Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Super Smash Brothers of Melee ❯ Gifts from Melee ( Chapter 6 )

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Since the Plague-Patrol's retreat, the air became a little more clearer, and safe to breathe without helmets of masks.
The Smash Brothers changed back into their miners outfits. “We cannot thank you all enough for courageous fighting in the cause for Melee.” Link said. “We are lucky to have such friends as you.”
The Titans all smiled. “We were most glad to have helped you.” said Starfire. “My people will be most please to hear of your safety and of our victories.”
Robin stepped up “Look… I'm sorry to do this, but we have to cut this visit short.” He said. “There's trouble back on Earth.”
The Smash Brothers completely understood that. “You have your planet to protect, as we do ours.” Zelda said.
“Good luck Smash Brothers.” Cyborg said. “And keep us informed of your welfare.”
All the Smash Brothers nodded and Robin shook hands with Link one last time. “Go in peace. “Go in peace my friends.” Link said. “Your planet is waiting.”
“Thank you Link.” Robin said, “We wont forget you for this.”
All the Titans stood together and Copy-Cat kept his senses focused and waited until his ship was passing by directly over them in orbit. “Raven… now!”
“Ararath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!” and the Titans were carried off by her magic back up to the sky where Copy-Cat's ship was waiting to take them home.
“Until next Time… Teen Titans.” Link said softly.
Zelda walked up beside her fiancée, and the others all nodded as they kept looking up.
In orbit
Master Hand saw everything, still despite the fact that he had no eyes. He saw Copy-Cat's ship appear, and fly off into space.
“There! The intruders are leaving Melee. Track them!”
“We are locked onto them sire.” said Ganondorf. “They are heading for planet Earth.”
“Then Earth shall be our next target!”
Later on
The Titans made I back to Earth, but they couldn't land on the tower. “Dudes… That spaceship's blocking our way.” said Beast Boy.
Starfire took just one look at that ship parked on top of the tower. “That… that is my sister's ship.” she cried. “Blackfire is behind all this.”
Everyone sneered at the sound of that name. Especially Copy-Cat. “When will that horrid creature ever learn!” he growled. “I have still not forgotten how she tried to conquer my planet!”
Since they couldn't park the Ship in Titan's Tower… Copy-Cat's only choice was to change it into the Sacred Tower. The Extremely tall, and nearly inaccessible place.
“Right… let's move!” Robin cried and they all flew off.
In the city.
All the towns people were in chains and being forced to march in lines. They were exhausted and seemed ready to cave in, but they didn't dare stop.
“Keep Marching… indolence!” growled Robo-Starfire. “I do not wish to hurt you, but I will if necessary.”
Blackfire was sitting up on her throne with a drink of punch in her hands. “I'd quite forgotten how poor these Earthlings are.” he said to herself. “And I think I shall enjoy ruling over them.”
As she sipped her drink…
“Don't get too comfortable Blackfire!” called a voice, causing Blackfire to spit out her punch.
She looked around. “What?! It can't be!”
The towns people all looked up and saw it was the real Titans. They soared into the scene and cut the chains like lighting, freeing the prisoners.
Blackfire roared angrily, as the Titans landed before her and her minions. “Sister!” called Starfire. “Your wicked scheme is over.”
“Give it up Blackfire!: added Robin. “We've beaten you enough times already, and we know you can't beat us.”
Blackfire sniggered evilly. “Perhaps I have underestimated you in the past, but that's all about to change now.” she said. She whistled loudly and called forth the Robo-Titans.
The real Titans were shocked to see their evil clones. “So… this is how you caused havoc on the city.” Growled Cyborg. “Way un-cool, man!”
“Dude… I fought an evil version of me once before.” snarled Beast Boy. “And I'm not going to let it get the better of me this time.”
Robo-Robin pointed at them all. “Ha! Pathetic humans.” he growled. “You do not stand a chance against us Robo-Titans.”
“Blackfire constructed us and downloaded all your moves to our memory banks.” added Robo-Starfire.
“We are every little bit as good at fighting as you are.” said. Robo-Cyborg.
“If not… than better.” added Robo-Beast Boy.”
The real Titans exchanged smart, cheeky looks with each other… there was one thing they knew the Robo-Titans didn't know of, and it would be their undoing which would lead to Blackfire's failure.
“Enough of this chattering.” growled Blackfire. “Now we fight!”
Blackfire and her Minions remained on the sidelines, and the fight began.
The two Robins withdrew their staffs and went at it. Robo-Robin knew all of Robin's kung-fu movements and Martial arts training which made it hard for the Real Robin to land a hit on him.
But, he did have a plan…
He waited for the right moment, and then performed a Dodge-roll, just like Link showed him and got Robo-Robin from behind.
Robo-Robin, confused at how he did that, but not beaten, went back to fighting.
The two Starfires went at it with all they had. Robo-Starfire fired her starbolts, and created a mine field on coming attacks heading for Starfire herself, but she too had a trick up her sleeve.
She hovered in midair, and performed aerial dodges like Peach showed her. She dodged all the bolts, and then here eyes glowed brightly as she gave Robo-Starfire a huge jolt of power.
Blackfire couldn't understand it, she was losing. “But, how? I don't understand!” she cried.
Copy-Cat grabbed Robo-Copy-Cat by the tail, and like Mario showed him. “Around, and around, and away you go!” and he tossed his Robot Clone into a pile of rubble.
“I… do not understand.” Robo-Copy-Cat groaned. “We should be stronger than you. It does not make sense.”
Raven, and Robo-Raven were both locked in a tug-o-war with their magic-waves. “We studied all your battle through our Spy-Robots. It does not add up!” growled Robo-Raven.
“Oh really?” Raven said. “Azarath… Meterione… ZINTHOS!!”
KAPOW!! Robo-Raven got it right in the face.
“Yo, man… did Blackfire make sure to watch our battles on Planet Melee?” asked Cyborg.
“She had no the need for it.” growled Robo-Cyborg as he and Cyborg fist locked each other in midair. “Through all her memory and all her sightings, she had seen all she needed.”
Robo-Cyborg then aimed his Sonic-Cannon and fired, but only ended up damaging himself as Cyborg defended himself just like how Samus showed him.
“Too bad, Dude.” said Beast Boy. “Guess your not as ready after all.”
Robo-Beast Boy thought it beast to retreat for now. So he changed into a hummingbird and tried to fly off, but Beast Boy remembered one of Kirby's moves.
So he changed into an Elephant and began sucked up the air like a strong vacuuming, dragging Robo-Beast Boy right back to him, and he began bashing him to the ground in his trunk like a mallet.
Terra and Robo-Terra were basically the only ones whose powers and abilities seemed to be at a stalemate. Rock was not good against Rock, even with her Smash Brother's training, but that wasn't all she had.
She reached into the small pouch on her belt, and pulled out a capsule. “Before we left, I took some souvenirs.” She popped the capsule opened and grabbed a Huge Hammer.
“You think you can beat me with a simple tool?” Robo-Terra mocked. “You're an even bigger fool than I scanned.” And she began charging, while standing on a huge stone.
Terra just raised her Hammer up high, waited for the right moment and… SMASH!! Robo-Terra's plan was completed busted up.
All the Titans stood in line, and Terra passed them each a capsule of the most dangerous weapons from Melee.
For Robin… “Beam-Sword!”
For Starfire… “Star-Rod!”
For Cyborg… “Super Scope!”
For Beast Boy… “Two Green-Shells!”
For Raven… “Ray Gun!”
For Terra… “The Hammer's head”
And for Copy-Cat… “Two Bob-Bombs.”
All the Robo-Titans stood ahead. “Don't just stand there you dummies… DO SOMETHING!!” Blackfire screamed, and the Robo-Titans began to charge forward.
“Titans… ready… aim…” cried Robin. Their weapons as well as their own little powers ready to blow. “FIRE!!” they did the same thing as the did on Melee. All that power had combined into a big burst of energy.
All the Robo-Titans began screaming as their bodies began to malfunction, spark, and blow up. then they all fell over and… KBLAM!!! They were gone.
The town's people cheered wildly.
“NO!!!” screeched Blackfire.
Blackfire tried to call her ship so she could escape, but the funny thing was Cyborg had just enough to time to do some tinkering in it before the came to battle.
Blackfire was no longer in control of the ship, Cyborg was… and using his computer-remote he installed, he ordered the ship to fire it's capture net and ensnare Blackfire and her Minions.
“BOH'YEAH… looks like I reeled in a whooper.” he cried for Joy.
Blackfire knew she was licked again. “Someday Teen Titans!” she growled. “Someday… I will get you for this humiliation!”
As they were driven to jail Blackfire was not only mourning over her loss. “If Master Hand ever finds out about this… I'll never hear the end of it!!”
“But Empress I must say--”
“SILENCE!!” she screamed. “I will get the Titans yet! I will!! I WILL!!!”
That night
Everything seemed to be back to normal.
The ships were parked back into the tower where they belonged, and now with Blackfire's Ship, Cyborg could use the extra parts to make those new improvements on the T-Ship.
Including two extra pods for Copy-Cat, and Terra, but apart from that it was good to be home.
As they sat at the table eating dinner, they contacted Galfore. “Well done Teen Titans.” he said. I am very pleased to hear that King Nintendo is safe on Melee.”
The Titians all agreed. “Man… the Super Smash Brothers were just amazing.” said Cyborg. “I mean I've seen some good fighters, but they were something else.”
Robin nodded in agreement. “It looks as though King Nintendo made a wise choice in given Link, Zelda, and their friends all that power.” he said.
“Dude.” said Beats Boy. “So like… what's going to happen to the people of Melee?”
“He has a point?” added Starfire. “I sincerely hope King Nintendo will be able to get his people off the planet in time.”
Galfore smiled. “They are a strong willed people.” he said. “I have the most deepest faith that they shall succeed.
“Man… that Master Hand was nothing short of a nightmare.” said Terra. “But at least I got to keep these new set of weapons from the planet.”
Robin was very grateful that Terra did that. With the power of Planet Melee on their side, now the Titans could become even stronger than before.
“My only regret is that we had not time enough to get to know the Meleeans more personally.” said Copy-Cat.
“Especially the Super Smash Brothers.” added Raven.
“There is still much we can learn about them and their race.” said Galfore. “Perhaps someday there will be another chance.”
Still… after all that, the Titans were glad to be home, but they didn't have much time to start dinner as the alarm sounded. “Trouble.” said Robin. “TITANS… MOVE!!”
And the Teen Titans were off on another mission.
Master Hand's ship was soaring through the cosmos, on its way towards Earth, and inside on the bridge. Jiggly Puff floated through the big doors with Master Hand floating behind her.
“All hail! All hail!” she called to the others. “His Evil Majesty, Master Hand is on the bridge.”
“Your Majesty.”
Master Hand floated upside down in an evil position as he clenched his fist. “MY wicked plans for the conquest of the planet Earth are complete.” he sniggered.
“Excellent, Sire. Do tell us.” said Ganondorf.
“I will ANNIHILATE those who aid the super Smash Brothers, and the rest of the people of Earth shall be conscripted into my army of Slaves!”
Mr. Game&Watch jumped for joy.
“A plan as bold.”
“As it is cold.”
“Ha, haaaa!”
Meanwhile, on Melee
In a secret hidden shrine in the bowels of the planet, King Nintendo was sitting in his throne. His face was hidden by the bright pure lights as Zelda and Link, in their royal robes, and the other Smash Brothers approached him.
The mighty King looked down at his daughter. “The time has come, Zelda.” he said deeply yet softly. “Tim for you… Link and your friends to leave us.”
Zelda's eyes filled with tears. “But Father… we cannot just leave you.” she cried, trying hard not to sob.
“Sire… we really cannot.” Link said.
“But you must.” Replied King Nintendo. “It is too late for our planet now… but our spirit shall live on… to guide you and your friends to you destiny.”
“Mama-Mia.” cried Mario.
“Our destiny?” asked Kirby.
The king nodded behind the light that hid his face. “Planet Earth is Master Hand's next target.” he said. “He will stop at nothing to enslave its population and recruit them for his own army of darkness. It will up to all of you, to stop him, and save the planet from destruction.”
“Now…you all must go… before it is too late.”
Zelda couldn't hold her tears back now. “Father…” she sobbed. “I will always love you.”
The King hugged his daughter, “And I you.”
The other Smash brothers each had a tear to shed. Then the King looked upon Link. “Before you all leave there is something I wish to be done.” he said.
Used a little magic, and morphed the surroundings of them into a ceremonial temple, Zelda wearing an elegant wedding gown, Link wearing gold and silver warrior's garments, and the others all dressed in their monks robes.
Link and Zelda's small wedding ceremony progressed, as the King spoke his final words.
(Link and Zelda bow before the Kings sacred sword.)
“Link… you are our bravest and finest warrior in all the history of our people.”
(Zelda and Link look into each others' eyes reciting their vows)
“And I wish for you to be wed to my daughter. Take great care of her, as well as look out for your fellow team members.”
(Link places a ring on Zelda's finger)
“My children… my friends. I wish you all the best of luck and know that our spirit will be there to guide you.”
(Link and Zelda… Kissed)
The Smash Brothers smiled, and some wiped the tears from their eyes.
They had many grand adventures awaiting them. Filled with many things to do, many places to go, and many people to meet in their quest to stop Master Hand.
But… those are other tales… for another time and place.
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Author's notes:
Sorry if this may not have had too much plotting and stuff.
But look at it this way. Doesn't the fic inspire you. I hope it did. Now it can give you ideas for fics of your own, and many things to write about.
Hope you enjoyed it otherwise.