Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ Miharu's Story ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Miharu opened one eye. She lifted herself from the ground slowly and realised what happened. She'd been raped. She quickly slipped on her ruined clothing as best she could and ran home. When she got there she opened the door and went upstairs to her room. Inside the room was quite large, with blue wallpapering and a few posters of the best King of iron fist champions from the many different tournaments. Miharu got out of her torn clothing and threw them away, hoping to never see them again cause they would only remind her of those perverts who did this. She tried to remember who they were, but that large bleeding cut on the back of her head stopped her from remembering them. She was happy but sad too. She was happy she didn't remember them cause of their perverted acts but she couldn't tell the police either because she couldn't even describe them.

Miharu changed into her nightgown and crept into her bed. She tried to sleep again because she wanted to forget. But the more she tried to forget the more she thought about it. Miharu eventually got to sleep.

The next mourning her alarm went off right in her ear basically telling her it's time to go to work. Miharu slept right through its noise. She was far too tired to even hear it.

When Miharu did wake up she was half an hour late for work. She got out of bed and rubbed her eyes. She walked over to her chest of draws. She opened the top one and pulled out some panties, socks and a t-shirt. She threw them on her messy bed and closed the top draw. She opened the draw underneath that and pulled out a skirt and threw that on her bed. She closed that draw and opened the one underneath that and pulled out a ribbon, tossing that on the bed too. She kicked that draw closed and walked over to her bed and changed her clothes, tossing her nightgown aside. She opened the final draw, filled with different shoes. She pulled out some regular black ones and slipped them on. She shut the draw and lifted her workbag. She noticed it was slightly ruined but that didn't bother her. Miharu left closing the door, locking it and headed to work.

On the way to work she stop on the other side of the road from the alleyway where her incident took place. She looked at it for a while and saw the muscular man come out. He didn't notice she was watching him.

"Craig Marduk…" she whispered. The skinny guy came out, the one with the baseball bat. "Don't know him, only that I am going to kill him." The other man walked out but his face was covered by shadows. Miharu couldn't see his face only a badge from the Marshall Dojo. Miharu walked on towards work.

Upon arrival she enter the main office of Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu had the back of her chair facing the door again.

"You late, Miharu." Xiaoyu said jokily knowing it was her.

"…Sorry…" Miharu said softly, not realising the joke tone Xiao was using. Xiaoyu turned her chair around.

"Miharu? Are you okay?" Xiao asked worriedly.

"…No…" Miharu said, tears beginning to gather in her eyes. Xiao was to far to see them. Miharu suddenly fell to her knees and elbows crying aloud. Xiao, instinctively, got up and ran over to her, putting her arms around her friend.

"What's wrong, Miharu?" Xiao said really worried. Miharu never cried like this, ever.

"I… I was raped." Miharu was cried. This took Xiaoyu back.

"Come on…" Xiao said softly lifting her friend off the floor. Xiao guided Miharu to the nearby couch and sat her there. "Where… where did this happen?"

Miharu tried to calm down. "Who?"

"I walked past an alleyway…(Hiccup)…yesterday when…(Hiccup)…going home. I was caught by this…(Hiccup)…big guy… Marduk… he took me into t…(Hiccup)…the alleyway. I got away from him and got knocked over the head…(Hiccup) (Hiccup) (Hiccup)… I don't remember anything after that… only when I woke up I was stripped and…" Miharu stopped, continuing to hiccup and cry.

"Okay…" Xiao said softly.

"…There was a skinny guy, don't know who he was… but I think the rapist was the guy in the Marshall uniform." Miharu continued.

"Okay… you wait here…" Miharu lifted her tear-covered face.


"I am going to go and kick them in." Xiao said leaving. Miharu didn't respond…

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