Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHS-City Musical: The Phantom of the City ❯ Magical Ending ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The president had seen and heard far enough. It was already bad enough that Jackson had just threatened a, supposedly, innocent boy at gun-point, and lying to president himself. “You put on a very convincing show, Mayor Jackson, but it may shock you to discover that I put on a good performance myself. For you see… I already had more than all the evidence I needed against you and you're council of five before I even came here.”
Jackson was livid. “You take the word of those who plot against me and threaten me?” he asked in outrage.
“It seems that nearly everyone in this entire city is against you and would rather take action.” said the president. “And for what I have seen tonight and heard, perhaps even I myself would consent to do against such tyranny!”
The president also explained that the law had been looking for Jackson for some time after his actions in Africa. The president glared angrily at Jackson and all five members of his council. “You're all under arrest. Guards, take them away!”
The police did as they were told, and all the people began to smile for joy. The president then shook Garfield's hand and offered his most sincere apology. “I knew you couldn't be this phantom character, and I will see to it that you are compensated for all the obvious years you have been poor.”
Garfield almost felt like he had been touched by angel. “Thank you sir…! Thank you! A -million times…!”
The president then proceeded to shake hands with Dick and all his friends for their outstanding effort and determination in help to bring Jackson down, and he would reward them all as well. “Thank you sir…!” Dick said for everyone.
“Deputy Mayor Dodgers…?”
Dodgers approached the president. “Yes sir…?”
“From this moment on you are now hereby dubbed as mayor of Jump-City and will remain so until such a time a new candidate is elected.”
“Yes sir!” dodgers simply said, but then he suddenly stopped and after fully-realizing what had just been his smile grew and grew. “Yes sir, Mr. President, sir!” he said as he shook the presidents hand.
The president knew he had not made a mistake and knew Dodgers was a good man who had only been obeying Jackson's law against his own wishes. Now that Dodgers was officially the mayor, it was a good sign that things were going to change again in Jump-City, this time… for the better!
By this time everyone was gathering around to congratulate Mayor Dodgers on his promotion, and no one noticed Terra had returned, but Garfield had and shot her a wink. She winked back at him.
Then Garfield proceeded to Dodgers. “Excuse me Mr. Mayor…” he said as he performed a magician's trick and pulled a sash seemly from Dodgers' ear. “Your sash, sir…”
Dodgers proudly thank Garfield and put his sash on. “And now, what is your first order of the day, Mr. Mayor?” Dick proudly asked.
“My first order...?” Dodgers thought quickly. “I declare a holiday in honor of my promotion, to the fall of Jackson and his court, and the dawning of a new era for Jump-City.”
The people highly approved and then began to celebrate. “Hey Dick…” Garfield said.
Dick gazed at his old rival. “Yeah…?”
Garfield merely shook his hand. “I guess you're all right.”
“You, too.” replied Dick. “…I guess.”
Many months later, the city was highly improved. Many of the office complexes were torn down and new and better buildings and things took their place-- New malls, stores and salons. Even more playgrounds and skate parks were made for kids, who just wanted to have a little fun, and those were out of work, Mayor Dodgers helped them find employment in other areas in the city.
The Murakami School was long since up and running again, but by this point was ready to shutdown for summer holidays. Dick and friends became top-class citizens for having received presidential awards of the golden eagle badge for acts of heroism and fine demonstration of independence.
As for Garfield, things really changed for him when the president compensated him with enough to money help Garfield find ways to get his life on track. With Mayor Dodger's permission and help, Garfield used his money to fix the old theater. It was renovated and everything. Some of the forest around it however did have to be chopped away, but it was well worth it, because now the theater was one of Jump-City's most popular places of entertainment. It was now the Logan play house, Garfield was now the owner and manager.
Now people would come to see ballets, stage-performances, and all that stuff, but easily the most entertaining was Garfield who now assumed the role as Jump-City's youngest but most fantastic magician and Terra was his beautiful assistant.
People came from all over to see them perform, Dick and friends loved to show up frequently. Sometimes they did tricks together, but most of the time they did a very special act for their closing performance.
Terra and Garfield had also begun dating a long time ago, and every minute was worth it. She loved him, and he now admitted his love for her. So, Terra would stand on stage, and sing a very romantic song while Garfield would do some beautiful tricks around her to make it even more romantic.
You sigh, the song begins, you speak and I hear violins
It's magic
The stars desert the skies and rush to nestle in your eyes
It's magic

Without a golden wand or mystic charms
Fantastic things begin when I am in your arms

When we walk hand-in-hand, the world becomes a wonderland
It's magic
How else can I explain those rainbows when there isn't rain?
It's magic

Why do I tell me myself these things that happen are all really true
When in my heart I know the magic is my love for you?
The final scene, they would share a kiss on stage, the crowd would go wild and then Garfield and Terra just seemed to fade away, and the show would be over.
Garfield and Terra made quite a profit. Garfield was even able to buy himself a new apartment, new clothes, afford better food, and all the things he never thought he'd have.
As for the phantom--
Well, he was not really seen anymore now that the city was no longer in danger or corruption. Still, whenever there would be another day of darkness that would need fixing… the phantom would always be there.
For now, Garfield was just happy to live a normal life as he walked Terra home; they shared a soft kiss at the door of the apartment building where she lived… only a few blocks down the street from him.
“Good night, Terra.”
“Good night, Gar…” she gazed at her boyfriend's eyes. “There really is magic in your eyes.”
“Really…?” Garfield asked playfully. “I was just thinking the same thing about your eyes.”
They shared another kiss, and when they separated Garfield continuously said Terra's name over, and over. His voice began to echo as everything went white…!
“Terra…! Terra…!” Beast-Boy called to her.
His wife softly began to awaken in the morning. “Beast-Boy…?” she said through a yawn. “Rise and shine Honey. Breakfast's on.”
Cyborg came in wearing a chef's hat. “Come and get'em we got waffles, we got waffles, and we… got… waffles.”
Raven rolled her eyes, “Evil, beware… the titans are eating waffles.”
Terra rubbed her eyes as she got out of bed. “Wow! I must've been dreaming.”
The others could tell for Terra been shouting the place down. Starfire was curious to know what Terra's dream was about, and Robin came in with the morning newspaper. “Look at this…” he said to the others. “It says here that the people of the city have tales of a phantom magician who also shares a hatred of changes, and plans to see the mayor overthrown.”
The other titans were shocked. “Dude… That is not cool.” Beast-Boy said grimly, but Terra was amazed. “That's exactly what I was dreaming about. Phantoms… magic… more changes… things like that.”
Copy-Cat chuckled and couldn't help but remind Terra of an old saying. “If you are to dream of something hard enough… it just may come true.”