Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub II by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ So Odd, So Nice ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2
Raven was lying on the hospital bed with her shirt pulled up over her stomach. She had delayed the appointment as long as she could, hoping that Beast Boy would arrive, but the doctor had to take her now or not at all. She felt the baby move around a little bit, as if it were just as upset about Beast Boy's not being there. But she couldn't blame him. It wasn't his fault that Plasmus escaped and was trying to destroy much of downtown.
The doctor, a sweet woman in her early thirties, was just about to squeeze the lubricant jelly onto her stomach when the door flew open. And there he stood, quite out of breath and disheveled.
“You made it,” said the doctor with a sweet smile. “We're just about to get started.”
Beast Boy went over to Raven and gave her a kiss, “Hey. I'm sorry I'm late.”
“At least you made it,” said Raven. A shiver ran up her spine as the cold jelly fell onto her stomach. The doctor turned the little monitor on, but the screen was still blank.
“Okay, here we go,” said the doctor placing the sensor onto Ravens stomach. A bunch of blobs filled the screen and the sound of two heartbeats could be heard. Beast Boy was holding Ravens hand as the image of their child finally filled the screen. “And there it is.”
“Look how much bigger it is!” said Beast Boy with a smile.
“Well that's what happens when you haven't seen it in a month,” said Raven trying to hold back her own smile. “How's it look? Everything okay?”
“Looks to be,” said the doctor moving the sensor around. “Are you ready to know the sex, or are you going to wait?”
Beast Boy looked at Raven with pleading eyes. She had an unsure look on her face. “I don't know.”
“Oh come on, Raven!” he begged. “I want to know.”
“I know, but I'm not sure I'm ready to know,” she said squeezing his hand.
“But wouldn't it make life easier if we knew now?” asked Beast Boy. “Please?” and he did “The Face”.
“Do you always have to do that?” she asked hitting him. She closed her eyes and said, “Okay.”
“You want to know the sex?” asked the doctor.
“Yes,” she said clenching her eyes shut.
“Are you sure?” asked the doctor.
“For the love of God, tell us before she changes her mind,” said Beast Boy almost exploding from the suspense.
“Okay, you're having… a girl,” she said with a smile.
Raven let out a sigh of relief and smiled. Beast Boy gasped and looked right at Raven with a large grin. “We're having a girl!” he said kissing her. “See? That wasn't that bad, was it?” Raven gave him a smile and definitely looked much more relaxed.
As they reentered the tower they saw Starfire sitting on the couch with hundreds of magazines around her. She was determined on finding a way to get them a backyard. She saw the two enter and gave them a smile.
“Hello friends!” she said. “How was your trip to the hospital?”
“Great!” said Beast Boy beaming. “We found out what we're having.”
“Are you not having a baby?” asked Starfire.
“Well, yeah, but we know what the sex is,” he said clarifying.
“Oh joyous!” she said rising into the air and clapping. “What are you to have?”
“You tell her,” said Beast Boy.
Raven rolled her eyes and said with a smile, “We're having a girl.”
Starfire gasped and went to Raven, giving her a tight hug. “How wonderful! You are to have a baby girl.”
“I won't if you kill it,” she said through her crushed lungs.
Starfire quickly released her and decided to hug Beast Boy instead. “I must tell Robin!” And with that she flew off.
“Come on, let's go tell Alex,” said Beast Boy taking her hand.
“Can I please go wash my stomach off first?” she whined as he dragged her through the room. “That jell is hell to wash off. It's so sticky and blegh!”
Beast Boy sighed and said, “Okay.”
After washing her stomach off, with Beast Boy's help because he couldn't resist seeing her stomach, they went to Alex's room. They opened the door and saw him sitting in the middle of the room playing.
“Hey Alex,” said Beast Boy as they entered.
“You're back from the doctors?” he asked standing up from his plastic bug collection.
“Yup, we're back,” said Beast Boy.
“And guess what,” said Raven.
“What?” he asked going over to them and holding his hands anxiously.
“You're going to have a little sister,” said Beast Boy touching Raven's stomach.
“A sister?” he said with a smile and put his hand on Ravens tummy.
“That's right,” said Raven with a smile.
Alex hugged his mother and rested his head on her stomach. He felt how warm it was and could hear everything that was going on inside of her. “How much longer till she comes?”
“Only two more months,” said Raven patting her son's head.
“I can't wait!” he said starting to jump around.
“Are you gonna be a good big brother?” asked Beast Boy in a teasing voice.
“Yeah,” said Alex running over to his toys. “She can play with any of my toys, if she wants to. And I can teach her how to catch bugs and stuff.”
“Oh I can't wait,” said Raven sarcastically. “I'm going to go lie down,” she said to Beast Boy.
“Okay,” he said kissing her and opening the door for her. “If you want I'll come in and massage your back.”
“I would like that very much,” she said in a desperate voice right before he closed the door. As she walked down the hall she saw Robin and Starfire walking towards her. She gave them a smile and knew they weren't going to let her pass without talking to her.
“Hey Raven, Star tells me you're having a girl,” said Robin with a smile.
“That's right,” said Raven smiling.
“Well congratulations,” he said hugging her.
“Be careful!” said Starfire very alarmed. “You may kill the baby!”
“I don't think his hugs could do much damage, Starfire,” said Raven as she was released from the hug.
“Have you told Cyborg?” asked Robin.
“I haven't seen him yet,” said Raven.
“I believe he is in his room creating a new video game,” said Starfire. “Will you go and tell him?”
“Actually, I was just going to lie down,” she said holding her back. “You can tell him if you want.”
“Hurray!” said Starfire grabbing Robin's hand. “Come, let us tell him the joyous news! And then I can make the appropriate Tameranean pudding for such an occasion.” And with that the two sped off down the hallway.
Raven was never so relieved to see her bed. She crawled into it and was asleep in less than a minute. Beast Boy entered a few minutes later and saw her curled up, fast asleep. He crawled onto the end of her bed and began to rub her feet. Slowly a smile spread on her face and she woke up.
“I hope you don't mind my starting at your feet,” he said with a smile.
“Of course not,” she said still half asleep. “But if you don't stop soon I'm going to start drooling.” Beast Boy let out a chuckle and started on her other foot. Raven moaned happily and snuggled into her pillow. Eventually she was tired of him massaging her feet and she sat up. “Okay, get back there.”
Beast Boy moved behind her and began to rub her shoulders and massage her back. He sat behind her the same way he had to sit when they went to Lamaze classes. Raven had gone before when she was pregnant with Alex, but Beast Boy insisted on having the whole pregnancy experience and guilted her into going again.
“Only two more months,” he said kissing her neck. “Are you excited?”
“About going into labor and pushing a child out of my loins?” she asked plainly. “No, not really.”
“What about having a baby girl?” he asked trying to think positively.
“I am happy about that,” she admitted. “It'll be nice to finally act girly.”
“What?” he laughed.
“Well I've never been able to really act like a girl,” she said as he worked on her lower back. “You know, playing with dolls and dressing up. I just hope she deludes my powers like Alex does.”
“Wow, Raven playing with dolls,” said Beast Boy to himself. “I guess Hell is freezing over.”
“Oh shut up,” she said trying not to laugh.
He chuckled to himself and continued to massage her for ten more minutes. “How was that?” he asked as he smoothed and patted her back down.
“Wonderful as usual,” she said leaning onto him. “Thank you,” she said giving him a kiss.
“You're welcome,” he said holding her.
They sat there silently for a while, just enjoying the feel of being together. Beast Boy rested his back on the headboard and this reclined Raven a little more. She sighed happily and got even more comfortable. He began to rub his hands over her tight stomach.
“This is so odd,” said Raven out of nowhere.
“What is?” asked Beast Boy.
“This. Everything,” she said putting her hands over his as he continued to rub her stomach. “I mean, five years ago I would have never pictured this happening. You and I lying in my bed together as you gently massage my pregnant stomach. It's just… odd to think about.”
“That's true,” said Beast Boy chuckling. “But we seem prone to odd things happening to us.”
Raven smiled and gave a hint of a giggle. “I still can't believe that you and I are together.”
“Yeah, didn't see that coming,” said Beast Boy lifting her hand to him and kissing it. “Thank God for jell-o shots, right?”
This made Raven laugh. “I guess so,” she said closing her eyes. “Too bad we can't even remember our first night together.”
“Too bad we can remember our first morning together,” said Beast Boy. “I've never been so uncomfortable in my whole life.”
“Yeah, that was interesting,” said Raven. “I've never seen you get out of a bed so quickly in my entire life.”
“And then jump back in when I realized that I was nude.”
“And then me kicking you out when I saw that you were nude.”
“And then the infamous pulling of the sheet.” This made Raven laugh again. “That poor thing never had a chance.”
“Split right down the middle as we both tried to cover ourselves,” said Raven.
They both shared a giggle. There came a knock at the door. “Mumma? Daddy?”
“What is it Alex?” asked Raven.
“Can I have some pudding?” he asked through the door.
“Go ahead,” said Beast Boy.
“Thank you,” he said and then ran off.
The two relaxed again. Then it occurred to them. “Do we even have pudding?” asked Beast Boy.
“I don't think so,” said Raven. “Starfire said something about making pudding and…”
The two looked at each other and gasped, “Oh no!” They both scrambled off of the bed and burst out of the room calling, “Alex, no pudding! No pudding!”