Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ Christie Monteiro: More Than What Meets The Eye ❯ A Dark Stormy Night ( Chapter 1 )

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Christie Monteiro: More Than What Meets The Eye

Thunder breaking thru my ears, making my body quiver as it's roar called out for my demise. I stand with the letter still in hand, Eddy my master is gone. "Those responsible for my father's death must pay." Rain pouring down on to me in masses of unforgiving coldness. Men are surrounding me; they too are beckoning for me.

"Girl, where is Eddy Gordo?! He must accept his fate now!" I stand perplexed as to what they think that they will get from me. It's difficult to see their hooded faces, the rain blinding me, constantly hitting my eyes. The water travels down my blue jean shorts, God does that feel disgusting. My white t-shirt sticking to my skin. It's a good thing that I'm wearing a bra, otherwise my nipples would stick out due to the icy coldness. Standing outside of the dojo where Eddy was supposed to meet me, I look on to the five men now getting closer to me.

"Tell us where he is, or your life is gonna get cut short! We know that you are hiding him, only he would do such a cowardly thing! Be a good girl and reveal him to us!" I stand firm; who do they think they are? I call out to them over the outcries of the dark night sky.

"I too, know nothing of Eddy's whereabouts. Now leave this place!" The men obviously appear upset at my words. They start to get a little bit closer and I hear one of them say "Then I guess we'll have to leave after we have a treat…" He reached forward thru the rain and planted his hand on my shoulder. Time to show them what Eddy taught me.

I grab his arm and put my other arm underneath his other arm. I flipped him into a sort of cartwheel of which he landed on his side. The other four began to throw punches and kicks at me. I grabbed one of the thug's kicks and held it under my arm, as I swung my other arm across his face. Somebody kicked me in the back of my knee and I collapsed forward onto the flooded pavement next to the steel mailbox. I thought quickly and kicked the wooden post of the mailbox as hard as I could. It shattered and fell down next to me. With one hand, I lifted myself up into a handstand and kicked the nearest guy's face. After landing on my feet, I grabbed the mailbox like a baseball bat and smashed it in half over his head. Out cold.

One of the others swung at me and I quickly sat down into my Negativa stance. From there, I used a slippery kick which spun him in full 360's before he landed on his shoulder. He somehow found the courage to get back up, but he hadn't a chance against my fury. I picked myself up into a headstand, using both hands to support my body weight, and used my helicopter kicks. I could feel my legs hitting his mass, a slight pain developing in my calf muscles. He fell back down into a puddle, sending water splashing up into the already wet air. I stand in my stance, being careful not to slip on anything as I did so. Weren't there FIVE guys? I thought to myself. My question was rudely answered as I felt the rough and callous hands of the man pulling my hair. He's attempting to throw my down on my back, but while he is pulling me down, I arch my back and do a handstand. It wasn't long before he hit the floor after I had kicked his face.

Jumping back to my feet, I look around and make sure that no one else was still trying to attack me. One by one, some of the men arose. After yelling obscenities to me, they hurried over to the other two men and threw them over their shoulders. As they give me their last glance, one of the men yells "This isn't over yet chick!" I respond by flicking the finger and yelling right back at them as they run away. I stand alone, heart pounding, rain barreling down on my body.

I look over to the now broken mail box and notice that I had missed an envelope. "Crap!" I yell as I run over to it, trying desperately to reach it before all of the ink was drenched away. I pick it up and run towards the glass dojo door. Sliding it open and jumping in as fast as I could, bringing the night storm halfway inside with me. Mud on the carpet was the least of my worries right now however. I rip the envelope open and pull out the paper carefully. It's an advertisement for an upcoming martial arts tournament, called The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 4. I recall that Eddy had participated in the last one. Maybe if I enter this one, I can pick up some hints as to his whereabouts.

With eager excitement and anticipation, I ran down the spiral staircase which led to the lower floor. After grabbing a soft yellow towel off of one of the mahogany railings, I ran over to the black phone and picked it up. Trying to decipher the number as best as I could, I began to dial it. The connection rang solemnly. "…Yeah hello? I just got an ad for the Iron Fist Tournament…this is the right number?....YES!!!! Okay, I'd like to participate….my name?.. It's Christie Monteiro."

Author's Note: Okay that's it for now. I wanted to dedicate a serious story to Christie and I hope my efforts pay off. Please review and tell me what you think of it so far.