Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Super Smash Brothers of Melee ❯ A Great Misjudgement. ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

(Play FINAL DESTINATIONS theme for this battle)
The battle may have seemed outnumbered, 15 against 7, but the Titans were battling with the Smash Brothers as if they were equal.
Beast Boy was battling Donkey Kong and Bowser. “Listen Dudes… you got to believe me, we're not the enemy.” he cried.
“Are you not intruding on our world?” asked DK.
“All intruders are ermines of the Meleeans.” added Bowser.
Beast Boy had no choice, so he changed into a Green Gorilla and began battling the two huge monsters.
Starfire on the other hand was dealing with Mario, Peach, and Yoshi. She saw no choice but to start firing her star-bolts, But the trio were able to actually counter her shots.
Mario threw balls of fire… Peach threw magical vegetables … and Yoshi tossed his eggs. All the shots canceling each other out. “Please… let me explain why we have come!” cried Starfire.
But the three weren't interested, and finally, they knocked out of the air, and had her at their mercy.
“You must believe me!” she cried. “We have come because of my Kenorfka, Galfore.”
“Galfore?” cried Yoshi.
“Mama-mia… you-a know Galfore?” asked Mario.
Terra, Raven, and Copy-Cat were outnumbered, 3 to 6. Facing off against Kirby, Fox, Ness, the Ice-Climbers and Pikachu.
“Quick… Split up.” cried Terra, and they all leapt over to face two fighters each.
Copy Cat went against. Kirby and Fox.
“Fox… ready?”
“Go ahead little-man.”
Copy-Cat watched as Kirby inhaled Fox and seemed to copy his form. “You are not the only one with clone abilities.” he snarled.
The battle was on, and Copy-Cat managed to touch Fox, and Copy him again. Now their we're three Foxes instead of just one.
“Hey… I can't which is which.” cried Kirby.
“Please… you must hear me out.” said one of the Foxes. “We have come here to help you.”
Raven was facing off against the Ice-Climbers, who always seemed to speak together. “Have a taste of our Frozen wind!!” and they shot a blast of snow and frost, which froze Raven's legs solid to the ground.
“Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!!” and Raven broke free and used her power to pelt the Ice-Climbers with the ice they made. “This is getting us no where.” she sighed.
Terra was already facing Pikachu and Ness. “Get you, we will.” snapped the little Pokemon. “Fight we will!”
Pikachu fired his Thunderbolt, but Terra used her power to summon forth a huge boulder to block the electrical shot.
“PECAN-THUNDER!!” cried Ness, and he shot a sparking comet through the air and forced it to hit him from behind, thrusting him forward hard.
WHAAM!! Smashed right trough the boulder and bashed Terra away hard. “Yeah… perfect shot.” Ness cried for joy, but then Beast Boy lunged at him from behind.
No one did that to his wife and got away with it.
Cyborg was facing down with Captain. Falcon, and Samus.
“I got him.” said Falcon. “FLACON PUNCH!!”
BAM!! Cybog rolled across the ground. “Awe, that's it man!!” he growled and aimed his Sonic-Cannon ready to fire, and to his Surprise, Samus was also fire up her Energy blast from her cannon.
Her blast was much bigger than anything Cyborg could make. “Look… we have to talk.” Cried Cyborg. “Your planet's surface is being disrupted.”
Samus powered down her shot, and both she and Falcon seemed shocked. “But… but how… how did you know that?” Samus asked from inside her suit.
Finally… only Robin was left to face Link and his fiancée Zelda.
“Prepare to be crushed interloper!” snapped Link. “Like all those who dare to face the Super Smash Brothers!”
Robin drew out his metal-staff for defense. “Listen, this is getting us nowhere. You have to listen to us.”
“Nothing you can say shall convince us!” snapped Zelda, and she used a little magic to transform into a character called Sheik. “You sealed your own fate by coming here. Now you shall pay for your actions.”
They began charging towards Robin. “Stop.. you have to believe us.”
“We believe No one!” and the battle began.
Robin had a hard time avoiding Link's sword attacks, and Sheiks surprise-sneak attacks. “Listen, we should be fighting together… you must come to reason with us.”
“NEVER!!” they both shouted.
Sheik changed back into Zelda, and then She and Link reeled Robin in with his Hookshot, and Zelda gave Robin a huge blast of Din's Fire sending him crashing backwards and skidding across the ground.
Link aimed his sword fiercely and snapped. “You can go and tell Master Hand that you have failed!”
In his monstrous ship, Master Hand had been observing the battle, even though he had no eyes… and he was most confused.
“Ganondorf…” he spoke. “Who are these Mysterious Creatures” who battle the Super Smash Brothers?”
“Unfortunately, the ship's computer is unable to identify them My-Lord.” Ganondorf answered. “But clearly, they also seek to posses the Super Smash Brothers' powers, so they too must be destroyed!!”
Mr. Game&Watch approached Master Hand with an idea in mind.
“Your Majesty, here what I say.”
“Is there not a better way?”
“Destroy the strangers yet, give them our worst.”
“But let them defeat the Super Smash Brothers first?”
Ganondorf slapped him on the head. “Silence, you Pixilated-Prune!” he snarled. “If they do defeat the Super Smash Brothers… then they will acquire their powers before we do.”
Master Hand curled into a fist. “That… Can never happen!” he growled. “Prepare and Ariel-Assault at once.”
“You will continue until they are all destroyed!”
Meanwhile, on the Planet
The Titans, and the Smash Brothers were still at it.
“Why do you continue?” asked Link. “Give up now and go back to Master Hand!”
Robin was really starting to get aggravated.
Finally, all the titans had all the Smash Brothers engaged in a fist-lock. Neither side ready to give up. “What do we have to do to convince you?” asked Robin.
Master Hand's Ship had it's lasers armed and ready to fire.
“All is ready for a full aerial-assault, Master Hand. Awaiting your word.” said Ganondorf. “When we attack… we shall blow the Super Smash Brothers, and their newfound playmates to Oblivion!!”
Master Hand wicked rubbed his fingers together. “Everything will fall into place.”
Mr. Game&Watch jumped for joy.
“Ooh... will the food get any better.”
“I like my meals dry, not wetter.”
“Be quiet you silly Space-Pixel!” growled Ganondorf.
Master Hand pounded the floor. “You will commence shooting NOW!!” and his Ship began blasting at the planet again!
The Titans and Smash Bothers were still in their fist-locks. “Ugh… You… cannot… hold us down!!” grunted Link.
But suddenly… powerful explosions surrounded them as powerful lasers began striking the ground again.
Everyone was knocked off their feet in the quakes, and the Titans regrouped. “Look… they're firing again!” cried Beast Boy.
“And right at us this time.” added Raven.
The Smash Brothers regrouped and got to their feet. “Wait a minute!” cried Link. “Master Hand's ship is firing at all of us.”
“Even Master Hand isn't low enough to fire on his own soldiers.”
“Dude… that's what we've been trying to tell you all along.” snapped Beast Boy. “We came here to help, but we've getting blasted at since the minute we got here.”
“They may be telling the truth.” Said Peach. “They even have a Tameranian with them.”
“A Tameranian?” Link asked as he gazed at Starfire. “You are from Tameran?”
Starfire nodded. “Yes, and believe me that my friends and I do not wish to harm you.”
Robin stepped forward. “You can trust us.”
Link stepped forward and shook Robin's hand. “Our most sincere apologies. We have greatly misjudged you.” he said. “Friends of the Tameranians are friends of ours. Welcome to Planet Melee.”
Beast Boy sweat dropped and sighed. “Whew… I'm glad that's over with.”
Ganondorf reported the results of the blasting. “Somehow… they have all escaped destruction, Master Hand.”
Master Hand turned, with his knuckles half crunched up. “Oh?! And just how do you propose we fix that?” he asked fiercely as he pointed his finger right at him. “Fire… Again!”
And his ship began firing crazier than ever this time.
On the Planet
The Blasting was getting a little to out of hand.
“Friends… we must seek sanctuary!” cried Link. “Hurry!!”
Everyone began scampering off towards a cave entrance. “Everyone in here fast!” cried Zelda.
All the fighters made it in safely and Raven and Terra stood by ready to seal the entrance. “That is everyone.” cried Zelda. “Come Link… you must hurry my love!”
Link ran in but stopped for a moment to look up at the sky. “Once again we are all safe… to fight you another day, Master Hand!” then he ran inside as the explosions got closer.
Raven and Terra used their powers to seal the entrance with boulders, and the blasts couldn't breakthrough them. They were all safe… for now at least.
Master Hand was floating around clenched up in a fist of furry. “Dummies! Nitwits!! INCOMPETENT FOOLS!!!” he thundered.
Ganondorf tried to speak. “But My-Lord I must say--”
“You've let them all escape!” Master Hand cut in. “Send the Plague-Patrol, and find them immediately or HEADS WILL ROLL!!”
“Now be gone on your way!!”
“Consider it done, Master.” said a young Pokemon. “Mewtwo is on the Job.” And all the minions left to organize battle plans.
Master Hand Angrily turned back to face the view-screen. “They shall not escape my wrath!” he growled.