Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub IV by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ Two More Logans ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5
Raven hadn't felt well all day and her mother instincts had told her that it was time. She didn't want to throw the entire tower into a panic, so she cautiously went up to Beast Boy who was sitting on the couch with Arielle on his lap.
“Beast Boy?” she said calmly.
“Hey, what's up?” he asked with a smile.
“I think it's time to go to the hospital,” said Raven.
Beast Boy's smile faded and he moved Arielle off of him so he could stand up. “You're going into labor?” he asked.
“Just about,” said Raven. “I've been feeling some strong contractions for a while now.”
“But it's too early,” said Beast Boy.
“No it's not, I'm eight and a half months,” said Raven. “Most twins are born early.” She closed her eyes and winced as the pain shot through her. “Look, can we discuss this in the car?”
“Okay, let me go tell everyone,” said Beast Boy and he ran off.
“But…” she started, but he was gone. She sighed and said, “Fine, I'll go to the car myself.” She waddled her way across the room and Arielle went to her, taking her hand.
“I'll take you,” said Arielle with a smile.
“Thank you, sweet heart,” said Raven smiling warmly back.
They had just made it to the garage when Beast Boy entered with everyone behind him. “Raven, you scared me to death! I leave for two seconds and you're gone.”
“Well where else did you think I was going to go?” she asked as another contraction hit.
“Alright, let's get you to the hospital,” said Bumble Bee.
Suddenly Alex entered lugging a large suitcase. “I got it, daddy,” he said as he hauled it over to Beast Boy.
“Thanks buddy,” said Beast Boy taking it and throwing it in the car.
“Are me and Arielle go with you?” he asked.
“Not right now,” said Beast Boy helping Raven get into the backseat.
“But I wanna be there when my brothers are born,” said Alex.
“They're not coming for a while,” said Raven once she was settled in the back. “Besides, you'll just be bored.”
“Do you want me to drive, or are you all set?” asked Cyborg.
“No, we're good,” said Beast Boy going over to the driver's side. “I'll call.”
“Okay, good luck,” said Robin.
“Thanks,” said Beast Boy climbing in. He started the car up and the two were off, with their whole Titan family waving behind them.
By the time they reached the hospital Raven was moaning horribly and was in a lot of pain. “Now I remember why I wanted to wait to have more children,” she said through the pain. “I needed time to forget about the labor pains.”
They got her checked in and moved up to a room immediately; on the way her water broke. She knew she was right. She was glad she hadn't ignored those contractions and passed them off as nothing.
“You're about three centimeters,” said the doctor. “Hopefully we won't have to do a c-section.”
“I hope not,” said Raven. “I haven't had any trouble giving birth before.”
“Well, twins can sometimes have complications,” said the doctor. “But everything seems fine, so I doubt anything will happen. I'll be back in a half an hour.” And with that he left.
“Half an hour?” moaned Raven. “I want them out now!” She leaned back into her pillow and sighed.
“Do you want me to get you something for the pain?” asked Beast Boy. “Or is that a stupid question?”
“I think it's too early to ask for anything yet,” she said and then braced for a contraction. Beast Boy gave her his hand and she squeezed it as the pain came and went. “We're done now, right?”
“What?” asked Beast Boy.
“We're done having children,” said Raven. “I think four is enough. I would rather have had one now and them maybe another one in two or three years, but oh well. Two at once it'll have to be.”
“Yeah, I think we're done,” said Beast Boy with a smile. “Our plate is plenty full. Besides, we gotta give the others time to catch up.”
Raven smiled and then winced again, crushing poor Beast Boy's hand. He winced as well, and gritted his teeth. She slowly released her grasp and Beast Boy gingerly took his hand away.
“Sorry,” she said.
“Don't worry about it,” he said shaking his aching hand.
Three hours passed and Beast Boy finally made the call home that she was going to start pushing. Raven was relieved that this was all finally coming to an end. She was given an epidural and was feeling much better. The doctor arrived and the time had come.
“Okay, here we go,” said the doctor once he was in place. “Are you ready?”
“Quite,” said Raven.
“Alright, on the count of three I want you to start pushing,” said the doctor.
“I know the drill,” said Raven.
“Okay, one… two…”
Alex and Arielle were lying on the waiting room floor coloring in a coloring book. Caley was asleep in her mother's arms, after Alex had calmed her down. Robin was sitting next to his wife, his leg shaking with slight boredom. Bumble Bee was flipping through a magazine and Cyborg was just glad that for once he didn't have to be a wingman to a dad to be.
Finally Beast Boy came out into the waiting room, a smile on his face. The whole group looked up. Alex and Arielle jumped up and ran to him yelling excitedly, “Daddy!” They clamped onto his legs and he ruffled their hair.
“Are they here?” asked Alex.
“I'm a big sister?” asked Arielle.
“Yup,” said Beast Boy. “There are two more Logans in the world.” Alex began to jump around and Arielle clapped.
“How is Raven?” asked Starfire.
“Very tired,” said Beast Boy. “She's asleep, but I'll take you to see them.”
Beast Boy led them down the hall to the wall with the giant glass window. On the other side were dozens of newborns in little bassinets. He lifted Arielle in his arms and Alex stood on his tiptoes to see around all the other babies.
“Where are they?” asked Alex.
“There,” said Beast Boy pointing to two little blue bassinets. In them lay two little pink infants. The tags on their cribs read “Logan”. They were both asleep and seemed very relaxed.
“They look just like Arielle when she was born,” said Cyborg.
“They look to be a good size,” said Bumble Bee. “Considerin' they were born early.”
“Yeah, they're normal and healthy,” said Beast Boy. “And identical.”
“So how are you gonna tell them apart?” asked Cyborg.
“Well, luckily, one of them has a little birthmark on his right arm,” said Beast Boy. “I'll show it to ya later, it looks like a heart.”
“Oh, how sweet,” said Bumble Bee.
“Daddy, what're their names?” asked Alex.
“We haven't decided yet, buddy,” said Beast Boy. “I have to talk to mumma first.”
“I wanna see mumma,” said Arielle.
“Okay, I'm sure she wants to see you,” said Beast Boy and they all headed to Ravens room.
Raven was exhausted, but felt pretty good thanks to the drugs. She couldn't wait to see her sons again. The door opened and she saw Beast Boy holding Arielle and all the others behind him.
“Hi everyone,” she said tiredly.
“I just showed them the twins,” said Beast Boy with a smile. “They wanted to see you.”
“Mumma!” said Arielle and reached for her. Beast Boy bent down so the two could hug and then put her down. Alex went over next and gave her a hug and a kiss as well.
“So you saw your little brothers?” asked Raven.
“Yeah,” said Alex smiling. “I can't wait to hold `em.”
After they visited her for a while they all headed back to the tower. Now that they were gone Raven felt a little stronger and asked for her sons. They were brought in and both parents took one.
“You ready to think about names?” asked Beast Boy.
“I guess,” said Raven. “Shall we keep on with the “A” streak?”
“Why not?” laughed Beast Boy.
“Alright, you think of an “A” name for him,” she said indicating to the boy in Beast Boy's arms. “And I'll think of one for this one.”
“Sounds fair,” said Beast Boy.
“Just don't think of anything stupid,” said Raven getting serious.
“Yeah, like I'm going to give one of our sons a stupid name,” said Beast Boy.
“Beast Boy, you said that if you had the chance, you would have named Alex Levi,” said Raven.
“And what's wrong with Levi?” asked Beast Boy. “It's a cool name!”
“Just stick to “A” names,” said Raven growing tired.
“Fine,” said Beast Boy. He walked around the room for a little while, rocking the little boy in her arms. The boys did look like Arielle, though their hair was blond like Alex's. They probably looked just like Alex did when he was born, but Beast Boy wouldn't have known.
“I have one,” said Raven smiling down at her son. “I'll name you Austin.”
“That's a good name,” said Beast Boy. “You're so good at naming.”
“Austin Victor Logan,” said Raven.
“Victor?” asked Beast Boy.
“After Cyborg,” said Raven.
“He'll like that,” laughed Beast Boy. He paced back and forth for a few more minutes and then finally his brain was struck. “I got it! Aaron.”
“Oh, I like that name,” said Raven, approving.
Beast Boy smiled proudly. “Aaron Richard Logan, after Robin of course.”
“Sounds perfect,” said Raven smiling.