The liquid was gone, down the drain.
“No-No-No-No-No-No---!” Beast-Boy panicked. Even the others all realized how serious this was. “Cyborg… can we trace the liquid?” asked Robin.
Cyborg blinked, “You got any idea how…?” he asked. Robin smacked his head, and Beast-Boy fell flat on the floor in horror, “So that's it then…” he cried softly. “I'm going out…the way I came in?”
Terra fell to he knees by his side, “No…” she pepped softly. “Please… whatever you do, don't think like that.” she was trying to be brave, but it was already eating her up inside. Her tears began to fall, but she held in her sobs.
Beast-Boy was kept in the Examination room and was hooked up to respirators, and feed-tubes with liquids to keep him steady. Terra stood by his side the whole time. Almost as if she was scared to leave him, which she was… fearing he'd be dead when she came back.
However, though the strength-loss did slow down, he was still growing weak, and Cyborg estimated that unless something was done about it soon… “Don't tell Terra… but if we don't find a way, we're going to lose him in about two and a-half days at the most.”
“But what are we to do about it…?” Copy-Cat said. “That liquid could be virtually anywhere at this point, and we would search blindly for what would logically be decades.”
“Well… we don't have that long.” said Raven.
Nobody said anything after that, it pretty much seemed hopeless. Still, they weren't going to give up. Their hopes suddenly came to life when the alarm sounded. “This would have to happen while Beast-Boy is very ill.” Starfire groaned.
Robin marched over to the computers, “We're still the Teen Titans, Star, and we still have to protect the city. We can't let things distraught us.”
His wife shrugged, but knew he was right.
Robin couldn't understand this. “A break in at school-yards? A near traffic accident on the highway? A breakout of panic in the park.”
Cyborg's eyes were rolling like a slot-machine. “All that so fast?”
“Hey! Over here!” Raven said, and she motioned everyone to come near the Television here the news had been going through a breaking story.
“Reports have come in that the CREATURE is moving at an alarming rate, terrorizing the people of Jump-City.”
“Creature…?” Starfire cried. “You do not think…?”
“It could be…!” said Copy-Cat.
“Citizens are advised to remain in their homes, and stay off the streets at all costs. Here an artists sketching of the creature based on eyewitnesses description.
The titans took one look at the sketching. “Yo'… That's it!” cried Cyborg. “It's The Beast!”
“But how…?” asked Raven. Robin didn't care. They finally had the lead they needed. He contacted Terra over the Intercom and told her to stay with Beast-Boy, and not to tell him what was going on. “Okay… but if you need me to help, give me a call.”
With that settled, the four Titans rushed out of the lounge, out of the tower and headed for the city. The only means of tracking they had to locate The Beast was Cyborg's radar, which was set to detect radiation, which The Beast was partially made of.
“I got a positive readin'. It's our baby already.”
Robin nodded once. “Remember… The Beast isn't Beast-Boy, so don't hold anything back.”
The other Titans agreed, and Cyborg stopped the T-Car. The first thing they saw was The Beast terrorizing some bullies who were picking on little kids. The Beast grabbed two of the bad teens, and threw them both into the mud, while the other bullies just ran away in fear.
The Beast roared madly, he was ready for more action. That was exactly what he got when a green-star bolt had barely missed him. The Beast peered round, and saw the four Titans standing there.
“Titans… Go!” shouted Robin, and the fight was on.
Despite the fact that the Titans didn't have to hold anything back this time, The Beast still proved to be very strong. Cyborg when first and tried to tackle The Beast like a tough-Football player. This resulted in a wrestle lock, which The Beast easily broke in seconds and flipped Cyborg down on his back, HARD!
Like a pack of wolves protecting their turf, The Titans charged at The Beast only to end up getting thrown down, or hit hard. Copy-Cat had an upper-advantage being able to dodge however by using his Foresight to read the creatures mind and sense his every next move.
Copy-Cat then extended his Wolverine X-Men claws. He growled at The Beast, which was snarling at him too, and he engaged in a claw-fight. Copy-Cat had to be a little more careful though not to overuse his foresight, or he'd begin to have migraines… but his training was far better than that.
The Beast finally slipped up a little, and Copy-Cat landed a positive strike to his arm, causing The Beast to growl in pain.
While at the Tower, Beast-Boy winced and gasped. “Ah…!”
Terra rushed to his side, “Beast-Boy…?” she cried. “What's the matter…?”
Beast-Boy was panting softly and held his arm. “I don't know. Felt like something just hit me.”
Copy-Cat couldn't continue to fight The Beast on his own forever, “Titans… remember what I had taught you! Follow his breathing!” he called to the others. The Titans, who had been observing The Beast's movements, rushed in to help him.
By remembering what Copy-Cat had taught them, how to listen to the sound of their opponent's which gave away their next move, they found it much easier to avoid The Beast's powerful fists.
Robin threw his disc-bombs-- not a single one missed! Starfire came in firing her star-bolts—all of which made contact. The Beast was bombarded from all ends.
Cyborg fired his sonic-cannon, and Raven threw bits of debris using her dark-waves.
However, the more The Beast got hit, and bombarded by all those attacks…
Beast-Boy was feeling more and more jolts of pain hitting his body. “Ooh…!”
His body even began to steam a little. “Beast-Boy…!” Terra cried. Her husband just lay there on his bed groaning in pain. Terra just had to call the others, now!
Robin kicked The Beast hard into a dumpster, and then his communicator beeped. “Terra…! What's wrong?”
“Something's wrong with Beast-Boy!” cried Terra, and she turned her communicator to face Beast-Boy. He was laying there, wincing and groping in pain. “OH! YAH-AH…!”
Robin couldn't understand it, until he looked back to the others fighting with The Beast.
POW! Cyborg socked it hard in the face.
“GAH…!” Beast-Boy winced as if he, himself, had been punched too.
Robin then saw The Beast get thrown against the grill-gate by Starfire, and Beast-Boy groaned, as if he had been hit. Robin saw what was going on. “STOP…!” he yelled at his teammates.
The other Titans gazed at him in confusion, and this gave The Beast the chance to knock them all aside, and then escape the lot, and disappear into the night. “Yo' man… why'd ya do that?” asked Cyborg, “We could've taken him apart.”
“Husband…? Why did you make us stop?” asked Starfire.
Robin showed the team what was happening to Beast-Boy, and realizing how much more important this was, they all headed back to the tower. The Beast couldn't get far, wherever it was, and they could track it down easily with the radiation-detectors.
“What do you suppose is wrong with Beast-Boy?” Copy-Cat wondered.
“I wish I knew…” Raven said. “But I got a bad feeling about this.”