Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ Private Fury ❯ No Title Yet ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lei: Okay, everyone, remember that this is real artillery, so be careful during this training exercise!

Julia: Of course, safety is important, guys!

Hwoarang: Stop telling me to be safe, I know you people don't care about me!

Xiayou: Yes we do, Hwoarang, we all care about you!

Hwoarang: Bryan doesn't.

Xiayou: Of course he does!

Bryan: No, he's right, actually.

Xiayou: Oh.

Lei: Alright, everyone, steady your weapon and aim at the targets.

(Bryans holds up a missile launcher)

Lei: Where did you get that...?

(after the fire that resulted from the explosion is put out)

Lei: Well, that was...unexpected.

Bryan: (still on fire, but failing to notice) Did I do that?

(everyone laughs)

Lei: Seriously though, it seems some shrapnel hit the side of my car, so I'm going to have Jin take it to the mechanic to get it repaired. Everyone else, return to the barracks.

(outside in front of Lei's car)

Bryan: Holy shit! That's a god damn Viper!

Jin: My dad had a Viper. I hate my dad.

Bryan: (gets in) I don't think Lei would mind if I took it to the mechanic then, as long as he didn't know.

Hwoarang: (gets in other door) Yeah, let's drive one or two miles over the speed limit!

Bryan: ...

(3 hours later, Bryan & Hwoarang return in a trashed Viper)

Xiayou: What happened?

Bryan: That's one long, crazy adventure...

(Hwoarang shudders)

Julia: Why didn't you take it to the mechanic?

Bryan: Believe me, after what we went through, you'd just care about getting home, there are more important things in life then material possessions.

Xiayou: So what do we do?

Bryan: I don't care, it's Jin's problem, not mine.

Hwoarang: Yeah, we don't care about you losers, Bryan's teaching me how to be a real bad boy!

Bryan: I told you, it's bad ass, not bad boy.

Julia: You can't just abandon Jin like that!

(Bryan has already abandoned them)

Lei: (steps out of his office) Well, at least I got that apology to the fire commissioner out of the way. Now for my daily parking space inspection to see that everything's in order.

Xiayou: Mister Wulong, nice to see you!

Lei: Hello, Xiayou, though Sargeant Wulong would do.

Xiayou: So where are you going?

Lei: I just decided to go check out my parking space.

Xiayou: Is that where you park your car?

Lei: Most of the time, yes.

Xiayou: ...uh, Mister Wulong, don't you like boys?

Lei: Can't say that I do, I'm afraid. Now if you'll excuse, I'm sorry that I can't stay to chat, but I'm almost a full five minutes behind my tedious, workaholic-formatted schedule.

*End Of Chapter 6*

Heh, yeah, Lei loves those inspections.