Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHSCity Musical: WASP ❯ World And Space Patrol ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The airstrip in a secret location had been sealed and prepared for an emergency. A private air-jet plan was out of control and headed for a severe crash landing. Aboard were three occupants—Mark and Marie Logan, who were both astronauts and their four year old son little Garfield.
They were due to leave on a family holiday, when their jet had been attacked by enemy fighters. The enemies were dealt with, but the plane was severely crippled. Mark was on the radio calling, “Mayday! Mayday! Steve! Rita! Were going down!”
Down below the advisors and leaders, General Steve Dayton, and his Wife, Colonel Rita did their very best to help get the jet down safely, but it was no use and the plane slammed hard against the ground and went up in small explosions.
“Get those people out of there!” ordered General Steve.
“And Garfield! what about Garfield?” cried his wife.
The occupants were pulled from the debris, but it wasn't very hopeful at all.
“Garfield Logan. Son of Astronauts Marie and Mark Logan. A Boy barely alive! Both his parents are dead, and his brain is severely damaged.”
“People… we can save his brain, and remodel it. We have the technology. We have the ability to make the world's first super-brain. Garfield Logan will have that brain. He will be better than any other human. Better… Smarter… Stronger… Faster!”
13 years later…
The school bell rang at Murakami High.
Dick Grayson and his best friend Victory Stone met up in the hallway. Vic noticed Dick hair was all shiny and slicker than usual. “What's the occasion?” he asked. “Oh, nothing really…” Dick answered, “I'm just looking to impress some people with my new do.”
“And would one of those people happen to be Kori…?” Vic teased. Dick's cheeks went red and he tried to deny it, but Vic wasn't fooled. “Come on, man. Spill it. You've had the hots for that girl since she transferred here three months ago.”
Dick had to admit he was acting a little shy. “There's just something about her… I don't know.”
“Well there she is…” Vic pointed down the hall, and there was Kori Anders, the new girl on campus walking down the hall with her books clutched to her chest and she shook her long red hair away from her face, and she stopped and actually winked at the guys.
Vic winked at her and Dick sighed heavenly. Kori came over and said Hi, as she was friends with the boys for a while, but before they had a chance to chat or anything. The entrance doors down the hall burst wide open. “Uh oh… look whose here.” muttered Dick, “It's Grouchy Garfield.”
Garfield Logan was Murakami's big man on campus. Some said he had the brain the size of a watermelon. He could zip thought tests and exams before they even begun, and he even once played twelve whole chess games against twelve different people at once, and he one every single match in less than five moves. He was pretty smart, but he was always in rather nasty mood and didn't like to accept help from most people, and often was rude to the other students.
The principal, Mr. Shepard, was there to meet him and give Garfield his mail, but why Garfield picked up his mail at school was such a mystery, but not really that much as he didn't exactly have a forwarding address. Nobody knew where he lived, or who his parents were.
He took his mail, and he and Shepard saluted to one another before Garfield moved along his way, but as he looked through his mail while walking, he was tripped by a red headed girl with freckles sticking her foot out in the middle of his way. Garfield fell flat on the floor dropping his mail and his books “OOF…!”
A few students laughed at him, but other, even the guys and Kori gasped. That girl, Jackie, was in for it now. “Hey Logan…! It's springtime, not fall!” she snarled. Her friend, a black girl with dark hair, Jillian laughed with her friend. “Yeah, brat-boy! Or should I say… splat-boy.”
A girl with long blonde hair, Terra, came and offered to help Garfield gather his things. “Back off! I can do it myself.” he snapped at her. Terra winced back and felt as if someone had just slapped her. “I just wanted to help you…” she said.
“And I said I don't need help. Leave me alone! Go hang out with the grandmas over there.” He hinted at Jackie and Jillian. The two girls looked pissed, and the crowd felts as if there was going to be a cowboy showdown.
“What did you just say…?” Jillian grouched.
“I said… Grandmas. What, your hearing-aid's busted again?” snickered Garfield.
“Okay, kid! You crossed the line…” growled Jackie.
“No, you have!” snarled Garfield. “I'm fed up to the teeth with the two of you thinking you runt his place. You two can't even run to detention let alone keep out of it with your miserable grades and attitudes. Why am I even wasting my time talking to you…? Grandmas!” then he turned and walked down the hall leaving the girls to be laughed at by the rest of the students. Even Terra thought that was hilarious, but the girls were steaming like kettles. “Hey!” Jackie snapped at Terra, “You're supposed to be on our side.”
Terra apologized, “But you got to admit, it was kinda funny.”
The girls snuffed like bulls. “Look, girl! You wanna hang with us, you learn to like things like us.” Growled Jillian. “And we ain't gonna take no guff like that. Especially from that brat-boy! Ya got it?” and she and Jackie walked off leaving Terra feeling a little hurt.
The guys and Kori walked over to her. “You alright, Terra?” asked Dick.
Terra sighed hard. “Those two boss me around too much.”
“Terra…” Kori told her. “If you want to be noticed by people you should just be yourself.” But Terra denied it again. She was just a below average student with poor grades, and was never very popular, and worse… she had tried to be nice to Garfield many times whenever her two so-called friends picked on him, but he'd brush her off just as grouchy and mean as ever.
“Man… what is up that kid's back?” Vic wondered aloud. They had no time to discuss it as the bell rang, time for first period.
Terra, Dick, and Kori were in the same math class for first period. Coincidently, so was Garfield, and he sat one seat across from Terra, and she always took a few seconds to stare at Garfield, which annoyed him constantly, but he didn't even bother with her, but Jackie and Jillian didn't like how Terra kept checking him out, and were already scrunching up little paper balls to throw at him.
Before class officially began, Garfield took a special golden pen out form his kit, clicked it once and then laid it on his desk exactly the same he did during every class...
The teacher walked in and class began. He handed back out the geometry tests form last week. Most of them were very good, “But some of you may be a tad disappointed.” He warned them. “Mr. Grayson, Superb. Ms. Anders, not bad. Ms Markov! Review those angles and volume dimensions.”
Terra stared grimly at her test-paper and sighed, once again she only just passed but with a pretty low score. Math was her worst subject ever. Then the teacher stopped at Garfield. “Congratulations, Mr. Logan. Another perfect score and in record time.”
Garfield looked more bored than proud. This was all too easy for him. Jackie and Jillian were ready with their paper, but Garfield was already wise to them and could hear them behind him despite being two seats up. He ducked out of the way just in time for the balls to fly past him and hit the teacher. “Ladies…!” he growled. It was bad enough they had just done that, but for their incredibly low, failing scores on the test, they were going to be in detention… again!
The teacher then stopped at one final test that was completely blank. Not a single answer was written or circled. The teacher stopped in front of Raven, a gloomy, rather dark gothic girl. “Ms. Roth. I'm growing tired of you doing this.” the teacher said. “I'm afraid this is the last straw and you've earned yourself detention.”
Raven boringly gazed at the teacher and asked. “Is that a promise…?”
The teacher and the other students were surprised that she'd say such a thing. Nevertheless, class continued. As the students did their work, Garfield, who had finished long before any one had just sat in his seat, and casually kept fiddling around with that pen of his.
Then, as the teacher gave a lecture on mathematical formulas, Garfield noticed he made several mistakes, and while he hated to interrupt he corrected him, despite the interruptions, the teacher was amazed by Garfield's skills. “Could do with a few more like you, Mr. Logan. One would think you have the brain of a super-computer.”
“Yes, sir…” Garfield said, almost sounding literal. “One could say it like that.” he rolled his eyes causally to seem less obvious about something though.
As the day went on, Garfield went to other classes, History, Science, literature. He completed his task quickly, and then just spent the rest of the time sitting at his desk fooling around with that same golden pen. He didn't even click it shut.
Raven was in his Literature class, along with Vic and Terra. when Garfield was asked to read aloud, he didn't understand the illogical point of view from the paragraphs. “It doesn't make any sense.” He pointed out, “Why would a man say he never saw a thing like it before but then say he had been to this place many times?”
“What's the matter with you, man?” snapped Vic. “It's just a stupid story it was written like this and it doesn't matter… and for Pete-sake, quit playin' around with that pen!”
Garfield's features hardened. “Listen here, Dude! I'm bored to the bone just sitting here with all this stuff because unlike you I actually know how things work. If I wanna mess around with this thing then I will.”
The teacher quieted the boys down, and asked Raven to read the book. “Shove it!” she simply snapped. Everyone, event he teacher gasped. That just earned her another detention. What was with that girl? She was acting just as gruff as Garfield… and strangely, Garfield seemed to act as if he knew why, but he didn't make it too obvious to notice.
During a Lunch break, some of the students ate outside, or hung out there to enjoy the fresh air and warm sunlight, but Raven was sitting by herself under a tree where the shade was nice and dark. Dick, Kori, and Vic couldn't help but notice her, and how gloomy she looked. They thought of going over to talk to her, but someone beat them to it. A guy named Kato, who looked like Dick only his skin was a little paler as he too as gothic, but not like his girlfriend, Raven.
Raven seemed to smile a little with his company there, and Dick and friends thought maybe it wasn't so bad after all. “Pathetic!” growled a voice. Garfield was sitting on one of the rock-pillars of the fence around the school property, and he still had his pen clipped round his tie. “If you ask me they're both wasting their time and efforts.”
“Well no one's asking you, your rudeness.” snapped Kori.
“Your third-rated insult-names can't hurt me.” Garfield scoffed.
Kori was losing her temper, but Vic held her down form charging at Garfield. “Garfield, what is it with you?” snapped Dick. “Why are you so rude and mean to everyone all the time?”
“That happens to be none of your business, Grayson.” Garfield sneered. Dick wasn't willing to let Garfield get away with it this time. “No, really I want to know.”
Garfield was about protest, when he noticed the tip of the clicker on his pen was blinking a tiny red light. “Uh, oh…!” he muttered. He hopped down so suddenly, and began to swiftly walk off. “Like I said… none of your business.” Then he was gone in a hurry.
“What was that all about?” asked Vic. “He seemed kinda desperate to split.” The other couldn't understand it either.
Vic turned on his portable radio, and the news had just interrupted his favorite station for a broadcast, just in, that there had reported sights of people being held hostage in San-Francisco, which was a few hundred miles north of Jump City, where they were now.
“Police have heard reports that powerful explosive shave been planted in the town-square and could go off at any moment.”
Garfield was sitting in front of a computer and control console, wherever he was, and he seemed to be wearing a different outfit with an insignia marked “W.A.S.P”. He flicked the switches and gave a got a perfect view of what was happening in San-Francisco.
“Scan for unidentified objects.” Garfield said, to which a female voice replied. “Yes, sir. Scanning now.”
The screen changed to a powerful scan, and Garfield found the items he was looking for. “Initiate neutralizing codes!”
“Yes, sir. Initiating code 009-416-Zerro Blue. Neutralizing!”
A soft humming sound was heard, it grew louder and louder, but a moment later it cut out. “Explosives neutralized.” Said the female voice Garfield then grabbed a small microphone with a cord. “S-O-3 to control. S-O-3 to control.”
“S-O-3 from control. General Dayton speaking.”
“Explosives neutralized. We can move in now.”
“W.I.G! Wasp is green…! Stand by to assist if needed.”
“W.I.G. Standing by now. All right, Cindi. Let's get those people out of there.”
“Yes, Sir. Targeting coordinates for transport.”
In San-Francisco town square, four men dressed in black and black shades were holding many people at gun point and threatened to detonate the bombs they had planted if anyone, including the police made a move. Then they'd all go sky-high.
The people were scared to death, half of them were only little children, but the police didn't know what to do. They couldn't make a move without the risk of harming the people. “Don't make us hurt you!” growled one of the men. “Because we will if we have to.”
One of the little kids made an angry face at the men, but his mother warned him “Stop it, honey!”
“Oy!” snarled another man and he fired a warning shot which had just missed the lady and her son. “We said be quiet!”
The lady trembled in fear as the man glared at her through his shades, when suddenly there was a sound of sirens wailing, and helicopters and jets came soaring overhead, all marked with a “W.A.S.P” insignia.
“You four!” snarled a woman's voice. “This is World And Space Patrol. Drop your weapons and get on the ground. You are under arrest.”
Everyone had heard of this force before, but the men were so outraged that the decide to open fire on their hostages, only to find they were all gone. “Where they go to…?”
“How should I be knowing?”
The police now had their edge to join in the fight, and more Wasp cars moved in, and out came several soldiers dressed in outfits and helmets like the authorities in Tokyo wore, and the leader was a woman. “This is your last warning!” she called into a megaphone. “Drop your weapons and surrender!”
The men decided to make a fight out of it, and two ran into the evacuated buildings for cover. “Weapons ready, low stun. We can't risk damaging the buildings or blowing the bombs.” ordered the Wasp leader.
The fight was on. Bullets from the men's machine guns, and special beams from the Wasp lasers went everywhere. One of them me got shot right away and fell down, but he wasn't dead, just stunned.
“Major!” called a soldier. “There're still two of them inside.”
“Send in Teams A and B.” ordered the Major. At her command, two teams of several soldiers burst into the office complex, and began searching for the two men. Kicking down the doors and dashing all over the place. They managed to find one of them men and captured him without harming him.
The second was had activated the security systems and slid the emergency panels inform the entrance ways so he couldn't be followed. He was planning to retreat to the roof where he hoped his escape chopper would be waiting, but instead was a young teenage soldier wearing the same outfit as the soldiers but with a red cape. “Sorry, but all flights have been grounded.” he said as he hinted that the Wasp air-force would stop any vehicles coming their way.
The man then tried to shoot at the young boy but he managed to outwit and run straight through all that enemy fire without getting him. He grabbed his machine gun and actually broke it in half with his hands alone.
Forcing the man to try and make a hasty retreat back through the building, sealing each security door as he ran by and shooting out the controls so they couldn't be opened again, but the young boy continued to run after the bad man, fast a car, literally, and whenever he came up to a door he just kicked them down, as if they were made of match wood, with such ease.
Soon he was on the man's trail again, and the man tried to shoot the boy with a revolver, hitting him in the shoulder. “Ah!” But not only was his suit bullet proof, but the force of the bullet hadn't even knocked him back. The boy just kept right on running after the man eventually catching up to him and fighting him hand to hand, and beating him with ease.
Outside, the Major warned the last man that jig was up, but the man decided to go ahead and detonate the explosives. He pressed on his remote detonator, but the bombs didn't go off as they had been neutralized.
Now realizing he had no way of escape, the last man surrendered.
The town's people and the police all cheered for joy as the terrorists were taken to jail, and the remaining soldiers exited the building. The young boy and the Major saluted to each other. “Well done, Major.” Said the young boy. “I must take my leave now, but I'm leaving this job to you, then report to Colonel and General Dayton.”
The Major saluted, “Yes, sir.” She said addressing the boy. That's when the boy took his leave, and the new reports were going wild.
“Well, folks… it looks like another act of terrorism has been avoided, thanks to the efforts of the world and space patrol. We'd bring you some shots, and a few words from these brave people, but they have denied us any photographs or personal interviews, and the assurance that they shall not be tracked as they return to wherever it is they are based.
“…Well… we still are grateful to have people like them around and keeping our world as safer place. We'll be back in a moment.”
“Dang! I gotta hand it to those guys. They're awesome.” said Vic.
Kori and Dick had to agree, but who were the Wasps, and where did they come from? Most importantly—how was it they always seemed to be one step ahead of their enemies?
Suddenly, the bell rang, and it was time for class. “Will you guys get a move on!” snapped Garfield as he walked past them. The three rolled their eyes, but Kori noticed, “What happened to your shoulder?”
“Don't care!” Garfield snapped at her.
“Shesh! Excuse me for showing concern!” Kori grumbled to herself.
While he was alone in the hall, Garfield clicked his pen twice, and the tip of the clicker blink twice with a green light. Garfield nodded once “Hmm! Another job well done.” He muttered to himself. Now he had to play it cool.
Author's Notes:
Sorry, no room for a song on this one… I'll try to get some up, but if I can't… well I guess this'll be a HS NON musical. How about that?
Also, the voice of this “Cindi” I'd rather it be Julie Maddalena (DECCA from Power Rangers in Space)