Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHS-City Musical: The Phantom of the City ❯ He's got the power ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Word spread around that the phantom was still on the loose, and had just attacked a guy from the Murakami School. Jackson was pleased to hear of this, about the phantom still being seen, now he'd be able to send Erin after him and finally even the score for good.
Erin was already on her way, and being a skillful bounty hunter she had a good idea of where to go, but rather than make a direct approach she had formulated a plan to draw him out into the open. She was going to hit him in the one place he was most vulnerable… “At his heart!”
Terra lost track of the phantom while chasing him, but figured he had retreated to his theater. Sadly, he wouldn't let her in this time, but he still spoke with her though he wasn't seen. “Go… away…!” he said sounding down and eerie, but Terra wanted to know, “Why did you do that to him?”
The phantom didn't know how to answer her without letting anything slip. “There was a change of plans… I have no further use for you! Please leave me in peace!”
Respecting the phantom's wishes, Terra went off on her own, but when she got to the edge of the forest she saw Erin waiting for her she tried to scream but was quickly hit hard out cold. “Begging your pardon.” she snickered. “We're going for a little ghost hunt, with you as bait.”
The weekend was over fast, and word spread fast about Kato's predicament. A lot of the students felt awful, even for some who didn't even know him, but none were ever as devastated as Raven. The poor girl looked as if she hadn't slept all weekend.
She was sitting by the window, clutching the raven-pendant in her hand and quietly sobbing to herself. Dick, Vic, and Kori felt really bad for her. “Poor girl…” Vic said.
“Is she going to be okay?” asked Kori.
Dick nodded. “Yeah… she will. She just needs some time.”
In math class, which they all attended together, the teacher took roll call, and noticed Terra was missing as well. “Has anyone seen her?” the man asked. No one knew where she was. Jackie and Jillian certainly didn't since she stopped talking to them. It was believed that she was so upset about Kato that she decided to stay home.
“Does everyone feel that way…?” asked the teacher. He pretty much got his answer by the all long faces. “But you're all here for school aren't you? And that's a good thing. It means you want to get over with what's happened and move on. We know Kato's still out there and he'll come back.”
This did make everyone feel a little better, but suddenly the principal had called the entire school to an immediate assembly, because he had some rather sad and devastating news worse than Kato's predicament.
The students were shocked to hear…
“The school is… closing?”
“What the heck…?”
The principal hated to admit it, but it was true. Mayor Jackson had decreed that morning that he wanted a new city hall, and that meant the school was going to be demolished.
“They can't do this to us…!”
“No way, man…!”
The students continued to argue, until the principal silenced them. “We have been trying to send word of this to higher officials, so far without success, but light of the mayor's orders and, and as I cannot risk the safety of my students. All of you are to clean out your lockers, and evacuate the premises immediately.”
The students had already begun to clean out their lockers, and Dick was very angry. “This time, that Jackson has gone too far!” he growled.
Vic pounded his fists. “This… means… heck of a war!”
Kori and Raven agreed. “Let's get him!” they both said, they all charged out of the school, but suddenly found something very peculiar. They were already surrounded by mighty machines and wrecking crews, and Mayor Jackson was there.
He did however allow everyone to leave the premises, and indeed a lot of the students crowded around ready to pound some sense into that crooked man which was why the police were there to keep them all back.
“You won't get away with this!” growled Dick!
Jackson merely brushed them off, but the only people who knew what he was really planning were Erin and Dodgers. This was all a trap to lure the phantom out into the open, and sure enough, he arrived. He was standing on the building across the street and gazing at the commotion.
He gazed over at Terra on the school roof, and felt really stupid for forgetting about Erin and Jackson's hold against her. “All right, Jackson! What's all this about?”
Jackson explained the ultimatum, “I know that girl up there has been assisting you, which indeed means she's just as big as an outlaw as you are, and so… you have one of two choices…”
Either the school was torn down, or the girl would be hauled into jail for treason and aiding a criminal. He did have a third option. “Surrender yourself and we can forget the whole thing.”
The phantom stood there with his cape flying in the wind, “Why, that's blackmail!” he snarled. “And either way… he leapt down and then again over the crowd of people and into the danger zone. “I don't trust you!”
Jackson really didn't care, and signaled Erin to set things. Near Terra on the roof she activated a powerful box-bomb, and it was set to go off in fifteen minutes. It would destroy her, and the school, and any attempt to disarm it would instantly explode it.
“Run for it!” screamed Kori as all the students and citizens near by dashed away. Jackson even ordered his men, and the work team to clear away. “He's all yours.” He said to Erin before getting to a safe distance.
“Oh, boy!” groaned the phantom as Erin leapt down leaving Terra still tied up on the roof and the two of them stared each other down. “It's not often I get to twice face the same victim.” she hissed “But you really should have made it easier on yourself and surrendered.”
The phantom gazed up at the roof, and his eyes, behind his mask, met Terra's, and with just under fourteen minutes left he chose to fight! Erin only laughed “Fight? This will be over long before it even begins.”
The phantom stood his ground and remembered his strategy he thought up to beat her. “Stay focused!”
Erin then lunged forward shouting like a crazy woman and aimed her fists at his gut, but at the last minute, the phantom ducked down and kicked her hard in her gut. “UGH…!” and she whammed hard into the fence. “Ah…!”
Terra was amazed, and Jackson was shocked as he looked form his limo. “What's this…?”
“I think he actually hit her, Sir.” said Dodgers. Jackson whapped him on the head, “I could see that, idiot! I was being figurative!”
Erin got up and could hardly believe it. “How did you do that…?” she asked. “I've never felt a hit in years.”
The phantom merely scoffed at her/“You may be strong and swift, Erin… however… you lack one very important thing… and that's brain-power!”
(Music cue)
If there was one thing Erin didn't like, it was being called stupid. She got up clenching her fists angrily, and decided no more Ms. Nice-Girl. She was going to hit him with everything she had, including weapons, to which the phantom didn't care a she drew his cane and sneered “I'm ready for you.”
The battled waged on, and Erin and the phantom seemed equal in strength, but the phantom managed to land more hits than Erin.
A crash of thunder
A brilliant flash of light
A battle has begun
And only one will win the fight
Danger in the air
Destroying everything in sight
The time has come to right the wrong
With Prism Power might!
He's got the power
he's got the power
He's got the power
Yeah he's got the power
Even when Erin tried her best guns, most of her shots missed the phantom, and some that actually hit him did no damage. “What…?!” she cried.
The phantom explained how he had mixed a formula of high-density polymerized titanium and fused it into his suit, making it many times stronger than steel and virtually bullet proof.
Erin still didn't care and continued to fight.
A desperate struggle
The strongest takes it all
The battle rages on
Until the weakest finally fall
A vision fills his heart
And gives him
strength that's pure and true
And w
hen it seems that all is lost
He knows what
he must do
He's got the power
he's got the power
He's got the power
Yeah he's got the power
The fight was starting to wear the two up, but the phantom suddenly realized there was less than three minutes for the bomb, and Terra was struggling madly trying to break free.
He's got the power!
“I gotta wrap this up, and fast!” The phantom said.
“You mean I'll wrap this up fast.” growled Erin, and she pulled out what had to be the biggest rocket-launched anyone had ever seen. Easily her most deadly weapon. “Whoa!”
“Yes! Get him! Get him!: shouted Jackson.
Terra screamed a muffled sound from her covered mouth.
The phantom only had one option. “This better work!”
“SO-LONG, SUCKER!” shouted Erin as she fired the giant missile. POW!
He's got the power
he's got the power
He's got the power
Yeah he's got the power
With his new cane, the phantom powered up as much as he could and instead of making he usual circle he whirled his cane round and around and around like a propeller, faster and faster creating such magic and forces beyond imagination.
He's got the power
Oh he's got the power
He's got the power
he's got the power
The magic was so intense that it created an actual warp hole and the missile flew straight into it, and then straight up at the skies where it exploded harmlessly.
Erin couldn't believe this, and neither could Jackson, but for the first time ever Erin wanted to run, but the phantom also pulled his regular magic on her. “ALA… KA… ZAM!”
Power! Power!
Power! Power!
The force slammed hard at Erin, and she screamed in howled as the magic began to consume her and blast her. He body sparked in showers of blazes like a malfunctioning robot, then she flashed a bright shade of white and EXPLODED in the biggest bang ever.
The force was so strong that it blew the bomb off the edge of the roof and straight for Jackson's limo. “LOOKOUT!” screamed Jackson and he and all other occupants fled the limo as the bomb slammed down on top of the car, blowing it sky high.
The phantom then leapt onto the roof and freed Terra. “Come on!” he said as he scooped her up in his arms and carried her off. Jackson stood up with his face poised at the sky and SCREECHED out of sheer frustration of his master plan and his super-weapon all gone up in flames