Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHS-City Musical: The Phantom of the City ❯ The trap! ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next day…
Word got around fast that the phantom had stuck again, and the students at Murakami were finding it difficult to focus on their studies as they all kept wondering things like who was the phantom? Where would he strike again? How did Jackie's father make it back home after a couple of days?
Dick and friends were in the school-library one day, brushing up their studies. Kori and Vic were looking over all the newspaper clippings they had cut out from the headlines of the phantom stories. “Man…! Don't mess with this guy, whoever he is.” said Vic.
The goths just scoffed. “How can you two be like that?” asked Kori. “He's a hero?”
“Maybe…” Raven said softly, as she was in the library. “But he's acting like a hardened criminal the way he's terrorizing other people.”
Kato agreed and pulled out from his book-bag a poster he had scene while he was walking to school. It was a wanted poster for the capture of the phantom. “Dead, or alive…” Kato hissed. The others all gazed at the amount of money for the reward. “Whoa…!” Vic exclaimed softly. “Talk about a payload.”
Dick, however, wasn't as amused. “If I know Jackson, he's just being dirty.” He knew how the mayor was fond of money and would never part with it. Especially such a large amount. If anyone would capture the phantom, he'd probably double-cross that person and not pay them.
Vic and Kori realized how right Dick could was mostly likely. This was why Dick was coming up with an ultimate plan to help overthrow Mayor Jackson and expose him for the scoundrel he was. “Uh… isn't that kinda risky?” asked Raven.
Dick realized that, which was why he was going over and gathering as much research as he could to get a message to the governor, or better yet, the president. Either by letter, or personal-messenger Jump-City was a lonely city surrounded by sea and desert land. The nearest neighboring city was many miles away, not too far for a one-person to journey if properly prepared.
The problem was Jackson took no chances and always searched everyone who dared to leave the city to see if they were trying to sneak out any letters or messages, and those that were caught were accused of treason and sent to jail.
“Somehow, we've got to find a way to sneak a letter perfectly out of the city and get it to the proper authority.” replied Dick. “It's our only chance.”
The others all agreed, but didn't know they were being overheard.
Terra was sitting by herself trying to look up things for inspiration for a paper she had to write for literature class, but she heard their every word and wished their was something she could do to help, at least it finally gave her an idea of what to write about.
“The economy of the city…”
Still, she wished she had some extra help, or a boost of motivation other than the city's troubles.
Then she looked up and saw Jackie and Jillian were at the door of the library and motioned her to come over. “What is it?” she asked “I have a paper to write.”
The girls were exciting about something and they just had to tell her. “A trap…?!” Terra almost shouted, but the grouchy old librarian went, “SHHH…!” it was very eerie when she did that.
Jackie and Jillian explained, that since Jackie's father had returned, both he and Jillian's father were planning a trap tonight for the phantom, as it was expected that he was going to defend the seniors' home from eviction. “We're gonna get him this time.” Jackie and Jillian sniggered with evil glares. They were going to enjoy getting payback.
Terra didn't like the sound of this.
She was still thinking about it after school when he was at Ben's café having a milkshake. She didn't know what to feel about this. Was she worried? Was she curious? Was she… afraid…?
She, like a few others was confused by the phantom, and didn't know whether or not to view him as a hero or a villain for his actions. She even talked it over with Pam, the lady behind the counter who had somewhat good relations with Terra. “Well whatever he is, honey, only you can decide what he is for yourself.” she said to her.
Terra sighed. “I just hope he doesn't get caught tonight.”
“Caught…?” said a voice beside her. “Who's getting caught?” It was Garfield, having a piece of apple pie a few stools down the bar form her. Terra was surprised that he was there and never noticed him, and she told him about what she had heard form her friends about the trap for the phantom, it was all she knew.
Garfield's eyes slightly widened. “I see…” was all he said. He acted rather strange, but Terra had to ask. “Why are you still here? I thought you wanted to leave Jump-City?”
Garfield sipped his cocoa. “I guess I had a change of mind.” He said without acting in his usual gruff manner towards her. “I have way more loose ends than I thought I did. Besides, I can't stand around and let the city suffer anymore while Jackson's in power.”
He gazed over his shoulder at a picture of the mayor on the wall. “Nothing would make me happier than to see him fall like the pathetic slime-ball he is.” He acted so serious, almost as if he wanted to march into town-hall beat the living daylights out of the mayor.
In actuality, Garfield really was thinking that, but he knew now was not the time. Especially not after what Terra had warned him about the trap.
He prepared to leave, but performed a money trick with Pam, pulling a twenty-dollar bill from her head. “Think of it as on the house.” he joked. Pam smiled at him, and as Garfield turned to leave. “Garfield…?” Terra called to him.
He stopped and turned to face her, but Terra actually had no idea why she called him. “Never mind…” she said. Then Garfield was gone, and as he went back to his moped, he, too, began to realize that he wasn't acting as gruffly anymore towards Terra. “What was with that?” he wondered.
That night, the town council was at the seniors' home to help escort them out, and with a demolition crew behind them ready to demolish the place.
Jackson filled with glee and excitement. “The phantom is sure to come… like a fly is attracted to honey.”
Dodgers hated to admit it but, “It seems like a master plan, sir.” He also reported that the police were in place ready to spring the trap that was set, but he secretly kept to himself how he didn't like having to evict the seniors, who were already at this moment filing out and into busses to take them away to a place of refuge.
“This is outrage!” they would growl.
“A scandal!”
One old lady gazed at Jackson and almost had a nerve to pound him with her walker if she could. “You greedy whippersnapper!” she snapped at him. “I hope you get what's coming to you.”
The escort police pushed her along, gently so as not to disrupt the line.
Many people were watching from the sides of the street by the barrier the police had set up. Among them was the gang, Terra, and Jackie and Jillian. They were all huddled together in the front row for the first time.
Garfield was there too, and he was outraged by what he saw, but not as outraged as Dick was. “Those poor people! What did they do to deserve this?”
Kori almost felt like crying, and Vic needed some holding back again, which the goths did. “C'mon! Just one… just let me go throw one punch at those suckers!”
The goths actually pinned him down. “Sorry, but you're grounded.” said Raven.
Garfield was rolling his eyes trying to take a good look around and see what the conditions were like. He had a good idea of what Jackson was going to try, but he had no way to be sure, but then again… sometimes the best way to learn about a trap was to walk right into it.
Garfield began to excuse himself from the crowd. “Where are you going?” asked Terra.
“What's the matter…?” Jackie mocked in a baby-voice. “Poor baby afraid of what's going to happen.”
Jillian even made fake whinny sounds, but Garfield assured them he was just going to find a better place to see things… when while no one was looking he snuck into a dark alley.
Once all the seniors were loaded on the busses, and they pulled out. The mayor warned everyone that the demolition as about to begin, and that everyone was to keep well back.
The vehicles got to work and already began to smashing the building. The windows shattered, bricks and rubble fell to the ground to a lot of people's horrors.
The goths hissed like spiders. As much as they loved destruction, they didn't like this one bit. Then suddenly Kato looked up along the rooftops and event in the dark he saw someone slinking around up there. “The Phantom!” he shouted.
The police aimed the lights up at the rooftops. “Blast…!” he growled and cast and annoying gaze at Kato who glared at him right back. “Fire…!” shouted the police chief and his men began to fire their guns, but thinking swiftly, then Phantom leapt down from the roof and stood near the barrier. The police were force to stop firing at the risk of hitting the citizens. “Much better…” said the phantom. “Now perhaps we resolve this manner in a more civil way.”
The chief just smirked, “You don't really think that you're in the clear yet. Do you?”
The Phantom was confused, and then suddenly he found himself surrounded by more officers from all sides. Jackson was pleased, “I offer this one chance, Phantom.” He said. “Surrender willingly and I just may not have to dispose of you.”
The phantom lowered his cane, and threw at Jackson a single flower. Jackson picked it up, “Huh…?” and the flower sprayed him with black ink. “BLAH…!”
This gave the phantom a chance to swiftly leapt out of the circle of cops, and now the fight was on, but the cops were still unable to fire their bullets with all the citizens still around.
Many of the cops tried their, but the phantom was just as craftier as ever with his tricks. One of the cops did mange to throw a net over the phantom completely surrounding him. “I got ya now, dude!”
The phantom merely scoffed. “You got nothing. Here's a trick that not even Houdini could perform.” With a single clap of his hands, he just faded away, and the net was completely empty as it flopped to the ground. “Holy cow!” cried the cop then the felt something twitch on his back. He could barely see it, but the phantom marked his back with a P. “Forget this, I quit!” cried the cop as he and some of his friends started to run, as well as the demolition workers. “Come back, you cowards!” shouted Jackson. Then he glared at the police chief and the rest of the cops, “And what are you standing there looking at. Get him!”
“Quiet!” shouted the phantom as fired a few projectiles form his cane at Jackson and his council. The all growled as the blasts hit them and they fell over. Now the remaining officers, especially the chief were really mad, and seeing the phantom was nowhere near the citizens, “Shoot him…!” shouted the chief.
Grabbing their smaller, spare guns, they shot at him with all their accuracy. The phantom leapt up, up, onto the rooftops to avoid fire. “ARGH…!” but one bullet managed to hit him right in his left arm. The bullet only grazed but the phantom was real mad now. “I hoped it wouldn't come to this…” he said, “But you asked for it.”
He removed his hat and poised it down at the street and performed a cannon-ball trick, shooting iron balls out from his hat like a big gun. The cops panic and threw their guns down while trying to dodge the bombardment, giving the phantom a good chance to leap back down and go on the assault with his good right arm.
Swinging his cane wildly hitting each cop created more sparks for each hit. “Come on!” shouted Jackson. “He's just one and you're many!” but his shouting only made the phantom shoot more projectiles at him and his council. A shower of sparks blasts all around them knocking them off their feet again.
“That's it! I've had it!” shouted the chief as he charged forward roaring like a tiger.
“Well so have I! snarled the phantom. “FEEL THE MAGIC!” He powered up his cane, made the circle, and slashed three times, “ALA… KA… ZAM…!”
KAPOW! The chief was hit, he howled and roared as he stumbled around with his body glowing and sparking. Then he fell over, EXPLODED, and was gone to somewhere else just like when John was hit.
Jackson and hi council looked up to see the seniors home was restored back to normal, but the phantom had already fled and was no where to be seen, what he did find was one of the tires on his limo had been slashed and the phantom carved his full signature in the side of the car.
Jackson had been made a fool of once again, and he was raving mad!
Many of the citizens including Dick, Kori, and Vic applauded and cheered that the seniors' home was saved, but a few others, like Jackie and Jillian, were ticked off that the phantom had caused trouble again. Despite that his tricks did not cause real bloodshed or damage to property, other than cannonballs, he still was viewed as a menace, especially by the goths who were hissing and clenching their fists angrily.
As for Terra she just stood there was a look of amazement in her eyes. “He's incredible.” was all she could mutter to herself. Garfield finally came back. “What happened…?” he asked.
“Where have you been…?” Terra asked.
Garfield made up a story that he never could find an opening and missed the whole thing. Then Kato noticed a small speck of blood on Garfield's left arm near his shoulder, and he remembered where the phantom had been shot. “How did you get that…?” he asked. Garfield glared at Kato, trying not to let anything slip, “I got bumped the crowd and ran into the wall. Is that a problem…?”
Kato winced as if he had been slapped in the face. “Temper-Temper.” He muttered, but he and Raven had a sneaky feeling Garfield was not being sincere about his wound.
Terra suggested Garfield get some ice and take care of the wound. “I'm fine, really.” He said. “I gotta go.” But this time Terra wouldn't hear of it and grabbed his other arm. “No. I'm going to help you clean that wound.”
“Whoa!” Garfield groaned as he was being pulled down the street. “Hey, watch my sore arm!”
Jackie and Jillian were wide-eyed with their jaws dropped. “Did you see that?” Jackie snapped. “She's actually going to help him?” added Jillian.
Dick and the others thought that was kind of Terra, but Kori, remembering Garfield's harsh ways, “Why would she be so nice to him? He was never nice to her.”
“Maybe she's just weirder than she looks…?” Raven suggested, but then she felt everyone eying her. “What…? It's just a thought.”