Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHS-City Musical: The Phantom of the City ❯ Garfield left school ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Thirty years later, Jump-City has changed dramatically. Industries are up, and work hours improving for higher wages. Many of the town's people are grateful to these changes, while many other are not.
However, from within the Murakami high-school there sits one arrogated, enraged, and most troubled young man who highly disapproves of the cities evolutions.
His name is Garfield…
Garfield Logan; a seventeen year old boy genius, who's IQ was almost two-hundred. You never would me anyone who got more perfect-scores, and was as determined as he was. He kept to himself and preferred to constantly study or do his school work. some of his fellow schoolmates were baffled by his concentration and fierceness.
Above the most intrigued was girl named Terra Markov. She was average student, somewhat unpopular and didn't get very good grades. She had known Garfield since grade nine. He just seemed so focused, and determined, as if he was fighting for something important, but he was always in very nasty mood, and hardly ever took time to talk to or befriend anyone, which was how he liked it. “Friends, means change… and I… hate… change!” he would growl.
Her two friends, Jackie and Jillian, despised the guy and went to incredible lengths to try and pick on him, only to have each and every one of their pranks backfire and landing them in detention.
Today however, Garfield was at the principal's office to discuss an important matter. “I bet he's getting expelled.” Jackie said to Jillian to which her friend hoped just as well. “It's time that brat boy got the boot.”
Several other students were anxious to know what was happening.
Dick Grayson, a young man who wore a mask over his sensitive eyes.
Kori Anders, still pretty much a new girl with long red hair, but was good friends with Dick's friends and seemingly taking a romantic interest to Dick himself.
Victor Stone, a big guy with a lot of heart and top notch in gym and auto-shop.
And two goths, Raven Roth, and her boyfriend Kato, both were pale-skinned and loved dark poetry and meditation. Kato also had sensitive eyes and had to wear a protective mask on his face too.
All of them had had their fair share of Garfield's bad mood too, as he was just as harsh on them at times, but the reason for this still remained a mystery. “Ya think maybe he's bein' transferred or somethin'?” asked Vic.
It was possible, Garfield had been applying for colleges and other schools, but always he was rejected, which made him angrier. “Here he comes…” said Kori.
Garfield came stomping down the hall and he looked a cross between angry and sad, and he held a small rolled up paper in his left hand. “Excuse me!” he growled as he nearly elbowed Kato out of his way. “Ugh! The nerve of him.” Kato hissed.
“I'd like to excuse him myself!” snapped Raven. “What a jerk.” The two of them just walked off to their next class, but Dick still wanted to know what was up with Garfield. He was more of a sleuth and snooper, as he always wanted to be a great private eye someday. “Let's go.”
Keeping a close eye on Garfield, but keeping well out of sight they soon found him emptying out his locker, some of his stuff he was even tossing into the garbage. “What's he doing?” Kori muttered.
Before long, Garfield had his book bag loaded and was heading for the front door. The gang would've gone out to question him, but Jackie and Jillian already following him throwing paper balls at him and singing over and over that he got expelled, Terra came out from the girls washroom and saw what was happening. “Garfield…?” she asked. “Is that true?”
Garfield just glared at her fiercely and kept on walking, but then he stopped. “I wasn't expelled…” he finally said and he showed her that the paper he was holding was actually his diploma.
Jackie and Jillian were shocked and outraged, Dick and friends were amazed.
Garfield explained that the principal told him there had been a computer error with school grading systems.
“Apparently you've taken more credit hours, gotten more outstanding scores than any other student here at Murakami High.” The principal said. It was also wildly believed that Garfield had possibly done the unthinkable and gone beyond the rate of 4.0 on his GPA.
Garfield, being the genius that he was, already knew what this meant, but he still had to ask. “Are you trying to say that…?”
The principal confirmed by saying that it meant Garfield had exceeded Murakami High's requirements. “You've graduated.”
Garfield was shocked! “But… I still have to finish this semester… and I still have another year.”
The principal merely slapped a diploma into Garfield's hand, “Not anymore. Congratulations, son.” And he shook his hand.
That's why Garfield had scrapped his locker. “I'm finished with this place.” and he started off again. Terra felt as if her heart skipped a beat and she walked on after him. Jackie and Jillian just scoffed, “Good riddance!”
Dick and friends were amazed even more. They would have followed Garfield, but the bell rang and they still had classes to attend.
Terra, not caring she was going to be late followed Garfield out into the parking lot where Garfield already loaded his super moped, a one-of-a-kind rocket-powered craft, the Tidwell-3000.
“Garfield…?” Terra called.
She was out of breath when she finally caught up with him. “Don't you have a geometry test next period?” he said to her. “Oh did you not study… again?”
Terra still didn't care. “But… but is this just it? You're just leaving?”
“Why should I stay? I don't have to be here anymore.” Garfield responded. “And cut to the chase, why are you acting so concerned?”
Terra just stood there.
Garfield then gazed down at his black tie. He took it off and held it in front her, “See this…? Do you see this Terra? It's the noose I've had to wear for the past two and a half years since I came to this place.” He let her keep it. “I can look after myself just fine, and I'm going to make a new start by getting the heck out of this town.”
Now Terra really felt bad. “You're really leaving?” she asked.
Garfield clenched the handle bars tightly. “That's what I just said.” he nearly snapped at her. “This town's pretty much a deadbeat anyway.”
He was criticizing to all the horrible Change she had scene and heard of in town. Like the new office complex that was nearing complete and would soon be ready for it's grand-opening, but to build it… many things were torn away.
A video-store, a beauty salon, a candy shop, even Garfield's favorite bookstore where he got all his text-books from. The skate park was being torn away to make room for a new car business, and already he knew of other places that were suffering under the supposed strain. “It sickens me… every last bit of it.”
When Terra asked him where he would go and what he would do. “I don't know…” he answered. “Maybe just pick myself up… see where the world takes me.” He gazed out at the open road. “There's a lot out there Terra… so much I haven't seen yet.” He planned to gather up what little thing she could, then hit the trail on out.
He charged up his moped, revved both engines at a-hundred and fifty miles per hour, fired the exhaust, “Have a good one…” Then he was gone. Terra didn't know why but part of her felt like crying.
She wasn't the only one who witnessed Garfield's departure. Several students and teachers saw it, and already heard of what was happening they all couldn't help but break out into a song…
(Music cue)
There he goes. He's really gone.
Maybe things will be better from now on.
It really does seem weird, but we're singing this song.
(All girls in the school)
Because Garfield has left school.
He really was such a strange guy.
Always actin' real tough slick and sly.
The reasons for his acts, we'll never know why…
(All boy in the school)
Because Garfield has left school.
Garfield left school
(Jackie and Jillian)
This is so cool.
Garfield is gone
(Jackie and Jillian)
The brat boy's gone and long.
As Garfield drove up the streets, he couldn't help but start singing too.
I never had it really quite fair
But now I'm really glad I'm out of there.
I don't know what come next and I really don't care
Because I have left that school.
No more burying my nose inside of a book.
No more four walls each every way I look
And no more real bad students, I'm off of the hook.
Because I have left that school.
He's left the school
Man, this feels so cool
He's left the school.
I'm makin' my own rule!
Ah… yeah-eeee-yeaaah…!
He/I've left the school!
(Fade out)
Meanwhile, in town-hall. The Mayor, Mayor Henry Jackson, was reading the paper about the new buildings opening soon. He said to his deputy Mayor, Dodgers, “It's a crowning achievement, Dodgers. One that will let me rise me and my empire to a greater future.”
Dodgers was reluctant to agree with the mayor, though deep down eh highly disapproved of his actions. “But the buildings, sir. You've torn down so much to make way for them.”
Jackson was sick and tired of hearing Dodgers say these things. He was a greedy man and very fond of money. How much was enough him was anyone's guess. He pictured a city… “No… an entire country of industry, and revolution. Where work reigns over all, and money continues to flow.”
Just then, some of his councilors came in. He had brought in a full set of five councilors who shared his goal and fondness for money, and were also skillful scam artists making everything Jackson was doing seem legal.
They had reported that more protesters were caught that day and were already on their way to jail. Jackson grinned wickedly. “And of the letters people have tried to send to the higher governments?” he asked.
Jump-City was a lonely city surrounded by the ocean to the west, and nothing but miles of desert land all other ways. The council made it their duty to intercept all mail and stop any governmental letters from. If word of Jackson's dirty dealings got to someone of higher authority, he would be one dead duck.
So far, everything was in order. This was his town. His new government-empire. “Carry on, everyone.” he hissed.