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Xiaoyu stomped past the citizens in the streets looking for a muscular man guarding an alleyway. Jin saw her and walked over to her.

"Xiao? What are you doing?"

"I am going to find an alleyway with Marduk guarding it."


"Someone raped Miharu yesterday. She said Marduk was involved."

"No way."

"Yeah… she doesn't know who did it to her but I am going to find out."

"I am coming to."


"Cause you will not be able to beat up Marduk alone."

"Fine." Jin and Xiaoyu walked on to an Alleyway where Marduk was. Xiaoyu walked up to him and kicked him in the face. Jin jumped over Xiao and smacked down on Marduk. Marduk lost that easily. Jin picked him up by his collar.

"Who raped Miharu!" Xiao yelled at him.

"I can't tell you, my boss will kill me." Marduk replied. Jin pulled a fist back.

"What makes you think I won't?" He threatened. Marduk pinched a pressure point on his own neck making him pass out. Jin dropped him. "What now?" Jin asked.

"She said something about Marshall Dojo." Xiao said.

"XIAOYU!!!" Miharu was running up to Xiao.

"Miharu, what are you doing?" Xiao asked.

"Lets just forget about this. I don't want you getting hurt cause of me."

"No way. We will continue to search." Xiao argued.

"No! I want to just forget it happened and live the rest of my life normally."

"…Okay, but if the situation gets worse then we continue to search for you attacker."


"Thanks, Jin."

"No problem, call if you need me to help out anymore." Jin said as he left.

"Bye Jin." Xiaoyu said. She turned to Miharu. "Perhaps you should take a break for the next week."

"Okay, thanks Xiao."

"No problem. Call me if anything else happens."

"Kay. Bye Xiao."

"Bye." Miharu went home and Xiao went back to work.

The next week went past quickly. Miharu began throwing up. The incident was making her ill, so she believed. Each day went past and not once did she get a free day without throwing up. When she began to worry she decided to take the careful way out to find out if she was ill or if something else was making her throw up.

Miharu went to a treatment centre, where she secretly bought something. She returned home and went into the loo to vomit again. After she finished vomiting she used her secret item. After she had finished using it she took a look…

"…No… way… no… no, no, no, no. This can't be true, no way. NO!!!" Miharu screamed.

Xiaoyu was writing something down on a piece of paper at her desk. She yawned and checked the time.

"Well… time for everyone to go home." She pressed a button telling her workers they could go home. After everyone left Xiao continued to concentrate on her work. She was so busy she didn't realize Miharu entering the door, or walking up to her. Miharu placed a pregnancy tester on Xiaoyu's desk carefully. Xiaoyu noticed and looked at it. It was blue. Xiao looked up at Miharu who was going back into tears. Xiaoyu hastily got up and went to comfort her friend who burst into tears once more. They both went over to the couch again.

"I can't believe it got worse." Miharu cried.

"Okay, now we continue our search." Xiao insisted.

"Okay." Miharu said.

Miharu and Xiaoyu left the building locking it up. They walked around the town talking and searching for any clue they could muster.

"So… Mi. Are you gonna have an abortion."

"…No… I don't think I'd be able to forgive myself."

"But you pregnant cause some guy raped you, it is different than if it was an accident with your boyfriend."

"But I would still be killing a life." Xiaoyu and Miharu stopped talking and walked through an alleyway. Soon Xiaoyu saw Jin.

"Jin!" She called. "Jin, wait up." Jin stopped and waited for the two girls.

"Yeah, problem?" Jin asked.

"Yeah, uh… Miharu is… um…uh…" Xiaoyu hesitated, not wanting to make her friend cry again.

"Say it." Jin ordered

"I'm pregnant." Miharu said instantly with no compassion or sadness.

"…You're joking." Jin said in disbelief.

"Do I look like I am joking?" Miharu asked.

"Woh, uh… are you okay?"


"Sorry, just checking." The three continued their search.


A/N: I would write all this next part but I cannot be bothered sorry. But the three search for 2½ months and haven't found the rapist. The only place they haven't check is the Martial Dojo.


At the Martial Dojo, Martial Law was beating up on Forest, his son. Xiaoyu, Jin, Miharu and Hwaorang, who decided to help, enter the Dojo.

"Hi Law, Forest." Hwaorang called.

"Hwata!!!" Law yelled in a high-pitched voice, kicking Forest over. "Huh? Hi Hwaorang, Jin, Xiao. Who is your little friend?"

"This is Miharu." Xiao said.

"Pleasure." Miharu said.

"Why are you beating up on Forest?" Jin asked.

"He was arrested for rape." Xiaoyu, Miharu, Jin and Hwaorang all shot the eyes wide open. "I told him all the people who he raped can kick the living crap out of him and he isn't aloud to fight back. I am warming him up for his beatings."

"Dad, I told you, I only raped one, I tell you." Forest said.

"That is bad enough, Forest." Law yelled at his son. "When you see who it was you tell me so I can give them this bad and let them severally hurt you."

"Uh… okay, I am afraid." Forest said.

"What did this girl look like?" Law asked.

"She had short hair…" everyone (Jin, Xiao and Hwoarang) all looked at Miharu. "…Reddy-brown… and that's all I remember." Law looked at Miharu.

"You mean like her."

"Oh, shit." Miharu walked up to Forest angrily. She lifted up her shirt slightly revealing he slightly swollen stomach.

"You see what you did to me?" Miharu asked.

"Y.y.y.y.y.y.you're pregnant?" Forest stuttered in fear.

"That's right shit-head. I am going to enjoy this. Law, can I kick the living crap out of him like you said." Miharu asked Law.

"Would you like this baseball bat."

"No… I was thinking of doing this." Miharu grabbed Forest's arms and pulled them behind him and crossed them. She kicked the back of his left leg farcing him down and then she put that in an uncomfortable position. She then pushed his body forward, making a cracking sound in his leg and he screamed aloud. Miharu then sat on his arms with her legs crossed and he was in an uncomfortable position. Law left the room and came back with a foldable table and chairs. He placed the table in front of Miharu and placed the chairs around the table.

"Tea, anyone?" He asked. Everyone but forest nodded. Law left for a while and then came back with fresh tea.

"I will get of Forest when I am done drinking. Then I will severally hurt him."

"Oh god, ack… this is doing a number on my back." Forest complained.

"Well, you should have thought of this before you raped me." Miharu said sipping her tea.

"So, Miharu. Why are you still having my son's baby?"

"Because if I was getting an abortion, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. It's not the baby's fault."

"Un-wise but honourable."

"Anyway, Law. Would you like a grandchild?"

"Yes, that would be very nice."

"Ack… my back… oh god, this hurts." Miharu got off of Forest and his body flumped in its original position. Miharu kicked him out the way.

"This doesn't mean I am finished with you. You've just become my daily punching bag." Miharu warned.

It was getting late, the sky was dark. Miharu was punching Forest against a wall. Jin and Hwaorang left for their homes and Xiao was watching Miharu.

Law was making a fresh batch of tea. Miharu let Forest drop and walked over for tea. Forest came over, regretting raping Miharu so much.

"Miharu, we have to go home now."

"Alright, bye Law. Thanks for the tea. Forest! I'll see you tomorrow. Be prepared cause now you can fight back, but you're not aloud stomach blows or grab moves, no knocking me over either."

"That takes out all the fun out of it." Forest complained.

"It's your fault." Miharu and Xiaoyu left and went towards Miharu's home. The two were talking about their work. Xiaoyu would go there to work while Miharu went to beat up forest for 10 minutes. Then she would go to work.

Suddenly, the two girls heard a large explosion coming from the way they were headed. They ran over to the area of the explosion to see Marduk running away. Xiaoyu began to run after him but stopped and looked at Miharu who was starring at her parent's house. They lived next door to each other. Miharu walked over to a body on the rode. Xiaoyu walked over to her.

"Miharu?" She said softly.

"…My father… this is my dad… my dad has been killed…" Miharu burst out into tears again. She then stood up and ran towards the flaming building to see if her mother was in there. But she stopped before entering to see another body down by the door.

"Mother." She said softly.

"Mi…Miharu…?" He mother asked weakly.

"Yes, mum?"

"Are you safe?"

"I… I'm fine."

"That's good."


"Y… yes dear?"

"Don't die… please try to hold on… mother… mother!!!" Miharu shook her mother slightly. She was dead. Miharu lost everything now. Her innocence, house, her parents. Now she was alone. She cried for a while next to her mother's corpse. Xiaoyu pulled her up and the walked away. Police and fire trucks arrived and began their jobs. Miharu and Xiao watched as the fire went out. More explosions were heard around the back of the buildings causing them to collapse on the police and firemen. Xiao and Miharu go out of the way just in time. Xiaoyu offered to stay at her house. Miharu gladly accepted.

They went home.

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