Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 ❯ The King of Iron Fists ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Mr. Mishima, your boat will be arriving shortly to take you to the mainland.”
“Yes, thank you.”
Heihachi Mishima turned off his intercom and continued tearing at the punching bag in his study. He was an old man, seventy-six years old as of the previous month, and was bald save for two stocks of gray hair growing from the back of his ears that stuck up like devilish horns, and a bushy gray mustache to go along with it. Yet even in his old age, his fighting spirit refused to give way. When Heihachi was fifty-two years old (and his hair was still black, as Heihachi fondly recalled), he hosted the very first King of Iron Fist Tournament. He was probably unaware at the time that he would later host the third and fourth tournaments. And every time, Heihachi would put himself in the line of combat as a sign of respect and superiority.
But his time of dominance came to an abrupt end, at the conclusion of the King of Iron Fist 4.
After being attacked by his grandson Jin Kazama at his private dojo in Honmaru, Heihachi and his vengeful son Kazuya were assaulted by a squadron of androids known only as “Jack-4.” At first, Heihachi suspected that Kazuya was responsible for the intrusion but realized that Kazuya was just as bewildered by the sudden attack. And for the first time, Heihachi and Kazuya put aside their differences and fought together as father and son.
Due to the sheer numbers of the Jacks, Heihachi began to lose his breath. Kazuya then took advantage of that moment of weakness, throwing him into the middle of the army of Jacks, and used the opportunity to escape from Honmaru. Shortly after, a huge explosion devastated Honmaru, and Heihachi was believed to be dead.
At least, it should have killed him as it certainly would have killed anyone else. Heihachi, though, was not “anyone else.” The explosion blew him for several miles, and he lay unconscious in a graveyard for several days. When he finally came to, his Mishima Zaibatsu had already been taken over…by none other than his imprisoned father, Jinpachi Mishima.
Furious, Heihachi entered the King of Iron Fist 5 to reclaim his company. He quickly tore his way through the competitors, and his son Kazuya, to make it all the way to the finals.
And that's when his life began to get particularly unappealing.
Heihachi was defeated by his former friend Wang Jinrei, and denied a chance to face his father and the Zaibatsu. Soon after Wang defeated Jinpachi, his gave the Zaibatsu to Heihachi's ungrateful son Jin. Heihachi was absolutely in shock. For the first time in a while, he felt that he had become weak; that his obsession over ending his cursed bloodline had gotten in the way of what it truly meant to be a fighter.
Heihachi intensified his training to inhuman levels over the months that followed. He wrestled with deep-sea sharks without any sort of scuba gear, with the intent of putting his body under immense pressure. He bathed himself in geysers, with the intent of becoming immune to pain. But to increase his senses, he would go to the zoo and into the lion's den. Then he would ask the zookeeper to shut off all the lights, and open all the cages. Heihachi would often come out scarred, but the lions often suffered serious injury. It wasn't long before the lions would stay in their cages even when opened.
Ten months passed, and Heihachi received an invitation to the Kazama Tournament of True Might. Feeling that he was not ready to approach his grandson, Heihachi instead went to his own little party. He went into his vault that was located in his private resort in Okinawa and pulled out shards of Soul Edge, a sword that dated back to the sixteenth century, said to drive men insane. With those shards, he forged a sword…so he could cut himself with it. When Heihachi had first found a Soul Edge shard, he was thrown back in time, and he knew that the warriors that he met there were excellent sparring partners…Heihachi spent a good three hours a week cutting himself, and he was tossed into the sixteenth century each time. Every waking hour he spent there was used for fighting. Siegfried Schtauffen, Ivy Valentine, Mitsurugi Heishiro, and many of the warriors from that time became both Heihachi's friend and enemy. And every time Heihachi returned to his own time, he would find that his strength had increased along with each scar he received in his battles.
Two months after Heihachi missed the Tournament of True Might, he received an invitation to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Heihachi found it insulting that someone else was writing invitations. This was HIS tournament, HIS brainchild!
But soon, Heihachi thought as he stared at the torn punching bag and put on his fur jacket, it will be mine again. I am finally focused, and have found something that I lost when I relaxing as head of the Zaibatsu. Once I take the Zaibatsu back, I'll refocus my efforts on the martial arts. I will make sure that every martial artist in the world is recognized for the warriors they are!
“Mr. Mishima…your boat is here.” The intercom came to life again just as Heihachi had finished packing his suitcase. Heihachi responded with a “thank you,” then turned the lights off in his study, and headed out the door….