Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ TTHSCity Musical: WASP ❯ Mass Hysteria ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next day, word of Dick's disappearance spread fast. He was defiantly kidnapped as his books were found in the alley near the school, and he would never run off and just leave his books like that.
The police authorities were already searching the city inch by inch to look for him. Still, the others had to go to school, missing or not. Kori was very worried, and so were the others. They all were thinking if they had stayed together the other night, none of this would've happened.
“But why would someone want to kidnap Dick?” Raven wondered aloud.
Vic felt so incredible angry that he crushed his water bottle in his hand and threw it furiously in the trash, knocking the can down. “Feel better?” asked Kato. Panting and red in the face Vic simply said. “Yeah… I do.”
Classes seemed to go on forever, as a lot of students were really concerned about Dick. Many of them, especially Kori, couldn't concentrate on their assignments and tests. The teachers tried their bests to help the students concentrate, but to no avail.
The Wasp space-stations all heard the news broadcasts about Dick's disappearance. Garfield and Terra heard it as well. They both thought it was awful and Terra thought maybe they could try and search for him, but Garfield was against it… not because he didn't want to, but it wasn't possible…
The Wasp equipment was only used for detecting radio transmissions and vehicles, not human beings, unless they were wearing a transmitter, or sent out a distress call, but Dick didn't have one, and he could have been anywhere in the whole world. IT would be looking for a needle in a haystack. “Even so, our job is to stop terrorism, and rescue people who are already in serious danger if we know where they are. We can't just chase after every single person who gets lost or kidnapped.”
Terra understood. She was having a hard time adjusting to all these regulations and rules. She was still adjusting to the fact that her folks were probably worried sick about her as well.
Garfield felt sorry for Terra, still… now was not the time to be sentimental. He has work to continue with, finish up Terra's training. Still, he did wish he knew where Dick was…
Dick felt as if somebody had hit him over the head with a truck. He felt very woozy as his vision became clear. He discovered that he was all tied up and behind held in a dark room with a single light shining on him.
“What happened?” he asked. “Where am I?”
Just then, a tall man wearing black clothes and dark shades came in with two goons by his side. “Looks like somebody doesn't know how to mind his own business.” he said. “Well… I suppose we all are natural born meddlers in some way.”
Dick gazed at the gruesome man and asked, “Who are you?”
Seeing as how he could see no harm, the man introduced himself as Henry K. Foster-- he was both a computer genius, and future ruler of the greatest empire to ever exist.
That's when Dick remembered those goons he spied on-- The ones planning to explode bombs under the city. “Those were your men…?”
“Correct…” said Henry “And even as we speak, they and many others are carrying out my orders.”
He clicked on his computer monitors for Dick to see many of Henry's men in various countries, loaded with powerful weapons, some were even letting extra water flow into the undergo of cities near coastlines, including Jump City. It was practically the biggest terrorist attack in the world. “You won't get away get away with this!” snarled Dick.
Henry just snuffed, “And just who is going to stop me? Certainly not the World and Space Patrol-- Even they have no chance to prevent an attack of such massive lengths or certainly they would have made a move by now. Don't you agree…?”
Dick realized he was right, and he struggled to get out of his ropes, but Henry cautioned him that even if he were to break free from the ropes, “You'll find that escape is quite impossible.” He clicked his remote which slide the window-covers open revealing that Dick wasn't even on the Earth.
“I'm on the… the… the…”
“…Moon.” Henry cut in. “The far side of the Moon that never face Earth to be precise. The Wasps can't detect us here while they're always aiming for the Earth, and my systems work on entirely different principles to theirs.”
This gave it away that Henry was the one who had been supplying and aiding other terrorists and sending his men to do all those attacks that had occurred, in an attempt to test the Wasps and their strength and skill, and now he was ready to bust them wide open “… After all they had caused me!”
“What?” snapped Dick “What the Wasps ever do to you? What are you talking about…?”
Henry gazed out the window, into space. “That's not important now. What is important is how much better everything will be when my task is complete and I have all I want.”
He explained to Dick that he was planning to endanger all lives on Earth, unless they agreed to appoint him supreme leader of the world, owe up to his every demand, and the Wasps surrendered. “You should consider yourself lucky, boy. You get to have front row seat while you're here, and if you behave yourself… I just may decide to make you my shoe-shiner.” He sniggered sinisterly as he walked and told his men to grab Dick and lock him in the holding era.
Dick was locked in a cell, still tied up, a guard was watching him, and he was on the Moon. Not to mention the whole Earth was going to be attacked soon from all corners and he had to warn them somehow.
At lunch nobody seemed hungry. All were still worried over Dick, not to mention… Garfield and Terra disappearing so suddenly as well…
“Sometimes I think he's right here all the time and we don't even notice.” said Kori.
The others didn't know what to say.
Suddenly, the ground beneath their feet started to rumble softy, as if heavy machinery were passing by. Everyone in the entire lunchroom felt it, but it didn't last very long. “What was that?” asked Raven.
“Guess we had a small quake.” said Vic.
As the students went through the second half of the day, the ground rumbled again, and the tremor felt bigger than before.
“What's going on…?”
“What's happening…?”
Principal Shepard felt the tremors too, but he was starting to think that these were no ordinary quakes. He sent a quiet message up to Garfield and Terra in the satellite.
“Message received. File it “No immediate action.” But continue to standby.”
Terra asked what that was all about, but Garfield assured her not to worry about it. He could see that Terra was getting anxious for some action soon, and she had been up in the station with him for the past couple of days.
Garfield thought maybe it would be best to take her back to Earth for just a little while. Cindi disagreed with that, What would General Dayton will think when he finds out that you have skipped your duties?
Garfield felt that was almost a joke. His foster father was never pleased, even when his duties were carried out perfectly he never showed any signs of happiness or wanting the best for other people. “Sometimes I wonder if he even cares about me…”
Terra couldn't help but overhear, “Garfield, I'm sure deep down he does. I know Rita does…”
Garfield knew Rita cared about him at least, but sometimes he even wondered what she saw in Steve. Sure he was doing his best to keep a good lookout for the world, and had a lot to deal with every day, and there were even times in which he was unable to save everyone from a few disasters in the past…
“Still, couldn't he just once act more like father figure than a General?” Garfield said, “I really don't think putting me up here like this and forbidding me to make friends is really a gesture of fatherly love.”
He gazed at a photo of the day he was fully accepted into the Wasps and appointed as Colonel. Rita looked very proud of him, but Steve just stood there with his arms folded and a very strict scowl on his face.
Garfield sighed and hung his head low, but walked over and held his hand. “He does feel for you, Garfield. Lots of people do. You're very special…”
“Yeah right…” Garfield said “I'm only special because of my six-million dollar brain.”
“No, it's the brain…” Terra told him as she now clutched his hand in both her hands, and their eyes met. “It's the heart and what it can give.”
They were both just sitting there, lost in each other's eyes, and both seeming very serious. Their faces began to move closer, and closer, and as their eyes began to shut… the alarm went off, and red lights began to flash around the entire control room, and Garfield Terra ended up bonking heads instead out of sudden surprise. “Ow…!”
“Ohh…! Man!” groaned Garfield. Still, he asked Cindi “Status…!”
“Sensors indicate many unauthorized explosive devices have been detected, being planted in many corners of the globes.”
“On screen…Map width sixteen by nine!”
The map was activated, and there were so many blinking dots all over every country. “Whoa!” cried Terra.
“Whoa is right!” snapped Garfield, and he got on the radio quick. “Space Observatory Three to base! Level-one Emergency!”
“Is that you, Garfield?” asked Steve. “What's going on…?”
Garfield and Terra sent the information, and Steve declared a full-scale emergency. Every Wasp agent in the entire world was warned of the imminent attack.
Wasp headquarters was located on a large, yet secret island somewhere in the pacific, with a powerful invisibility shield surrounding the whole area rendering it invisible to any boaters or aerial craft. In fact no one was allowed to sail or fly over within a-hundred miles of the area as it was marked as government property… very well hidden.
The shield round the island was dropped and many, many jets, ships, and other craft were launched, while other soldiers were being transported to areas much farther away.
Even Raven's mother was warned in Jump-City and she rushed into action.
Garfield asked if he could beam down and participate, but Steve warned him not to, and he and Terra were ordered to stay put. “Those are your orders, and do not disobey me. Out…!
Garfield was very frustrated, and so was Terra, but Cindi advised them to keep their heads. They all had to concentrate on trying to jam all the bombs. “Initiate jamming sequence.”
“Right…” said Terra.
“Calculating jamming codes.” added Cindi.
Henry was watching everything on his monitors. The Wasps were on their way. “Tut-tut-tut…! Wasting their times.” He said. “They should be realizing the difficulties already.”
In Jump-City, air-raid sirens were wailing, and authorities were warning people to evacuate the entire city immediately. The World and Space Patrol had already arrived to assist in the evacuation.
The citizens of the city were already dashing for the city limits, and others were being transported out already. The problem was there more earthquakes, worse than ever.
Raven's mother had felt something like this before. “It's a land-subsidence!” she cried. “Get everyone out of here now! Let's move! Move…!”
Her men acknowledged, and began to work faster, and as Arella assisted she could feel the ground starting to breakup from the direction of the Murakami School. “Raven…!” she cried. She had rush over there and know that her daughter was safe.
The school was shaking violently as the students stampeded out, but as luck would have it, Vic and friends were at the very back trying to fight their way out, but avoid getting trampled on.
“We gotta get outta here!” cried Vic.
“Let's leave though the back way!” cried Kori.
They all began to run down the hallways, but suddenly, Raven's foot fell right through the floor. “AAH…!”
“Raven!” cried Kato.
She was stuck with her foot, her whole leg, jammed right through the floor. “Get me out!” she shrieked. “Quick! Help me!” shouted Kato.
Terra and Garfield were still trying to neutralize the bombs from the satellite, but it wasn't working. “System error!” cried Cindi. “Code cannot be completed.”
“What?!” snapped Garfield. “This can't be…!”
All the other space-stations reported that their systems had crashed too. They, too, were powerless to disarm the bombs. Garfield tried to contact the base, but Cindi detected an incoming outside transmission.
That's when all the Wasp screens and monitors everywhere changed and showed of Henry. A lot of the officers gasped in shock, but easily, Garfield, Rita, and Steve were shocked the most.
“Who's that…?” asked Terra.
Garfield gritted his teeth. “It's him…!”
Henry broadcast his message that he had planted the bombs and by now the Wasps were well aware that they couldn't be disarmed so easily. “They're equipped with automatic jamming shields to prevent anything outside trying to tamper with their systems. Just a little precaution I've taken.”
Henry continued to explain that all he had to do was push a button, and then in five minutes, all the bombs would explode at once, enough to turn whole cites into ruins so most people would be killed, and those who survive would have no place to go. “The Earth will become one massive state of misery and chaos if my demands are not met, but seeing as how you Wasps already know what it is I want… I'll give you six hours to make up your mind, and I believe you can already tell that I am not bluffing by the state your cities are in now.”
He was hinting by the fact that not only Jump-City, but every major city near the coast lines at all corners of the globes, but how this was happening exactly, he wouldn't say. “Six hours, Wasps!”
Henry logged off, and a six-hour timer appeared and began counting down.
“Cindi, try and trace the source of that message.” snapped Garfield, but Cindi was unable to. “The message was played on an entirely new system that I am unfamiliar with. I cannot locate the source.”
“UGH…!” growled Garfield and he slammed his desk hard.
Meanwhile, the entire school had been evacuated, even Shepard was outside. Arella came over, and the minute she knew that Raven and her friends were still inside. She dashed inside, “Major!” cried Shepard. “Major come back!”
The way the school kept rumbling and cracking, the whole thing was liable to collapse at any moment.
Raven was still trapped in the floor as the building was starting to give weigh. “Forget me! Get out of here while you can!” she cried.
“Not without you!” shouted Kato.
“Kids!” called a voice. “Where are you?”
Raven's ears twitched, “That voice…”
They saw the Wasp soldier running down the halls. “She's stuck!” cried Vic.
With the Wasp soldier's help Raven was pulled free, but that's when the ground collapsed beneath their feet causing them all to tumble into a deep, deep pit below.
The Wasp Soldier really hurt her left arm in the crash. Then, with a loud rumble and crashing-- “IT'S COMING DOWN ON TOP OF US…!” screamed Kato.
“LOOK OUT…!” screamed Kori.
That's when it happened! The entire school caved in all around them, and it looked like the end!