Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Super Smash Brothers of Melee ❯ The story of Melee ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Master Hand's ship still attacking the planet, but the Titans and the Smash Brothers had reached a small rest area with in the cave.
“We can stay here only but a short while.” Link said. “Master Hand's Plague-Patrol now knows where we are.”
All the Smash Brothers looked very tired, and as they decided to rest they changed back to their monks robes. “NINTENDO… POWER-OFF!!” and they removed their hoods and Gas-Masks.
“Yo… who are all you guys?” asked Cyborg.
“Please… do be so kind as to tell us your names.” added Starfire.
Being Friends with Starfire's people, the warriors knew they could trust the Titans. Their leader turned around. “My name… is Link.” he said. “This is my fiancée Princess Zelda.”
Zelda curtseyed to the Titans. “I also have the power to become a warrior by the name of Sheik. She said “And these are our friends.” she motioned the other warriors to come forward and introduce themselves.
“I am Princess Peach.”
“I'm Yoshi.”
“I am Bowser. King of Koopas.”
“I'm Donkey Kong, Call me DK.”
“I, Captain. Falcon, salute to you n greetings.”
“I'm Fox.”
“I'm called Kirby.”
“My name is Samus.”
“Pikachu, is who I am.”
“We are the Ice-Cimbers. Popo, and Nana.”
“We are also called the Super Smash Brothers of Melee.” replied Link. “A power bestowed upon each of us that allows us to battle evil, and injustice.”
The Titans all exchanged looks of amazement with each other.
“It is safe to breathe in here. So you may remove your headgear.” Zelda said. “We are far enough from the mine sites, and our atmosphere is similar to that of the Earth.”
The Titans decided, that since they trusted them with their own identity, they should honor them all by taking off their helmets, one-by-one, and telling them who they were.
“I'm Robin.”
“I am Princess Starfire, of Planet Tameran.”
“Yo, I'm Cyborg.”
“I'm Garfield Logan, AKA: Beast Boy.”
“And I am Prince Copy-Cat, of the Planet Psyconia.”
The warriors all bowed to them in greeted, and then Peach asked, “Who are all of you, and why have you come to Melee?”
Robin shoed them his communicator. “We're the Teen Titans. We defend the cities on the Planet Earth, but we also deal with Space Places.”
“We came here on behalf of my Kenorfka, Galfore, the Grand Ruler of Tameran.” said Starfire.
“We were told to assess the situation, and report back on your well being.” added Copy-Cat.
“Tell us Link.” Cyborg asked. “What ever happened to your planet?”
“I will show you.” Link said as he reached into his robe and pulled out a rather odd looking book. All the others seemed to have a book just like his.
“These are called, The Books of Life.” Link replied. “All those born on Melee is born with one, that narrates their life stories for every step they take, and every breath they breathe.”
Zelda nodded. “They also have the power to reveal to us images of our past, and present lives, but the future has yet to be reveled.”
Then, with a little bit of magic, the Book began showing them images of their past lives and their present, and Link told them everything.
“The Evil, Master Hand has enslaved our people, and are forcing them to mine the soils. This releases noxious-gases that will ultimately destroy our planet.”
The Titans were all very horrified. “Dude… but how could guys let this happen to you?” asked Beast Boy.
“Yeah… why didn't you fight back?” added Raven.
The warriors all sighed heavily. “You see… Melee was a planet of very great peace and harmony. Much like the heavens themselves.” Link replied. “We had not the need for weapons or armies for many centuries.”
“Master Hand was aware of this… and in our vulnerability he waged an attack.” said Zelda. “We were not prepared, as we were a race of Scholars, Artists, Priestesses, and Noble-men.
“The price paid… was our freedom.”
Link nodded his head as he closed his book. “Some have escaped from Melee, but many more are still in hiding. As a result… This… is what has become of our world.”
The Titans thought that to be a very horrifying story. A gentle and peaceful planet became a war zone whereas all its inhabitance were cloaked in fear and poor defenseless stances.
Now Robin had a question. “Tell us… how did you all come to be the Super Smash Brothers?”
At this point all the Smash Brothers opened their books and each began to tell part of the tale.
“Da power of'a da Super Smash's Bros `ave existed on'a Melee for many'a centuries.” Mario said.
“They were passed down from all our generations from many centuries back. Kept always ready, but never before needed… until recently.” added Peach.
“Each power grants us astonishing abilities and Magical energies. More than any Earth-human could ever dream of.” said Ness.
“The powers were given, and bestowed upon each of us by our leader, King Nintendo, when it became clear that we were losing the fight against Master Hand and his evil minions.” added Samus.
“Master Hand must never come to posses any of our powers. For with them combined with his own, he would be invincible. The entire Galaxy would be at risk.” said Fox.
“Until Nintendo can be returned to his rightful throne, the people on Melee bide their time, slaving in the Gas-Mines, depending on the Super Smash Brothers to stave off Master Hand's attempts to destroy the planet.” added Kirby.
The all closed their books and the images vanished. “Until that day… continue to fight on, our Rebel forces do.” said Pikachu.
Popo, and Nana spoke together. “And we remain disguised at outlaws, under the guys of the Super Shams Brother to try and bring some sense of hope to our people.”
Backfire was waiting rather impatiently for her minions to reveal their plan to capture Earth. “Can't you dunderheads move any faster? I don't have all day!”
One of the bumbling Minions looked up at her. “Duh… not with Master Hand moving in on you.”
The other minions slapped his head. “You dummy… you just had to say it did you not?!”
Blackfire's eyes were blazing red with furry. “MASTER HAND!!!” she growled. “Ooh… how I hate him! I loath him!! He's too evil for his own good!!”
Back in the Caves, Starfire stepped forward.
“My Kenorfka Galfore…” she said. “He wishes to know what has become of your leader, King Nintendo.”
Zelda smiled to her. “Nintendo… is my father.” she said. “He is in hiding, organizing our people's escape. He is safe for the time being.”
That was just the news the Titans came to seek. Now they could at least take a load off of Galfore's nerves when they would tell him about this.
Suddenly, Copy-Cat's foresight was tingling again. “Something is wrong!” he said. “I can sense evil presences heading directly for us.”
Outside the cave, Roy came riding over the hills on his horse, along with Marth, who was another Fire Emblem warrior riding along side him.
Also were more creatures just like the Smash Brothers.
Falco…Luigi… Dr. Mario… Pichu… Young-Link… all riding their horses. Also with were copies of Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Mr. Game&Watch, and Jiggly Puff… while the real ones remained onboard the ship.
“Plague-Patrol HALT!!” cried Roy. All the riders stopped their horses. “You know your orders… send in all the Wired-Frame fighters you can, and annihilate the Rebels and their strange friends in the caves! ”
One by each, each Plague-Member threw a set of capsules out into the open plains. The Capsules burst open revealing Robotic, wired fighters, both Male, and Female type.”
Fifteen of those creatures, and the eleven members of the Plague-Patrol, totaling almost thirty strong, and dangerous fighters.
The sounds of the roars and growls reached Link and Zelda's Elf ears. “Wired Frames!”
“Wired what?” asked Raven.
“Vicious creatures sent to Melee by Master Hand.” said Samus.
Everyone replaced their gasmasks and helmets. They all ran to the entrance of the cave, Raven and Terra blew down the rocks, and they found themselves staring down to the approaching monsters, and Master Hands' on coming warriors.
“The Plague-Patrol has returned.” Link said.
The Horses began charging down leading the monsters. “Flush them out of the cave, Wired Frames. Then we shall cut them down!” cried Marth.
“Come-a out'a de're and fight us!” growled Luigi.
“Dude… looks like the welcome wagon's finally here.” said Beast Boy.
Link turned to the Titans. “I regret to say that we have not had time enough to fully heal from our previous battle.” he said. “We are still able to deal with the Wired-Frames… but there is still the matter of the Plague-Patrol.
“Well then… it looks like this is definitely something we can help you out with.” said Cyborg.
“Agreed.” added Robin. “You all handle the Wired-Frames… we'll take care of the Plague-Patrol.”
“Here us now, Smash Brothers!” roared Falco. “You and your Mysterious, Strange friends cannot stay in there forever!”
“Come on'a out and take a' you medicine.” called Dr. Mario. “Or we shall'a send the Wired Frames in after a'you. Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah!”
“It's now or never.” said Terra.
“To the power!!” cried Link.
“TO THE POWER!!” Everyone else replied
They all ran outside to confront the enemies. “You have your wish, Loathsome Barbarians!” snapped Link. “If it's a fight you want… it's a fight you shall have.”
Marth pointed his sword fiercely in Link's direction “We shall now put an end to you, and the rebellion!” he thundered. “Your Annoying Allies… whoever they are… cannot save you.”
Zelda stepped up. “With new friends as these wonderful creatures…” she said. “The day draws nearer when you and your evil Lord, Master Hand shall be vanquished for all time.”
Link stood beside his Fiancée and held her hand. “You have met your match now, Plague Patrol! he said. “Comrades… let us destroy them!”
Everyone rose their hands up in battle cry, and all the warriors stood together. “In the name of King Nintendo, rightful ruler of Melee.” cried Link.
“NINTENDO… POWER-ON!!” and they all transformed again.
(SSBM INTRO… with the Titans included.)
Everyone, Smash brothers and Titans stood all in formation with Robin, and Link in the center. Link drew out his sword. “Now villains…. You shall know the power of the Super Smash Brothers, and the Teen Titans!”
Everyone did a battle pose, and the battle was on!