Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ Private Fury ❯ Don't Trust People Who Put Boxing Gloves On Animals ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

(In Lei's office)

Lei: I've got some great news, we've declared war on Vatican City. It seems they have weapons of mass destruction, so we must see to it that the Pope's reign of terror ends! As such, Julia, Jin, Xiayou, and Hwoarang shall be sent out into action immediately.

Julia: What? But what about our show?

Lei: Don't worry, they'll be covering you on MTV News.

Julia, Jin, Xiayou, and Hwoarang: (being dragged off by MPs) Nooooo!!!

Bryan: What about me?

Lei: I tried to get you sent, Bryan, I really did, but after all the reports I turned in about you, they said you're too much of a risk.

Bryan: I guess that's true...

Lei: Bryan, I want you to deliver this package to one of our researchers who works on the base. His name's Boskonovitch, we got him from Russia along with the Jacks, he's been experimenting in human cybernetics.

Bryan: Human cybernetics? What kind of stuff does he do?

Lei: Well, he created Craig Marduk.

Bryan: And that's something to be proud of?

Lei: Oh, believe me, we had a long discussion about that.

Bryan: Yeah, sure, the guy sounds like a freak to me though... (takes the package and leaves Lei's office)

(At Boskonovitch's lab)

Bryan: Hey, I got a delivery!

Boskonovitch: A package? Someone brought a package for Boskonovitch?

Bryan: ....yeah.

Boskonovitch: It's been so long since poor Boskonovitch has had a visitor.

Bryan: ...okay. Then I'll be going...

Boskonovitch: Wait! Boskonovitch could use your assistance...

Bryan: Uh...what for?

Boskonovitch: Boskonovitch has been trying to create the ultimate lifeform, yes....

Bryan: That's nice, but I don't really care...

Boskonovitch: With Boskonovitch's mad experiments, he hopes to control life, and use his experiments to his own twisted ends...

Bryan: You haven't left this room in a while, have you?

Boskonovitch: But you have learned too much! Too much from Boskonovitch! You would tell the others, and then they would take it away from him, his beautiful experiment, his precious...

Bryan: What the f- (knocked out from behind)

(sometime later)

Bryan: (begins to regain consciousness) Ahhh, man, what the hell was... (sees that he's strapped down to a table) What the hell's going on?

Boskonovitch: Ahhh, you're finally awake. Do you know who knocked you out? He did...

(Yoshimitsu nods)

Boskonovitch: Boskonovitch has plans to mechanize you, thus extending your lifespan...alright?

Bryan: Extend my lifespan? What the hell are you talking about?

Boskonovitch: (holds up a tranquilizer gun) When you awake, it will feel like only a moment has passed, but in reality, a year will have gone by. This is the start of a new journey, for you, as well as for Boskonovitch....

Bryan: You can't turn me into a robot, they're the least popular characters!

Boskonovitch: Don't be ridiculous, look at Jack and Combot!

Bryan: ....somebody stop this crazy asshole!

Lei: (bursts in through the door) Freeze!

(Yoshimitsu tries to run, but Lei fires)

Yoshimitsu: Ahhhh!!! (notices the bullets bounced off his armor)

(Yoshimitsu runs off)

Lei: Damn. He might have gotten away, but his partner won't be so lucky...

(sees Boskonovitch climbing out the window)

(Lei follows Boskonovitch, choosing to perform a flashy stunt instead of just taking the stairs)

(Boskonovitch runs into Steve Fox)

Steve: You're...

Lei: Freeze!

(Steve tackles Lei)

(Boskonovitch runs off)

Steve: Father! Wait! (chases after Boskonovitch)

Lei: Now that is one screwed up family...

(back at Lei's office)

Lei: Sorry to get you involved in that, Bryan.

Bryan: Yeah, whatever, but how'd you know something was going on?

Lei: Through my brilliant deduction skills as a former detective, along with the dead hooker that was found in the trunk of Boskonovitch's car, I suspected that he might be up to something.

Bryan: Heh, sounds like that guy was WHOREing all the good ones to himself!

Lei: Hah hah, that's my Bryan!

(everyone laughs)

*End Of Chapter 9*

Why the hell did Steve run up to guys that Nina shot and hit them in his Tekken 4 ending anyway? I never could figure that out, I mean, she shot them! What's the point? I can guarantee you that if I had someone sniping my opponents before I fought them, I'd win every martial arts tournament I entered. Probably, anyway.