Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Super Smash Brothers of Melee ❯ The Attacks on Melee ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

(Only the original selective characters are the good guys… all hidden characters are bad dudes)
In far reach out into the Galaxy, near the constellation of Alpha-Centauri… was a planet called, “Melee.”
A planet, whose race for many ages had befriended Tameranians. Their friendship forged by the Planet's leader, King Nintendo… and the Grandfather of the Tameranian called Galfore.
For many centuries, Planet Melee had bee a very harmonious planet, where it's race, the Meleeans… had ceased the need for weapons and warfare.
But now… evil forces had taken advantage of the defenseless creatures, and in their powerful attack, and their over powering forces… the planet changed entirely.
From peaceful and Prosperous… to an embattling war zone… and to this day… the war continues.
On the planet, Melee
The planet's environment had changed a lot since the first attack. The poor defenseless Meleeans, and their King himself were at this very moment being forced to mine the grounds on the planet.
All of them wearing brown monk-cloaks, and hoods, and gas masks over their faces. Some were being forced to dig the ground and release what appeared to be poison gases, while the others were being march in line by a few wicked horsemen.
On of the horsemen, who was Roy, a Fire Emblem warrior. Sat on his horse on the hilltop over looking the mine-sites and keeping his eye on the prisoners.
One of them looked up. “Look there, Zelda… it is another one of Master Hand's evil Plague-Centauries.” he said through his gas mask. “Nothing would please me more than to slice him in half.”
Roy, who had no need for a mask, just waved his sword around and laughed evilly. “Gah, ha, ha… the fools.” he sniggered. “The poisonous-gases they dig up only hasten the destruction of their planet.”
The man's fiancée held his arm. “Link… be still my love. We will get our chance someday.” she said. “Is that not right father?”
A man cloaked all in white nodded from inside his hood. “You and your friends will someday my dear.” he said, and 13 other cloaked figures, each of a different size, and height nodded in agreement.
Roy smiled wickedly to himself. “The Master will be please.”
Light-years away on Planet Tameran…
Starfire's Godfather, Galfore, and the grand ruler of the Tameranians… was viewing through his massive telescope, and gazing far out into space. HE steeped down and went back to his throe looking very grim.
“Me-oh-my. Oh woe is me.” he said sadly.
One of his servants stepped forward. “Emperor Galfore…. If might ask… What is it that has you troubled?”
Galfore looked down at his servant. “Oh my gracious me.” he said. “I was merely having a joyful gaze around he galaxy through my telescope, when suddenly I discovered mysterious events occurring on the Planet Melee.”
“The home Planet of our deepest allies and friends, the Meleeans?” asked the servant. “It is no wonder that this troubles you. I myself do contain fond memories of Melee.”
Galfore nodded. “It was many, many years ago that the friendship between our world and theirs was forged by my Grandfather, and King Nintendo… However, I have not been able to find a single trace of him… and the Planet appears to be under heavy attack.”
The sad bit of it was… Melee was much too far away for any of the Tameranians to do much. All they were able to do was continuously watch over the planet from afar.
Galfore gazed far off into the emptiness of space. “I just know deep in my heart that something is horribly wrong.”
… and indeed, something was horribly wrong.
High in orbit above Planet Melee, a huge, monstrous spaceship was hovering its way around the planet.
(I'll tell you the shape of it at the end of the chapter)
Insides… on the bridge, there was a whole bunch of dark warriors. Strange animals, and even a single short black man who was only two-dimensional and pixilated. In other words, it's just most of the hidden characters)
Then… from behind them, the to large doors behind them all opened wide, and Jigglypuff, a small balloon-type Pokemon hovered into the room.
She appeared to be wearing a voice translator, as were all the Pokemon so her Pokemon language could be translated into English.
“Behold, the Lord of Evil… Master Hand is on the bridge.” Jigglypuff announced.
All the other creatures in the room bowed their heads as a gigantic enchanted white glove hovered into the room.
It had No eyes, ears, nose, or mouth… it was just a huge floating glove, it did however posses great magical powers, and it glowed as it spoke in it's mysterious voice. “What have you to report?” he asked.
Ganondorf, who was the main-advisor looked up an said. “The attack is proceeding as expected. All is going according to plan, Master Hand.”
“You're brilliant Plan. Oh, great Master Hand.” squeaked Mr. Game&Watch, who spoke in rhyme, a lot. Much to every else's annoyance.
Ganondorf just ignored him, and asked Master Hand. “And what of the planet, Highness?”
Master Hand turned round so his fingers were facing a huge screen, that viewed a picture of Melee. “Destroy it!” he ordered.
Meanwhile, on Earth
All this time and the Teen Titans were still after Slade. Today, they were chasing him through the city and onto the bridge of Gotham, and they had him trapped.
“Quite impressive, Titans.” Slade hissed. “But now let's see who really wins it all this time.” and the battle began.
“Get him!!” snarled Robin as he charged forward with his Metal-staff. Slade cornered with his own golden-staff. “Give up, Slade. We have you outnumbered!”
“You may be right on that, Robin.” hissed Slade. “But brains takes presence over brawn any time!” and in a swift flip, he sent Robin flying.
Starfire's eyes glowed angrily. “You dare to hurt my husband.” she snapped. “Now you shall pay.” and she fired her star-bolts wildly, but Slade was craftier than he looked.
He spun his staff round and around like a helicopter, deflecting all the bolts so that not a single one hit him. “Twinkle-Twinkle little Star...” he mocked and then grabbed her legs as she passed overhead. “…Now to toss you really far!!”
He whirled her round and around… Starfire's face turned a little green… and he hammer-threw her straight for a solid brick pillar. She braced herself for impact but was caught by Cyborg who flew in using his brand new jet pack so he could now fly like all the others.
“Cyborg… you have saved me.”
Cyborg smirked. “Oh, don't thank me… thank my new Turbo-Booster-5000… BOO-YEAH!!”
He set her down an began flying rings around Slade. “Okay pal… take this!!” he fired his Sonic-Cannon, and Slade couldn't defend this time.
WHAAM!! Right across the road.
BOOT!! Beast Boy, as a Green Ox basked him across the road even further.
Slade got up. “It seems you are getting far more experienced in combat Titans.” he hissed. “But now it's time that I showed you my latest weapon.”
He pulled out two large swords… but they were knocked away by Terra whacking them with two rocks. “Maybe some other time Slade.” She snapped.
“Like maybe Never.” added Raven.
“I shall second that motion.” said Copy Cat. “Raven.” And he held out his hand for his girlfriend's. Raven grabbed hi hand and Copy Cat changed into a copy of Raven… except for his Robin-Mask and his voice so people could tell the difference.
The two Ravens flew in and surrounded Slade. “My, my… two Ravens for the price of one.” he hissed as he picked his swords back up. “Which one goes first?”
“You do!!” both Raven's snapped. “Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!!” and both their magic-waves hit the blades, but now was Slade's chance to show off the sword's specialty.
Copy-Cat suddenly could read Slade's mind using his regular Psychic-Foresight, and he canceled his magic-blast “RAVEN WAIT!!” he cried.
But Raven had already fired her blast, and the sword's surfaces were so-polished that the magical waves bounced right off them and went in all different directions smacking all the Titans over.
Down they went like bowling pins, and Slade used this as his chance to leave and fight another day. “See you all next time!” he called, and he was gone.
The Titans all got up to find Slade already gone. “Sorry about that.” Raven said. “It's my fault he got away this time.”
Copy Cat, changed back into his regular state. “No… it is not entirely.” he said. “I should have sensed what he was planning first. The fault must lay on my shoulders.”
Raven and Copy Cat both hung their heads low, but Robin perked them both up. “Never mind.” he said. “We'll get him next time.”
The other Titans agreed… and with that, they all headed out for pizza.
Not too much had changed the past few months. Robin and Starfire's Marriage was old news now… but still well remembered.
Cyborg had been quite busy, now that he completed his new jet pack, he was ready to begin designing defenses for Copy Cat's spaceship, as well as install two new pods onto the T-ship itself.
One for Terra, and one for Copy Cat.
But now he was too busy scoffing Pizza slices… much to everyone shock.
Beast Boy, on the other hand, as hungry as he was, he actually let Terra have most of their shared pizza… half vegetarian of course.
Terra rewarded her husband with a kiss.
“Do they have to do that here?” moaned Raven.
“Raven… they are newlyweds… they have every right to do be romantic.” said Copy-Cat. “You and I have also shared our romantic moments.”
Raven rolled her eyes, and leaned over, resting her head on his shoulder. “I guess so.”
Robin was eating away at his spaghetti, when he noticed Starfire had barely touched her food. “Hey Star… everything okay?” he asked.
His wife still didn't reply.
No response.
Robin decided to use his special weapon for getting her attention… and he leaned forward and pecked her cheek, causing her to blush and nearly fall into a heartwarming daze.
“Works like a charm.”
Starfire came too.
She explained to everyone that earlier that day, before they went after Slade. Using the new video-phone Cyborg had installed back at the Tower, she contacted Galfore on Tameran, and… “My Kenorfka… he sounded… rather sad.”
The other Titans looked confused. “Galfore… the grand-ruler, sad?” asked Cyborg.
“Dude… I almost forgot that he could even do sad.” said Beast Boy.
“What do you think it is that's troubling him?” asked Terra.
Robin suggested they head back to the tower, contact Galfore, and figure out what was wrong. So they paid for their food and left.