Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ Private Fury ❯ I'm Serious, There's Better Things You Could Be Doing With Your Time ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Bryan: (points at Combot) What the hell is this, some kind of joke?

(Combot points at Bryan)

Bryan: What the hell's he doing?

Lei: He's copying your motions.

Bryan: Oh yeah? Then copy this! (gives Combot the finger)

(Combot gives Bryan the finger)

Bryan: You son of a bitch! (rips Combot's arm off)

Lei: Bryan, don't-

Bryan: Oh, my arm!

(in the emergency ward)

Bryan: (having his arm stitched up) I hate those piece of shit robots...

Lei: I told you, Combot copies everything you do.

Bryan: Oh, yeah? Then copy this! (gives Combot the finger)

(Combot gives Bryan the finger)

Brya: You son of a...

Lei: Damn it, Bryan, you just....you just don't listen...

Bryan: Oh, my arm!

(later, in Lei's office)

Lei: Bryan, the first thing I'm going to need you to do is teach Combot some basic hand-to-hand fighting.

Bryan: Yeah, whatever.

Lei: Honestly, I don't know why I'm even putting you in charge of this project, somehow you find a way of turning every situation into a disaster...


(Bryan, Lei, and a couple Jacks are playing Monopoly)

Bryan: (draws a card) Get out of jail free? (runs to the phone) Hello, is this the police? I understand you're still investigating the O'Brien murder. Any leads yet? Yeah, guess what? I did it! Hah, what are you gonna do, come over here? Oh, I ain't moving! (hangs up the phone and crosses his arms with a smug look on his face)


Lei: Now are you sure you understand what sort of stuff I'm talking about when I say hand-to-hand training?

Bryan: I heard you the first time, I'm not an idiot.

(5 minutes later)

Bryan: What I did then, when he was still down, was go up to him, and then I kicked him. You know, I...I kicked him real hard.

Bartender: Hey, are you gonna pay for that, Fury?

Bryan: I told you, I left my wallet in my car...at home...

(Bryan turns back to Combot)

Bryan: So I says.....'hey! Wulong! You suck!' So he starts crying. And I laughed at him and stuff.

(Combot's writing everything down)

Bryan: (knocks the notebook out of Combot's hands) No! You don't write this shit down! It's not something you can understand logically! Don't think about bashing in Wulong's face! Feel it!

(Combot nods, finally beginning to understand)

(back at Lei's office)

Lei: Okay, Bryan, what have you taught it?

Bryan: You know, basic hand and hand fighting and stuff...

Lei: Good, I'd like to see a little demonstration.

(Bryan nods to Combot)

(Combot shows Lei one of Bryan's techniques)

Lei: Oh, my groin!

Bryan: That's a good bot. (pats Combot on the head)

*End Of Chapter...I'm not really keeping track*

I know, I've been neglecting this story for a while, it's just that I've been finding it harder to write for, my other Tekken fic's in the format of a sitcom, so it's just much easier to come up with ideas for it, while the basis for this fic, namely Gomer Pyle, has been off the air for quite a while. Yeah, I know Jim Nabors played the same character on the Andy Griffith show, but...it's just not the same...